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Izzy Klein (she/her)
Masking up and mobilizing for Michelle! All aboard the @wutrain! Let’s get to work to elect a progressive champion. DM me to get involved in a truly grassroots movement! #michelleforboston #michelleformayor #wutrain #boston #mapoli https://t.co/cxV5TaMRwc
15 Sep, 12:00 PM UTC
Students For Michelle Wu
IT’S OFFICIAL! students for wu will be helping this movement. will you? #WuTrain https://t.co/nG2QoMSTem https://t.co/fakH4VcXhi https://t.co/efO9CClYCW https://t.co/UD58pE6pP6
15 Sep, 11:52 AM UTC
Maria Robinson
Let's goooooo. I promised myself I'd cool it on ActBlue this month, but it's been a good 15-day run. Sending her some $, and you should do the same. #wutrain #RepresentationMatters #michelleformayor https://t.co/CePMAjmT8p
15 Sep, 12:13 PM UTC
Anthony Davis, Jr
All aboard the #wutrain ! Let’s go build a better Boston for everyone! https://t.co/XoZU27pOew
15 Sep, 01:48 PM UTC
Samuel M. Gebru
Let's go cause some #goodtrouble, @wutrain! We've got your back, Madam Mayor. All aboard the #WuTrain β€” this train is leaving and arriving on time. Next stop, City Hall! πŸ‘‰πŸΎ https://t.co/XusaCwHv75 #michelleforboston #michelleformayor #boston #bospoli #mapoli https://t.co/m3tRyeTrfY
15 Sep, 11:19 AM UTC
Lee Sova Claypool
This is the first thing that's given me hope in a very long time! This woman is remarkable and you should get to know her. ALL ABOARD THE FREAKING #WUTRAIN. https://t.co/H0f2K43Zho
15 Sep, 01:53 PM UTC
Excited to hop on the #wutrain?? Not sure how to get involved?? @klein_izzy made this beautiful graphic to help you out!! #wuniverse #bospoli #mapoli https://t.co/x2XmF3LkoB
15 Sep, 02:35 PM UTC
Jenny Chen
Michelle Wu is proof that we can have leaders who look like us and have life stories like ours, and also represent our values, our hopes, our dreams. We don’t have to choose between one kind of representation and the next. We can have it all. The #WuTrain leaves no one behind.
15 Sep, 02:14 PM UTC
β€œN” in Nicole means Not Your Asian Virus
Nearly in tears; Michelle Wu represents & fights for everything I want to see in the City of Boston. Even though I’m not a resident, I love & care for this community and just set up a small monthly donation. Will you join me? LFG! #MichelleForMayor #WuTrain #mapoli #bospoli https://t.co/Ms8lmy1iwJ
15 Sep, 01:48 PM UTC
trans 4 michelle wu πŸ’™πŸ’–πŸ€
#wutrain is proof that asian americans have a political voice beyond the racist ideal of the model minority 😀 hype for this campaign
15 Sep, 02:23 PM UTC
patty πŸ”” BLM
Don’t look now, but oomfs is running for mayor of Boston! 😍 #wutrain https://t.co/DFHxjvoiAr
15 Sep, 01:58 PM UTC
Educator for Michelle Wu 🍎
#WuTrain Don’t miss the party train! https://t.co/Dtr8JYOmFU
15 Sep, 11:25 AM UTC
MaryRose Mazzola
Boarded the #WuTrain in 2015 and never got off πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ #LFG https://t.co/wFDTvSdyLw
15 Sep, 11:29 AM UTC
vkgreg is on the #WuTrain πŸš‹πŸ’œ
@jennajoyce @wutrain thank you for your kind words!! photos by me and the rest of the site by my lovely team at @upstatement β€” we're psyched to be on the #wutrain! πŸ₯³
15 Sep, 01:47 PM UTC
Emily P. Bauernfeind
I’m in!! (And I was in even before I saw my local corner store in the shot. Yay, Yessenia’s!) #wutrain https://t.co/9ICvUvr2Yq
15 Sep, 11:52 AM UTC
Newton for Wu
The #WuTrain leaves no one behind 😭 https://t.co/7tNhcNYRjc
15 Sep, 02:18 PM UTC
β€œN” in Nicole means Not Your Asian Virus
Also, for political comms and ultra-organized folks: Team Wu is hiring! Communications Director, Body Person, and a paid Video Intern: https://t.co/83le3y7G9j #mapoli #bospoli #WuTrain
15 Sep, 02:18 PM UTC
Aaron Dy, PhD πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ”¬πŸƒπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
"Boston has the potential to be a worldwide beacon for climate action and environmental justice... Michelle has proposed the first comprehensive city-level #GreenNewDeal agenda of its kind" Read about #ClimateJustice and other #WuTrain plans here #bospoli https://t.co/q1tzOkmE98
15 Sep, 02:35 PM UTC
Lillian Gibson
@ninjabaseballs sign up here to volunteer - we need you on the #WuTrain! - Wu Team https://t.co/9Jtb6wQf5s
15 Sep, 01:02 PM UTC
Justin Brown
My TL has been taken over by big #wutrain energy πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
15 Sep, 01:59 PM UTC
Adriana Jacobsen
I've been on the #wutrain since I got into transit advocacy, and at Boston Pride 2018 I ran up to her and said "I'm a huge fan, I love your work!!!" and she was very nice considering how jarring that must've been https://t.co/NAYsDq9NWM
15 Sep, 02:39 PM UTC
jenny jen gin
probably won’t be a MA resident (and definitely can’t afford to live in Boston) by then but damn would this be great for the city, the greater metropolitan area, and the Commonwealth #wutrain #LFG https://t.co/5sqtOx0uMz
15 Sep, 02:35 PM UTC
This is so exciting!! So on the #WUTRAIN! https://t.co/7w4Pga20Mp
15 Sep, 02:32 PM UTC
Aaron W.
Get in looser, let's go on the #wutrain https://t.co/MiizdZaN0F
15 Sep, 01:56 PM UTC
Reopen school buildings #OnlyWhenItsSafe
Today is a great day to get on board the #WuTrain! https://t.co/VD73OwXDqZ
15 Sep, 02:07 PM UTC

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