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தனது திரையுலக பயணத்தில் 30 வருடங்களை நிறைவு செய்யும் @actorvijay அவர்களுக்கு வாழ்த்துக்கள்.. ஒவ்வொரு படத்திலும் ரசிகர்களை கவர, திருப்தி படுத்த ஒரு ஹீரோவாக நீங்கள் கொடுக்கும் அயராத உழைப்பு உங்களை இன்று உயர்த்தி இருக்கிறது.. இன்னும் வளரவேண்டும் உங்கள் பயணம். @directorcheran's photo on Xavier
04 Dec, 11:55 PM UTC
Karthik Ravivarma
#Thalapathy67 Begins with Pooja Today👍 Thalapathy Vijay - Lokesh Kanagaraj - Anirudh Produced by 7 Screen Studio Lalit Kumar (No official photo or video will be released today)
05 Dec, 05:25 AM UTC
Netflix Latinoamérica
Supongamos que eres Merlina y solo puedes quedarte con uno. ¿Tyler o Xavier? 🤭 @NetflixLAT's photo on Xavier
04 Dec, 07:00 PM UTC
Christopher Kanagaraj
#Thalapathy67𓃵 * Pan India Film. * Vijay has given 4 months dates. * First schedule will take place in Chennai followed by a long Second schedule in Kashmir.
05 Dec, 05:40 AM UTC
Senthilraja R
#Vijay67 | விஜய் - லோகேஷ் 06.12.2022 - Photo Shoot 07.12.2022 to 09.12.2022 - Promo Shoot #Vijay | #LokeshKanagaraj | #Anirudh | #LalitKumar
05 Dec, 04:43 AM UTC
#Thalapathy67 pooja done ✅👍 #ThalapathyVijay #LokeshKanagaraj
05 Dec, 04:08 AM UTC
#Thalapathy67 Pooja Done ✅ Once again Thalapathy - Lokesh - Ani 🥁
05 Dec, 05:02 AM UTC
Vijay Fans Trends
Chennai Rohini theatre hoarding 🔥 #Varisu @actorvijay https://t.co/nCmLi0guDN
05 Dec, 05:17 AM UTC
AB George
Most HYPED Tamil movies in the recent past #Thalapathy67 Pooja will happen today... be ready for the STORM 🔥
05 Dec, 04:27 AM UTC
Filmy Kollywud
LCU than aana vera LCU 🙊
05 Dec, 05:33 AM UTC
VTL Team
After #Thalapathy67 poojai, the team will be shooting a promo video like what they did for Vikram. The principal shoot for Thalapathy67 will take place in 2023!
05 Dec, 03:29 AM UTC
எஸ் மக்களே LCU தான் 🥵🔥 #Varisu #Thalapathy67
05 Dec, 06:41 AM UTC
× Kettavan Memes ×
No Announcement. No Pooja Pics. Nothing today. Wait Continues @Dir_Lokesh Ney !! #Thalapathy67 @MrRathna.
05 Dec, 05:31 AM UTC
Sandra Ferrer Valero
👑 Bárbara de Braganza fue la única esposa del rey Fernando VI. A pesar de que su matrimonio fue una cuestión de estado, su cultura, su sensibilidad y su manera de ser enamoraron al entonces Príncipe de Asturias. Maria Madalena Bárbara Xavier Leonor Teresa Antonia Josefa de🧵👇 https://t.co/8nZlBrs5si
04 Dec, 08:12 AM UTC
Carl Banks
In a *make believe* world where Adoree and Xavier were playing with todays' pass rush.. this game ain't close., but I digress
05 Dec, 01:44 AM UTC
Keep calm and wait for the storm. #Thalapathy67
05 Dec, 05:08 AM UTC
There can be multiple LCUs 🤷 #Thalapathy67
05 Dec, 06:01 AM UTC
Karthik Ravivarma
#Thalapathy67 anti-piracy team https://t.co/qhtbPXJ5sd
05 Dec, 06:25 AM UTC
Vijay Fans Trends
10.7M+ Real time views for #TheeThalapathy 🔥 #Varisu @actorvijay https://t.co/90J65mm0gW
05 Dec, 07:07 AM UTC
Guna Adhithyan
#Thalapathy67 This is a Dream Project of Loki bro. He was in Research and Development of this project since from Managaram days itself. It's a New Type of Gangster Movie & Treatment will be very Grounded So Standalone will be Best option & may it can be a Seperate Universe.
05 Dec, 05:20 AM UTC
10 million+ real time views for #TheeThalapathy 💥🔥 @sekartweets's photo on Xavier
05 Dec, 07:07 AM UTC
Saloon Kada Shanmugam
#Varisu Hoardings At Rohini ⭐ Offline Promotion On Full Swing🔥 #ThalapathyVijay | #Thaman | #Vamshi https://t.co/hcHvdu7b1b
05 Dec, 05:12 AM UTC
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05 Dec, 07:05 AM UTC
Grégory Coupet
Excellent 👏👏👏 https://t.co/hvBxbH6U2B
04 Dec, 08:16 AM UTC
Surfers Against Sewage
The common octopus. A magnificent creature. 🐙 Overfishing, pollution, and climate change threaten the future of the ocean and all of the creatures that call it home. 🌊 We demand 30% of the ocean and UK MPAs to be Highly Protected by 2030. ✊ 📸: Xavier Mas Ferrà @sascampaigns's photo on Xavier
04 Dec, 12:35 PM UTC
taylor swift wrote this is me trying about xavier thorpe https://t.co/4qgfAGRfqV
04 Dec, 01:29 PM UTC
Mersal VIJAY
#TheeThalapathy - Hits 9Million Views with 900K + Likes On Youtube 🔥🔥🤜🤛 Sensation Response For Second Single Marching Toward 1M Likes And 10M Views On Youtube 🔥🤩 @actorvijay 👑
05 Dec, 07:09 AM UTC
Empresa de Gestión de Residuos Sólidos Quito
Expresamos nuestro sentimiento de pesar por la partida del Ing. Xavier Sinche, ex gerente de Emgirs-EP. Lamentamos la pérdida de un gran ser humano y excelente profesional. https://t.co/AVVkxeEzcl
04 Dec, 10:26 PM UTC
#NuestraHistoriaLGTBI. Un día como hoy, 2013, Xavier Bettel, abiertamente gay, jura su cargo como Primer Ministro de Luxemburgo.
04 Dec, 12:23 PM UTC