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𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚟𝚒𝚜 𝚒𝚜 𝚝𝚒𝚛𝚎𝚍 𝚘𝚏 𝟸𝟶𝟸𝟶.
I love when every time John Quiñones pops out to reveal the truth. #WWYD https://t.co/2yVe0pbRaH
29 Jul, 02:10 AM UTC
✿ 𝐇𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐬𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝⁷✿
I want John Quiñones to stomp on me #WWYD https://t.co/1Zeasq1f86
29 Jul, 02:59 AM UTC
จัดจ้านในย่านลอนดอน! คุณคิดว่าแข้งสิงห์บลูส์คนไหนเหมาะที่จะช่วย ติโม แวร์เนอร์ และ ฮาคิม ซิเยค ในการปรับตัว 😝💙 #WWYD #CFCThai @ChelseaFC_Thai's photo on #WWYD
28 Jul, 01:30 PM UTC
The nurse said doc wants me to rest so signing off. Just remember, sometimes they throw in the truth, just to confuse you. #Resist #WhyIDontLikeTrump #WWYD #WhyIDontLikeDonaldTrump #COVIDinAmerica https://t.co/oljhvEaQWd
29 Jul, 02:42 AM UTC
What Would You Do?
It’s a #WWYD birthday party! A mom throws a birthday party for her young son, but none of his friends attend. What will strangers do to help brighten the boy’s day? Kindly RSVP with a RT or reply if you're joining us at 10/9c for tonight's new show! @WWYDABC's photo on #WWYD
28 Jul, 06:51 PM UTC
What Would You Do?
Our #WWYD actor Ben Curtis, famous for having been "The Dell Dude" pitchman, shares his own story of sobriety with @JohnQABC: “It was affecting my relationships...finally after enough consequences, it was clear maybe I needed some support.” @WWYDABC's photo on #WWYD
29 Jul, 02:42 AM UTC
viv 🦕
Cam Hill seth rogan #wwyd lol haha i am cool https://t.co/p6Imw7Id5o
29 Jul, 02:52 AM UTC
The View
Some stereotypes can seem positive but what impact can these stereotypes have? @WWYDABC is all-new at 10/9c on ABC with @JohnABC! #WWYD https://t.co/b8cW69fgsC @TheView's photo on #WWYD
29 Jul, 12:17 AM UTC
What Would You Do?
We end this segment with that beautiful song, highlighting love between friends and complete strangers. #WWYD @WWYDABC's photo on #WWYD
29 Jul, 02:36 AM UTC
What Would You Do?
The woman who offers Ariane her third job opportunity of the day tells her, “it doesn’t say anything about your character that you’re in foster care.” #WWYD @WWYDABC's photo on #WWYD
29 Jul, 02:09 AM UTC
What Would You Do?
One family sat down to join Cody’s birthday party and even asked Cody to go to the movies with them. Would you make a similar offer? #WWYD
29 Jul, 02:57 AM UTC
What Would You Do?
The last diner shared with @JohnQABC why he stepped in to bring some cheer to Cody: “We’ve all been there...people not showing up to my party, it broke my heart. I couldn’t see him go through it.” Thanks to all our #WWYD fans for making this week's party a success! @WWYDABC's photo on #WWYD
29 Jul, 03:07 AM UTC
me acting nice in restaurants so John won’t catch me slipping: #WWYD https://t.co/IdXBz1j9iS
29 Jul, 03:49 AM UTC
Watching What Would You Do every week is definitely good for the soul. The brave bighearted people that speak up for others outweigh the negative. This positivity is what we need in these days. #WWYD @JohnQABC
29 Jul, 03:23 AM UTC
Gary Music Miller
@JohnQABC Seriously---I was at a grocery a few days back, and a woman was pitching a FIT because they weren't letting her in without a mask..."I'm an American, I have rights" she kept yelling. I FULLY expected to hear "I'm John Quinones and this is a TV show" at any moment #WWYD
29 Jul, 03:24 AM UTC
LizInACan is really struggling
That last #WWYD #WhatWouldYouDo segment hit hard, man. No one ever came to my birthday parties either, and no one ever celebrates or really seems to remember my bday now. And I'm gonna be 19 in a few days so it's even worse. I'm sitting here still crying lol.
29 Jul, 03:04 AM UTC
Live life like ur on a #wwyd episode
29 Jul, 03:26 AM UTC
Can't blame kids for not attending another kid's birthday party, have to blame their parents for not teaching them better. Glad there are people out there who want to make sure a child they don't even know still has a nice birthday. #WWYD
29 Jul, 03:01 AM UTC
Sunida E
@Solomon33John Yep. And depending on who you're talking to, it's not worth the effort because they become defensive and can't hear what you're saying anyhow. #WWYD #ABC2020
29 Jul, 02:32 AM UTC
Thank you @JohnQABC for this show. With all of the craziness and hateful rhetoric, in our world, It always seems to renew my hope for humanity. #wwyd
29 Jul, 03:04 AM UTC
Love that show, @WWYDABC!!!! It shows you that most people are good people & will speak up or help out most of the time. It's the ultimate "human being" experiment #WWYD
29 Jul, 03:09 AM UTC
Thanks for making me cry yet again! The birthday boy at the end😢 I can't I just can't! #WWYD
29 Jul, 03:56 AM UTC
@WWYDABC Absolutely! This show is the best - it just warms my heart & never fails to make me cry - thanks @JohnQABC. #WWYD
29 Jul, 03:10 AM UTC
I am legit BAWLING happy tears over here watching this #WWYD. People are still good. ❤️🎂@WWYDABC
29 Jul, 03:10 AM UTC
Oh man, watching #WWYD and I’m glad there are good people out there in this world 😭
29 Jul, 03:06 AM UTC
𝙴𝚕𝚒𝚣𝚊𝚋𝚎𝚝𝚑 𝚂𝚔𝚘𝚌𝚣𝚎𝚔 𝙵𝚎𝚛𝚛𝚊𝚛𝚘 ❂
What a great episode! I smiled, had tears and chills! #WWYD https://t.co/ZBuGwnBNlb
29 Jul, 04:06 AM UTC
Wonder what #wwyd means? Look it up on https://t.co/dVlnKAvn1l
29 Jul, 04:02 AM UTC
Baby Billy Freeman
@JohnQABC #WWYD I still would like to know what you all did or said to the Marine that threatened your teenage actor on the kneeling episode? That still bothers me to this day man.
29 Jul, 03:55 AM UTC
𝑀𝑒𝓁 ♘ ✧ # BLM acab¡
yeah❤️ #WWYD https://t.co/LBmAvnJ8RP
29 Jul, 03:54 AM UTC

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