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Harry Styles.
FINE LINE . THE ALBUM . DEC 13 @Harry_Styles's photo on geraldo
19 Nov, 06:29 PM UTC


LMAOOO why is this feeling explained so perfectly ?!? @HormoanMonster's photo on Babs
20 Nov, 02:34 AM UTC

Lil Nas X

telling my kids this was lil nas x @papistalli's photo on Lil Nas X
20 Nov, 02:18 AM UTC


Kennedy Walsh
petition for someone who’s funny and respectful and smells nice to date me see u in 6 years omg i hope ur cool
19 Nov, 07:56 PM UTC


IG: henryyyyg
Gonna tell my kids this is the National Anthem @Henryyyyg's photo on Jimmie
20 Nov, 03:02 AM UTC

like mike

David Astramskas
15 years ago today, Turtle tried to fight Ron Artest... @redapples's photo on like mike
19 Nov, 03:03 PM UTC


Senator McCollister
I am under no obligation to conform to a brand of Republicanism whose central tenet appears to be blind obedience to a charismatic leader. I will side with the constitution. Let all reasonable Republicans unite. Let’s take our party back from these charlatans.
20 Nov, 02:28 AM UTC


NCT 127
#오늘도빛나는너에게💚 #NCT #NCT127 #TAEIL #태일 #복면가왕 #MaskedSinger
20 Nov, 08:27 AM UTC

John Dean

George Conway
This is a John Dean moment. It will live forever in American political history.
20 Nov, 02:23 PM UTC


Rep. Elise Stefanik
Time and time again, Adam Schiff has gotten the facts wrong. But the facts are not complicated, and were confirmed by both witnesses tonight: No bribery, no extortion, no withholding of aid, no quid pro quo. WATCH part 1 👇 @RepStefanik's photo on NO QUID PRO QUO
20 Nov, 01:32 AM UTC


Kevin McCarthy
WATCH —> Amb. Volker just took apart Democrats’ ENTIRE case. @RepMikeTurner: Did he ever say to you that he was not going to allow aid with the US to go to Ukraine unless there were investigations into Burisma, the Bidens or the 2016 election? VOLKER: No he did not. @GOPLeader's photo on Burisma
20 Nov, 12:27 AM UTC

Liz and Ariana

ATLANTA WON. LIZ AND ARIANA ATE #SWTATLANTA @tyrennnnn's photo on Liz and Ariana
20 Nov, 03:48 AM UTC


Roddy Ricch
nominated for 3 grammys. all praise to GOD 🖤
20 Nov, 03:04 PM UTC


Ari Melber
Holy cow Gordon Sondland going full John Dean in opening statement: Confirms his view the WH plot was “quid pro quo” bribery Implicates Giuliani Shows Pompeo in the loop with new evidence Implicates Trump, testifies this was on his orders Adds new emails and evidence
20 Nov, 02:21 PM UTC


eu correndo atras da pessoa e me fudendo mais uma vez @mostachico's photo on Igor
19 Nov, 10:48 PM UTC


You AND your kids can get beat tf up. Don’t play with me
20 Nov, 07:16 AM UTC


Hayes Brown
Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney out here with that strong New York Irish cop energy as he gets Sondland to say clearly that the investigations Trump wanted would benefit Trump @HayesBrown's photo on Maloney
20 Nov, 08:22 PM UTC


𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚘𝚏𝚏𝚒𝚌𝚎
Gonna tell my kids this was Jim Halpert. @theofficenbc's photo on Dreamville
20 Nov, 01:30 PM UTC


20 Nov, 02:52 AM UTC

Ms. Cooper

... ... PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR THERAPISTS: If you know that the holidays are going to be a shitshow... Don’t Go. Get sick. Get “sick”. Have 3 flat tires. Have a huge vet bill. Or at least tell the shitshow relative you can’t come. Now. YES, I AM RECOMMENDING THAT YOU LIE.
20 Nov, 04:42 AM UTC

Cory Booker

Cory Booker
It's weird because I've never even been to Kenya.
20 Nov, 06:33 PM UTC


the mystic.
i’m gonna tell my kids this is kamala harris @fraybomb's photo on Kamala
20 Nov, 03:11 PM UTC

Charles Barkley

Alexi McCammond
Just FYI Charles Barkley told me tonight “I don’t hit women but if I did I would hit you,” and then when I objected to that he told me I “couldn’t take a joke.”
20 Nov, 04:40 AM UTC


Adam Schiff
We will now hear from Kurt Volker and Tim Morrison. Volker has testified no president should ever ask a foreign leader to interfere in a US election. Morrison will confirm Sondland told the Ukrainians they needed to do so to get vital aid. These are GOP-requested witnesses. @RepAdamSchiff's photo on Sondland
19 Nov, 08:48 PM UTC


Confirmed FACTS from today's marathon hearings: 1. #VindmanIsAPatriot 2. BOTH Ambassador Volker and Tim Morrison believe it is wrong for a President to ask Ukraine to investigate a political rival 3. #RudyGiuliani has tire tracks on his back 4. Jim Jordan is a huge asshole
20 Nov, 01:00 AM UTC

Laura Cooper

Adam Schiff
Laura Cooper just testified Ukraine may have learned as early as July 25 — the same date as Trump’s call with Zelensky — that there might be a problem with the military aid Ukraine was counting on. That’s new. @RepAdamSchiff's photo on Laura Cooper
20 Nov, 11:30 PM UTC


I pretended to be Fact Check UK for a few hours last night for a laugh and was locked out of my account and reported for impersonation. Guessing @CCHQPress had similar issues... Nah? Nope. Nothing has consequences anymore? Cool. @TechnicallyRon's photo on Hale
20 Nov, 08:49 AM UTC


gonna tell my kids that this was blink 182 @blink182's photo on Kary
21 Nov, 12:50 AM UTC

Jaxson Hayes

Bleacher Report
Melo tried to throw it down on Jaxson Hayes 😅 @BleacherReport's photo on Jaxson Hayes
20 Nov, 01:48 AM UTC

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