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Due to an Xbox Live outage, players on Xbox One may be unable to log into Fortnite. You can keep track of Xbox Live's status here:
11 Jul, 05:09 AM UTC
The Xbox Live issue preventing players from logging into Fortnite has been resolved.
11 Jul, 05:25 AM UTC
Your Fool
Every PlayStation users right now after hearing that Xbox Live is down @tiredbuthyped's photo on Xbox Live
11 Jul, 05:59 AM UTC
Dre 𓀂
Everyone trying to sign into Xbox Live right now @AndreasBGlenn's photo on Xbox Live
11 Jul, 04:54 AM UTC
➶ Mike ➷
PS4 guys celebrating as Xbox Live is currently down
11 Jul, 06:16 AM UTC
Why is Xbox live being down trending, when I’m on Xbox live right now.
11 Jul, 06:50 AM UTC
ℒℐℕᏦ🌐 #LinkleForSmash #TetraForSmash
To fix your Xbox Live sign-in issue ( error 0x87DD0006 ), you simply go to Network, Go Offline, sign into your account while offline, then go back to settings>network>go online. It will be fixed.
11 Jul, 04:35 AM UTC
Manny Flores
Came home from work to Xbox live being down????
11 Jul, 05:36 AM UTC
I come home annnnnnnd Xbox live is down
11 Jul, 04:39 AM UTC
Xbox Live Gold Members, play Rocket League for free until 15 July with this weekend's Free Play Days Event + the game is on sale
10 Jul, 04:55 PM UTC
TRASH 新 ドラゴン
PS4 fanboys laughing at Xbox live for being down when they get hacked all the time
11 Jul, 09:02 AM UTC
Mojang Status
Xbox Live Core Services are down which means Bedrock players may not be able to log in until it is resolved. Please check for updates. - HZ
11 Jul, 04:49 AM UTC
Bethesda Support
⚠️The Xbox Live service interruption has been resolved. Thank you for your patience!
11 Jul, 05:41 AM UTC
PᴀRᴀɪɪɴ, ₜₕₑ Dₑᵥₑₗₒₚₑᵣ 🧬⛹🏽🦇
Glad I'm a PS4 player. Xbox Live isn't live anymore.
11 Jul, 05:50 AM UTC
News Breaking LIVE
HAPPENING NOW: There have been many reports of Xbox Live being down over the past hours. Xbox users, have you been hit by this outage?
11 Jul, 07:55 AM UTC
The Machine
@tiredbuthyped Xbox live users after the fifty seventh time playstation users account gets hacked
11 Jul, 07:46 AM UTC
Se están recibiendo reportes de que la plataforma Xbox Live esta sufriendo varios problemas a nivel mundial imposibilitando para muchos incluso el hecho de conectarse y jugar en línea. Podéis mandar feedback directamente a @XboxSupport de estos problemas.
11 Jul, 09:43 AM UTC
Xbox LIVE: Störung beim Online Service verhindert Anmeldung - UPDATE - - #Xbox #Gaming #XboxOne #News #Videogames
11 Jul, 05:42 AM UTC
Stephen Smith
PlayStation users are all laughing like they won something because SOME people can't get on Xbox Live. They've been waiting for this moment for years (while simultaneously praying their network doesn't get hacked again or go down for the 800th time)
11 Jul, 11:34 AM UTC
Area Xbox
¿Como?¿Que aun no estas en nuestro club de Xbox Live?? ¿A que estas esperando? Únete!!
11 Jul, 10:53 AM UTC
R.I.P Lil Saint
Xbox live is down? Turn that up.
11 Jul, 10:07 AM UTC
All ps4 users when they see Xbox Live is down
11 Jul, 11:29 AM UTC
Jake Krynock
WE WILL COLONIZE MARS! (#Xbox live goes down) If we can't perfect playing a game with our neighbors over the internet I say our tech isn't solid enough yet.
11 Jul, 09:55 AM UTC
@puilsberydoeboy @ShemarTheGreat That don’t pertain to me 😂😂my Xbox live still up survival of the fittest 💪🏾
11 Jul, 11:28 AM UTC
長男に買わせられた、Xbox one s マイクラとFORZA HORIZON3とxbox live gold 1カ月分付き。 #xboxones
11 Jul, 11:24 AM UTC
@cory_c_22 People are morons lol I’m always on Xbox live
11 Jul, 11:21 AM UTC
justin thacker
At work hearing XBOX LIVE is down.
11 Jul, 11:16 AM UTC
@XboxSupport we gonna get some kinda reward for havin to deal with your xbox live down bs?
11 Jul, 11:43 AM UTC
💫 سبحان الله
Xbox live was down & you ps4 🤡s are celebrating like yall just won ah championship ring
11 Jul, 11:36 AM UTC
Leonard Mills
Daily Deals: 3 Months of #xbox Live Gold + $10 Credit, Figurine Sale. #gamenews
11 Jul, 11:34 AM UTC
You know what I don’t know why PlayStation users who have never played Xbox call it trash and it pisses me off and then Xbox Live goes down and now the plebs are saying “ THIS IS THE FUCKING REASON XBOX IS TRASH HAHAHAHAHA” NO!!! ITS NOT SO SHUT THE FUCK UP
11 Jul, 11:34 AM UTC
William Short
You know what, Nintendo online service may not be the best but after hearing what happened to PSN and the fact Xbox Live still be going down, at least I'm not paying $60 for the crap they go through. Literally PSN lost credit card Info. I'll take some lag over that!
11 Jul, 11:33 AM UTC
99 Overall 😎
Xbox Live was down few hours ago? Glad i was sleep.
11 Jul, 11:32 AM UTC
Alakazam 🔜🔛🔝
@HawkinItOut @Acesaproccy Because he ain't got nothin better to do. Over here acting like he done exposed somebody or something. Go back to Xbox live homo
11 Jul, 11:31 AM UTC
Kivar The Ape
Cbf paying for Xbox live
11 Jul, 11:28 AM UTC
When Xbox live is down for me
11 Jul, 11:26 AM UTC
cola 🚀spoiler
xbox live session 궁금해서 찾아봤는데 게스트 셀럽들 게임도 하나봐 포트나이트는 무슨 게임인거지..? 프랫이 한국어 광고한거 밖에 몰름
11 Jul, 11:26 AM UTC
Xbox live not down tho 🤔🤦🏽‍♂️
11 Jul, 11:25 AM UTC
🅱️hristopher 👹
@ShemarTheGreat @WaapBossedUp weak ass Xbox live down 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
11 Jul, 11:24 AM UTC
Majin God Goku
@NizeDine @GowFeed @ELEAGUETV Your Xbox Live account
11 Jul, 11:22 AM UTC
@zSkyBuu La Xbox = la ps4 c'est tout ^^ elles ont des qualités et des défauts l'une et l'autre, maintenant les serveurs psn seront des serveurs microsoft azure les mêmes que sur r6 ,Xbox live... grâce à la collaboration Sony x microsoft ^^ et 2020 il y aura la scarlett et ps5 donc bon xD
11 Jul, 11:19 AM UTC