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If Xhaka did this he’d get suspended indefinitely and deported from the UK, but because Romero did it, it’s fine. https://t.co/NsI8wFZ1jh
06 Aug, 08:16 PM UTC
Princess Gooner 🏳️‍🌈
If that were Xhaka.... https://t.co/lHh9bQOqe3
06 Aug, 04:02 PM UTC
Spanish Gooner
Every single player in the Premier League dives, no card. Xhaka dives, yellow card. Consistency
06 Aug, 02:14 PM UTC
Link Up Arsenal
McTominay is a more reckless player than Xhaka but McTominay is actually more dangerous & intentional with it
07 Aug, 01:27 PM UTC
JJ. Omojuwa
Xhaka gets a red card for that.
07 Aug, 01:27 PM UTC
Le African Gooner
If this was Granit Xhaka it would of been a red 🤷‍♂️ https://t.co/9mHUToL7ts
07 Aug, 01:39 PM UTC
All I know is Xhaka would’ve been sent off for this McTominay tackle lol
07 Aug, 01:30 PM UTC
Will continue to say it. If this is Xhaka we know the outcome. https://t.co/8jVqn3yF6n https://t.co/M9dhIMJ8n5
07 Aug, 01:30 PM UTC
If it was Xhaka, that'll be a straight red card https://t.co/tPYVbGI6a1
07 Aug, 01:36 PM UTC
Editi Effiòng
Once again, if Xhaka committed that McTominay foul, it’s a red.
07 Aug, 01:37 PM UTC
Xhaka easily gets sent off for that.
07 Aug, 01:30 PM UTC
Shuvangiii 🌙
Bro if Xhaka or any arsenal player did what Mc Tominay did…… 😳
07 Aug, 01:29 PM UTC
Hashtag LFC
If this was Xhaka it's a straight red card. #MUNBHA https://t.co/O7eUHufiYQ
07 Aug, 01:32 PM UTC
Sir Jenkinson
If this was Xhaka… Different rules for different clubs. https://t.co/eRMPZYJZCz
07 Aug, 01:43 PM UTC
Solace Chukwu
At some point, Grant Xhaka is going to make the exact same tackle as Scott McTominay just did, will get sent off, and will promptly be proclaimed "stupid" by both the punditocracy and a significant section of the Arsenal fanbase. https://t.co/wfILysaHDG
07 Aug, 01:36 PM UTC
Arsenal fans say 'if that was Xhaka...' when other players are not carded but when it is actually Xhaka, they abuse him. I don't get it
07 Aug, 01:40 PM UTC
Mayor Goodway 🐓
Again, if that was Xhaka. https://t.co/qxhgimXyBh
07 Aug, 01:33 PM UTC
Tilman Pauls
Kein Frei, kein Xhaka, kein Lang. Der routinierteste Feldspieler des FCB ist Adams – in seinem dritten Einsatz für die Basler #rotblaulive https://t.co/8YG8Abtcz0
07 Aug, 01:40 PM UTC
Yinka Chukwuemeka Ogunnubi
This guy McTominay gets away with these kind of tackles. If na Xhaka now, it is straight red card. If the ref missed it, VAR will draw his attention to it. https://t.co/t4o5KAdksZ
07 Aug, 01:43 PM UTC
Ahmed Ibn Mustapha
That tackle would have gotten Xhaka charged for murder.
07 Aug, 01:42 PM UTC
Smith Showe
Xhaka wouldn't get caught ball watching for that extra second I'm just saying
07 Aug, 01:41 PM UTC
@nocontextfooty If his name was 'Xhaka', it would be a straight red card and a 10 match ban
07 Aug, 01:39 PM UTC
LUXX Is King🦍
If it was Xhaka ….. Yes https://t.co/kHrnVAdeIO
07 Aug, 01:42 PM UTC
Chris 🇩🇰
If this is Xhaka he is getting deported https://t.co/1qD0r1QYA9
07 Aug, 01:39 PM UTC
Arsenal JD 🇮🇪
@EPLBible It's not Xhaka so it isn't a Red!
07 Aug, 01:39 PM UTC
Time to find out if United fans are really up for a “project”... Easy to say it 👀👀 #MUNBHA #Diaby #Moussa #Saliba #Gabriel #Romero #White #Benjamin #rtitbot #CRYARS #AONArsenal #Martinelli #COYG #Arteta #Mikel #Zinchenko #Tierney #Radiohead #Xhaka #Partey #ødegaard
07 Aug, 01:43 PM UTC
Steve Hills 💙
Didn't take long into the new season for a "if that was Xhaka" moment. Imagine how he feels watching players get away with murder. Mctominay a serial offender but always let off
07 Aug, 01:44 PM UTC
Ogoni Finest Lawyer
Xhaka gets a straight red card and a 10 match ban for this typa tackle. https://t.co/TYvdwK9CYk
07 Aug, 01:44 PM UTC