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KISS - Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences
Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers, claiming more lives yearly than breast, colon & prostate cancers combined. It accounts for nearly 1 in 5 cancer deaths globally. On this #WorldLungCancerDay we commemorate and support those impacted by this fatal disease. @kissfoundation's photo on #WorldLungCancerDay
01 Aug, 06:26 AM UTC
Kick the habit. #WorldLungCancerDay @CNNnews18's photo on #WorldLungCancerDay
01 Aug, 06:46 AM UTC
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
Let’s help communicate the threat that lung cancer poses and raise awareness about it to understand its risks and early treatment around the world. #WorldLungCancerDay @HPCL's photo on #WorldLungCancerDay
01 Aug, 05:30 AM UTC
Faces of Lung Cancer
Saturday, August 1st is #WorldLungCancerDay #WLCD2020 Change the conversation around Lung Cancer: no stigma, fair & equitable research funding, early detection, positive media attention, survival. Use the hashtags. Spread the word. Anyone with lungs can get LC. #lcsm https://t.co/nWkuJ6Z2st
01 Aug, 03:05 AM UTC
Wanda de Kanter
#WorldLungCancerDay #wereldlongkankerdag Vandaag herdenken we alle mensen die overleden zijn aan longkanker en zijn we in gedachten bij hun nabestaanden Anne Marie van Veen ❤️ @LongkankerNL @hetAVL @kwf_nl @MinVWS https://t.co/xwfeI4cv4h
01 Aug, 06:53 AM UTC
Dr. David Tom Cooke
Thoughts on #WorldLungCancerDay from my over a decade of care: 1. Only a surgeon can say you’re inoperable. 2. Ask if there is a #clinicaltrial trial for you. 3. #smokingkills you & those close to you. 4. Too few people get screened 5. Keep #telemedicine #CARESAct rules #LCSM
01 Aug, 02:19 PM UTC
American Vaping Assn
Today is World Lung Cancer Day. E-cigarettes and vapor products can help smokers' lungs by delivering nicotine in a manner that is SIGNIFICANTLY less harmful. Read the full report on COPD & e-cigs: https://t.co/r7fjH3vU70 #lungcancer #WLCD #WLDC2020 #WorldLungCancerDay https://t.co/tBHeZff1Ys
01 Aug, 02:16 PM UTC
Thoracic Surgeons
Today is #WorldLungCancerDay. Lung cancer is the most common cancer in the world, w/ more than 2 million new cases each year. More #patients die of lung cancer than of colon, breast, & prostate cancers combined. https://t.co/SXjwTWtByh https://t.co/WotBc7pkST
01 Aug, 01:14 PM UTC
Today is World Lung Cancer Day. For #veterans living with #lungcancer and respiratory diseases caused by toxic exposure to #burnpits, DAV fights for legislative action, so they may receive the care their service has earned them. https://t.co/UiFOCs7hwW #WorldLungCancerDay @DAVHQ's photo on #WorldLungCancerDay
01 Aug, 01:08 PM UTC
Today is #WorldLungCancerDay, the Lung Ambition Alliance and ILCF are offering four $50,000 research grants to fund ground-breaking research related to patients with lung cancer infected with COVID-19. Applications Open August 1, 2020. #LungCancer https://t.co/oJFIwpCD1x https://t.co/VIXxVNU9qV
01 Aug, 11:00 AM UTC
American Thoracic
Today is #WorldLungCancerDay. @atscommunity's photo on #WorldLungCancerDay
01 Aug, 03:00 PM UTC
dr Jati Sp.PD
Hari ini hari #kankerparu sedunia atau #WorldLungCancerDay ayo teman2 semua kampanyekan stop merokok.. dan ikuti pola hidup sehat !! https://t.co/3u3Tqg3Z7G
01 Aug, 03:13 PM UTC
#WorldLungCancerDay Lung Cancer is the #1cancerkiller, killing 1.7 million people a year worldwide (15-20% of whom are never-smokers). In spite of this, #LungCancer research is seriously underfunded due to stigma! If you have lungs, you can get lung cancer. #WLCD2020 @WHO https://t.co/a9euu08Sv7
01 Aug, 06:28 AM UTC
Marie Keating Foundation
The 1st of August marks #WorldLungCancerDay, so we are encouraging everyone to get to know the symptoms of one Ireland’s most deadly cancers so if you notice any changes in your body, you can seek help early. It could save your life Visit https://t.co/A2ecfLkBZc for more. @MarieKeating's photo on #WorldLungCancerDay
01 Aug, 10:01 AM UTC
The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity
Today is #WorldLungCancerDay. Every year, more than 46,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer in the UK. The past 10 years have seen a huge shift in the way patients with lung cancer are treated. Your support plays a key role in this progress at @royalmarsdenNHS. https://t.co/8XAqEB9xvg
01 Aug, 10:39 AM UTC
Institut Curie
Aujourd'hui, c'est la #WorldLungCancerDay 🌎 : l'occasion de faire le point sur la prise en charge et la recherche dédiée au #CancerDuPoumon avec un regard croisé entre médecin & chercheur, Pr @nicogirardcurie & Dr Olivier Lantz. 👨‍🔬👨‍⚕️ ➕ d'infos : https://t.co/XLbhMUwygg @institut_curie's photo on #WorldLungCancerDay
01 Aug, 07:00 AM UTC
CDC Cancer
Tobacco use causes at least 12 types of cancer. If you or someone you know needs help quitting, visit https://t.co/2NTOaJrOzv to make a plan. #WorldLungCancerDay @CDC_Cancer's photo on #WorldLungCancerDay
01 Aug, 02:17 PM UTC
#Lungcancer screening can detect tumours early, which leads to a better chance of successful treatment - improving outcomes and reducing medical costs. 🔍 Find out more: https://t.co/JdjDpct1Xe #WorldLungCancerDay https://t.co/xgkr2fQ0KI
01 Aug, 02:01 PM UTC
Drew Moghanaki
Whenever people state "It's not fair for a non-smoker to get lung cancer" it simultaneously implies that smokers deserve to get lung cancer. I learned this, and many other pearls, from the clairvoyant and simply charming @jillfeldman4. #WorldLungCancerDay #lcsm #lcam #radonc https://t.co/xdV2MQ7s4z
01 Aug, 02:20 PM UTC
MN Smoke Free Alliance
Experts say #ABillionLives will be lost this century due to smoking. Many of those will die from #LungCancer. If you can't or won't quit smoking, please try safer alternatives like #vaping or #snus. #WLCD #WLCD2020 #WorldLungCancerDay https://t.co/8gYR5Qy1kj
01 Aug, 02:13 PM UTC
Did you know that lung cancer is responsible for nearly 1 in 5 cancer deaths? Learn more about #WorldLungCancerDay: https://t.co/zW3gs9PIF0 @FIRS_lungsfirst @accpchest's photo on #WorldLungCancerDay
01 Aug, 02:47 PM UTC
Lisa Moran
#worldlungcancerday I have been surviving #stage4 #lungcancer since August 2015. Anyone can get lung cancer. Some risk factors: radon, family history, occupational exposures to carcinogens, military service, passive smoking (secondhand smoke) #wlcd2020 #lcsm #lungcancerawareness https://t.co/vb96MMfHFz
01 Aug, 02:59 PM UTC
Stand Up To Cancer
Today is #WorldLungCancerDay. Together, we can change the odds against this deadly disease. Learn more at https://t.co/tNxh7oe6XK. @SU2C's photo on #WorldLungCancerDay
01 Aug, 03:44 PM UTC
Weill Cornell Medicine
#LungCancer is the leading cause of cancer death, and many don't show symptoms until advanced stages. #WCM's team of oncologists, thoracic surgeons, radiologists & interventional radiologists advocate for early screening & detection. #WorldLungCancerDay https://t.co/kJEBbGo95B https://t.co/fke3mF3saq
01 Aug, 03:10 PM UTC
Today on #WorldLungCancerDay, we are celebrating the lifesaving impact of #lungcancer screening. In three years, the “Saved By The Scan” campaign has enabled nearly half a million Americans to learn if they are at high risk for lung cancer. https://t.co/yg9ymQJJDV #LCSM https://t.co/H2FFTbbsYV
01 Aug, 03:00 PM UTC
No Time to Lose
Long-term exposure to silica dust – caused by tasks like cutting, drilling, grinding or polishing materials containing silica, or even just sweeping up after a task – can cause lung cancer. Control the risks: https://t.co/w4FcwKDUNL #WorldLungCancerDay #NTTL #IOSH https://t.co/eKmX0kgZ2C
01 Aug, 02:00 PM UTC
The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity
Our supporters help us to fund research nurses, who enable the hospital to run clinical trials, and specialist consultant posts and academic clinical fellows, who are carrying out pioneering research. Read more on the research here: https://t.co/EmHBwpgBz7 #WorldLungCancerDay
01 Aug, 10:42 AM UTC
Roger D. Struble Jr. MD MPH
Really proud of our study! @JournalGIM. #WorldLungCancerDay LDCT screening reduced LC mortality, but not overall mortality, with women appearing to benefit more. Overall risks for screening were low. Lung Cancer Screening with Low-Dose CT: a Meta-Analysis https://t.co/5F7rD1uzDn
01 Aug, 03:32 PM UTC
Institut Curie
#WorldLungCancerDay | Facteurs de risque, incidence, prise en charge et recherche menée par nos équipes : point chiffré sur le #CancerDuPoumon, le plus meurtrier en France. 👨‍🔬👨‍⚕️ ➕ d'informations ▶️ https://t.co/WWfn0wXpLl @institut_curie's photo on #WorldLungCancerDay
01 Aug, 11:01 AM UTC
Skip Murray
@navicenthealth I'm finding lots of info on the connection to #LungCancer and #Smoking. I'm not finding any connection w/ #vaping. Could you point me to the studies where they found the connection? Also, any that compare the risk of smoking vs vaping. Thanks! #WLCD #WLCD2020 #WorldLungCancerDay
01 Aug, 03:20 PM UTC

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