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Christian Yelich @fuzzyfromyt's photo on Yelich
13 Oct, 01:12 AM UTC
Bleacher Nation
Josh Hader gives up the game-winning bomb, Christian Yelich strikes out to end it with the tying run on base. Oof. #BrewersLose
13 Oct, 01:10 AM UTC
David O'Brien
Will Smith strikes out Yelich to end it, #Braves win 5-4 to clinch the NLDS over the Brewers and are headed to the NLCS for the second consecutive year.
13 Oct, 01:09 AM UTC
christian yelich is hitting .234 since this tweet @DOM_Frederic's photo on Yelich
13 Oct, 01:16 AM UTC
#Brewers season ends with Christian Yelich taking a called third strike. Almost seems fitting with what went on with this offense.
13 Oct, 01:10 AM UTC
Adam McCalvy
Christian Yelich: “I’ve got to be better. I came up in a lot of big spots throughout the year and this postseason as well. I came up short. That’s how it rolls, it’s part of the game. You have to take it all in and pick yourself up afterwards and keep moving.” @AdamMcCalvy's photo on Yelich
13 Oct, 02:26 AM UTC
Todd Rosiak
Christian Yelich says “I’ve got to be better,” as he puts a wrap on the 2021 season following the Brewers’ Game 4 loss in the NLDS: @Todd_Rosiak's photo on Yelich
13 Oct, 02:22 AM UTC
Steve Czaban
Someday we'll say "remember the year Devin Williams punched a wall (WINK!) broke his hand, then Hader had to work the 8th, gave up a bomb to Freeman (who almost died from Covid, at least he said) and then ex-MVP Yelich looked as helpless as your dad in the 'Fast' cage?" Fun!
13 Oct, 01:45 AM UTC
𝐁𝐫𝐞𝐰 𝐌𝐢𝐤𝐞🧀
Regardless of how he’s playing, I’m always gonna support Yelich. Reminder that your negative tweets don’t accomplish anything. He knows he needs to play better. Instead of sending him hate, maybe show some compassion and encouragement? Professional athletes are humans too.
13 Oct, 03:30 AM UTC
Mike Lucas
Freddie Freeman looked like a superstar/Christian Yelich looked like a deer in headlights. Freeman delivered in clutch. Yelich went down with whimper. It's one thing for someone who will make $26 million next year to lose power. It's another to misplace confidence/competitiveness
13 Oct, 02:09 AM UTC
Next year during the All-Star Game festivities: Christian Yelich vs Cody Bellinger, off a tee, out of the infield gets a point
13 Oct, 02:22 AM UTC
Adam McCalvy
Christian Yelich on the end of a difficult season: “I came up in a lot of big spots throughout the year and in the postseason as well, and came up short.”
13 Oct, 05:02 AM UTC
AMAZING how we discuss Analytics constantly yet avoid common sense. Hitting a player with a 99 OPS+ in the 3 hole for a playoff series because you gave him $215M is ludicrous. And Craig Counsell / David Stearns are smart. They lied to themselves all yr about Yelich.
13 Oct, 01:46 AM UTC
Moderna Mafioso
MLB restricted video room access before the 2020 season and two former MVPs (Yelich and Bellinger) have been ass since. Weird, huh?
13 Oct, 01:28 AM UTC
Cody Bellinger is better than Christian Yelich
13 Oct, 05:40 AM UTC
Adam Abramson
Kyle Tucker > Christian Yelich
13 Oct, 01:12 AM UTC
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12 Oct, 11:21 PM UTC
Fitting that the season came down to Yelich. While it was a great, great season for the Brewers, the one missing piece was that MVP level player (that Yelich used to be). He is the guy who could have put them over the top, but as I have noted all season, he has never looked right
13 Oct, 01:15 AM UTC
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12 Oct, 09:32 PM UTC
Bryon Christ
@AdamMcCalvy Wednesday will be the last day I talk about how truly awesome he was at grounding into DPs this year. After that it’s on to next year and the rebound season for Yeli. God he was awful. (As I type this in bed with a Yelich T shirt on)
13 Oct, 05:18 AM UTC
Kingshark Sports
MLB: Brewers’ promising season ends abruptly as Christian Yelich and other big bats go silent against Braves ... @WillSammon @TheAthleticMLB
13 Oct, 05:47 AM UTC
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13 Oct, 08:31 AM UTC
Kurtis Arndt
@jackson_chad @DOM_Frederic It’s crazy that I’ll be 31 when his contract is up.. What’s even more crazy is I’ll be 44 when they stop paying him. Yelich will be a piece of my life, and my unborn children’s lives.
13 Oct, 06:04 AM UTC
Steve J. Freed
Starting to think Yelich was stealing signs
13 Oct, 05:43 AM UTC
I ❤ Luis Urías
I hope Yelich can make a comeback not just for the brewers sake but for his too, seeing the video of him where it looked like he had been crying broke my heart ☹☹
13 Oct, 05:37 AM UTC
How do i stop Christian Yelich from fouling off that pitch on his knee in 2019
13 Oct, 05:36 AM UTC
Peyton and Eli on MNF is phenomenal
@AdamMcCalvy Do you think Yelich’s struggles are more mental or physical? I feel like he never fully recovered from the knee injury and changed something at the plate.
13 Oct, 08:42 AM UTC
I’m not here for the Yelich slander. I expect him, Adames, and Taylor to be a three headed dragon next year. Plus with this pitching staff, 100 wins here we come! #ThisIsMyCrew
13 Oct, 08:41 AM UTC
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13 Oct, 08:36 AM UTC
@bravesorganist Why did you use Stairway for Yelich? Usually I catch on to the jist but didn’t for this one
13 Oct, 08:24 AM UTC