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Rick Wilson
HAWLEY: "Do you know my phone search history?" WRAY: "I'm not judging your furry fetish, Senator. It's the insurrection that bothers me."
02 Mar, 05:25 PM UTC
Jim Acosta
FBI director Wray at hearing: No evidence there were fake Trump supporters involved in siege at Capitol on January 6th.
02 Mar, 03:45 PM UTC
Kyle Griffin
FBI Director Chris Wray: "We view the events of January 6 as domestic terrorism."
02 Mar, 03:30 PM UTC
Kyle Griffin
FBI Director Wray says the FBI is not aware of any widespread evidence of voter fraud that would have affected the outcome of the presidential election.
02 Mar, 07:00 PM UTC
Rex Huppke
Josh Hawley: "Director Wray, let's say, hypothetically, a lawmaker did something to encourage these insurrectionists. And perhaps that lawmaker, we'll call him Tosh Mawley, made calls to people involved. The FBI couldn't get....phone records showing that, right? Hypothetically?"
02 Mar, 05:35 PM UTC
Eric Boehlert
Sheldon Whitehouse lowering the boom on Wray, demanding to know why political sensitive info from FBI flew into the hands of Republicans when Trump was president, while Dem queries sat unanswered for years.
02 Mar, 04:27 PM UTC
Glenn Kirschner
Sen. Hawley (Insurrection Party), is cross-examining Wray the way a defense attorney crosses an agent when he is trying to figure out how much incriminating information the police have about his client (Hawley seems to be proceeding pro se in today’s Senate hearing).
02 Mar, 05:50 PM UTC
Michael Beschloss
Best moment of this Wray hearing has been Hawley asking him detailed questions about what cell phone and additional data might reveal about those involved in January 6 attack on U.S. Congress and U.S. Capitol.
02 Mar, 06:28 PM UTC
Sara A. Carter
#BREAKING The fact that FBI Director Wray has the nerve to say the Bureau doesn’t know the cause of death of Sicknick is unbelievable - the left used his death to push a narrative and so did the media. Incompetence or more lies
02 Mar, 03:55 PM UTC
Palmer Report
Josh Hawley's questions for FBI Director Chris Wray are thinly veiled attempts at figuring out what evidence the FBI has against Hawley, and Wray clearly knows it.
02 Mar, 05:23 PM UTC
Yamiche Alcindor
FBI Director Chris Wray makes it clear that the FBI considers the mob storming the U.S. Capitol an act of "domestic terrorism." He says 300 people have been arrested by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. And he added, more people are being charged almost everyday.
02 Mar, 03:28 PM UTC
Steven Beschloss
The FBI’s Wray called the 1/6 insurrection “domestic terrorism.” What does that make the man who incited this domestic terrorism?
02 Mar, 03:37 PM UTC
Garrett Haake
How massive is the FBI investigation of January 6th attack? Director Wray says investigations are underway in 55 of 56 FBI field offices.
02 Mar, 03:26 PM UTC
Juanita Broaddrick
Chris Wray is corrupt!!!
02 Mar, 07:03 PM UTC
Jim Sciutto
Wray is clear the FBI places right-wing/white supremacist extremism on par with international terrorism like ISIS. He is not playing the Antifa equivalency game.
02 Mar, 03:28 PM UTC
Rick Tyler-Still Right
Shouldn’t Wray be asking Hawley and Cruz questions?
02 Mar, 06:00 PM UTC
Glenn Kirschner
Does it qualify as irony that Ted “Cancun” Cruz did much to inspire the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol and now gets to question Dir. Wray about why he didn’t do more to protect Cruz against the attack he inspired? Senate Hearings in Wonderland.
02 Mar, 05:23 PM UTC
Ted Lieu
FBI Director Wray confirms what many @GOP Members are too scared to say publicly: The. Election. Was. Not. Stolen. https://t.co/yDXtZ8mH3M
02 Mar, 07:34 PM UTC
Lindy Li
I bet Hawley really wants to ask FBI Director Wray: “I deleted all the incriminating texts about 1/6, but can you still retrieve them?”
02 Mar, 06:29 PM UTC
Yamiche Alcindor
Some in GOP have claimed Antifa and fake Trump supporters are really to blame for the attack at the Capitol. FBI Director Chris Wray says there is no evidence that fake Trump supporters were part of the mob and that white supremacists and militia extremists were part of it.
02 Mar, 03:42 PM UTC
Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
BREAKING: FBI Director Wray says their investigation cannot confirm the cause of death of Officer Sicknick
02 Mar, 03:44 PM UTC
Clint Watts
Almost an hour into hearing, Antifa has been mentioned many times and there’s not been a single mention of QAnon, Proud Boys, III%er or Oathkeepers - all surfaced in Jan 6 charges. Antifa as of now has not surfaced in Jan 6 & Wray said he’s seen no evidence of it.
02 Mar, 03:53 PM UTC
Geoff Bennett
FBI Director Chris Wray: "We view the events of January 6 as domestic terrorism ... It's got no place in our democracy, and tolerating it would make a mockery of our country's rule of law."
02 Mar, 03:26 PM UTC
Ted Lieu
Thank you @FBI Director Wray for debunking myths perpetrated by some @GOP Members. https://t.co/Ox7S8l4I60
02 Mar, 05:21 PM UTC
First Words
We’ve finally found the leader of antifa. His name is Christopher Wray.
02 Mar, 04:12 PM UTC
Steven Beschloss
So Ted Cruz was asking the FBI's Christopher Wray about the insurrection at the Senate hearing. Shouldn't Mr. Wray be asking Ted Cruz questions about the insurrection?
02 Mar, 09:30 PM UTC
Tom Winter
NEW: FBI Director Christopher Wray says there are about 2,000 domestic extremist investigations currently.
02 Mar, 03:44 PM UTC
Amy Siskind 🏳️‍🌈
Wray says in Senate testimony that the behavior on 1/6 is "domestic terrorism."
02 Mar, 03:25 PM UTC
Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
FBI Director Wray confirms the bureau is denying Congress access to the Norfolk field office report that extremists pre-planned an attack on Jan 6
02 Mar, 03:48 PM UTC
Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
FBI Director Wray is now praising Americans for turning on their friends and family members for attending the Jan 6 rally
02 Mar, 03:37 PM UTC

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