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Matteo Renzi
Tre giorni belli pieni in Montana, al Parco di Yellowstone, a discutere di futuro. Non ho trovato Yoghi e Bubu, eroi della mia infanzia, ma tante idee per il futuro. Buona Domenica #Ritorno @matteorenzi's photo on Yellowstone
21 Jul, 05:16 PM UTC
Vujadln Boskov
andare a yellowstone e pensare di trovare yoghi e bubu è come andare giappone e pensare di trovare mazinga e goldrake
21 Jul, 07:25 PM UTC
NWS Riverton
On this date, in 1987, an F4 Tornado tore through the Teton Wilderness and Yellowstone National Park , even crossing the Continental Divide, at 10,070 feet. An F4 Tornado has estimated winds of 207 to 260 mph and can do devastating damage. Here are some interesting facts. #wywx @NWSRiverton's photo on Yellowstone
21 Jul, 02:30 PM UTC
Yellowstone Forever
There are a number of spectacular overlooks to view the Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, like from Red Rock Point here. Find out about them all at @ynpforever's photo on Yellowstone
21 Jul, 04:41 PM UTC
Yellowstone Forever
Sunday stills. Mudpot art. Mudpots are just one of the five different thermal features found in Yellowstone (hot springs, geysers, fumaroles, travertine terraces). These bubbling, gurgling mudpots frozen in time were a highlight at Artist Paint Pots.
21 Jul, 09:38 PM UTC
Rusty Shackelford
Whatever you do, nobody tell Kevin here that Yellowstone is within Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.. and that probably half the people he saw in any of those states while traveling to our park also had a firearm on them or in their car... you know, because liberty.
22 Jul, 01:07 AM UTC
E w a n ️️
Quest'uomo sarà anche pieno di difetti, ma almeno è fotogenico. 😂 #yellowstone
21 Jul, 09:43 PM UTC
El Censelio
👀 Fallido viaje a Yellowstone: REVIVE CRÍTICAS políticas al Gobierno de Piñera. Errores no forzados, estilo cuestionado, pato cojo
21 Jul, 12:15 PM UTC
Vincent Charles Is No Longer Amused
To the guy who open carried a Sig at Yellowstone and made a subject of Britainistan shit his pantaloons; Dude. Much respect to you, truly. But lose that ghetto Hogue grip sleeve. That shit belongs on a Hi-Point. #BeBest, my 2A brother. V.
22 Jul, 01:23 AM UTC
@matteorenzi Caro #Bubu... vedi di NON RUBARE anche i cestini dei picnic di #Yellowstone... #PD=#Ladri
21 Jul, 11:47 AM UTC
Tom Bradshaw
@SoonerTom (potentially can) learn something new every day. Had no idea a tornado of this intensity had ever affected the Yellowstone area. Great historical weather share!
22 Jul, 12:41 AM UTC
Tim ArnZen
What do the Denver airport, the Yellowstone super-volcano, and a New World Order have in common? AMERICAN VESUVIUS #scifi #Sciencefiction #horror @PromoteHorror @byHoRRoR @Horror_Share #free
22 Jul, 12:54 AM UTC
#tweetmuto #renzie #Yoghi #Bubu #yellowstone (via @FiglidiPutin ) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
22 Jul, 10:23 AM UTC
@matteorenzi @Mosquitas77 Caro Renzi le idee non serve andare a Yellowstone,basta girare per il tuo paese e ascoltare le persone comuni, saranno loro ad indicarle la strada del cambiamento.Progetti, non idee,fare non dire,calarsi nei problemi non fuggire,sporcarsi le mani per faticare,sacrifici per capire
21 Jul, 05:25 PM UTC
#Renzi è stato a #Yellowstone. Aveva promesso2cose il 4/3/18. Di stare zitto2anni. Di stare vicino a chi lo aveva votato,vicino al suo territorio. Come al solito non mantiene la parola data.Un quaquaraqua, ah già c’è anche chi ancora lo difende. 🤷‍♂️😂. Piatto ricco mi ci ficco🤦‍♂️
22 Jul, 08:58 AM UTC
martino mazzonis
Vedo che Renzi è stato a Yellowstone a parlare di futuro (scrive). Utile essere invitati ai convegni di Big Tech, ma solo se hai bene in mente che è come essere invitati da Big Pharma o industria auto: il futuro che descrivono è quel che meglio si confà ai loro piani per crescere
22 Jul, 07:11 AM UTC
red tide rising
@kevinhughes348 The family is in Yellowstone. There are wild animals there. Yes, good Father.
22 Jul, 02:10 AM UTC
Enrico Marani
Renzi a Yellowstone non trova Yoghi e Bubu, mentre in Italia Franceschini auspica alleanza con M5s che presenta PD come partito dedito al mercimonio di bambini. Zingaretti procede da par suo a commissariamento PD Siciliano con autosospensione di Faraone. Uniti e compatti!
22 Jul, 10:35 AM UTC
#senzadime stai là non ti muovere va bene così. Fatti li cazzi tua rimani a Yellowstone non ti muovere. Grazie, no non ci manchi.
22 Jul, 09:02 AM UTC
@tizimarv Mi domando come mai non abbia fatto un video dal parco di Yellowstone, un tweet così "asciutto" non rende abbastanza l'idea di quanto sarebbe più opportuno il silenzio assoluto...
22 Jul, 08:10 AM UTC
Australopithecus mysticus 🇮🇱🇮🇹🇪🇺
@matteorenzi A Matte' te vedo bene come ranger a Yellowstone. Vedi de rimane' la sino a quanno nun trovi i tuoi Yoghi e Bubu... che ar nostro futuro ce pensamo noi.
22 Jul, 08:13 AM UTC
@kevinhughes348 Sat waiting for Old Faithful the Yellowstone geyser to blow. Lots of families, kids and people having a good time. Then I spot some weirdo taking random pictures of me. Why would he do that? That’s why I exercise my 2nd Amendment right, for my safety and protection #2ndAmendment
22 Jul, 08:23 AM UTC
bepi borsari
@matteorenzi Yellowstone??? No l’orso M49 era riuscito a fuggire e si stava dirigendo lì, poi ha letto il teeet ed ha deciso di tornare e farsi sparare in Trentino...
22 Jul, 09:00 AM UTC
jesse rogers
Kevin, before making a tweet like this please do your research, because that’s not a revolver, it’s also Yellowstone where there are multiple predators, so yes there is a need, and only those who haven’t been educated about firearms properly want gun control out of fear.
22 Jul, 03:55 AM UTC
@matteorenzi Scusa ma al parco di Yellowstone con quali soldi sei andato??
22 Jul, 08:54 AM UTC
Domenico Bizzarro
@VujaBoskov ma pure: pubblicare foto in parco di Yellowstone con faccia di Bubu è come farsi selfie con Mr. Bean e non sapere più chi dei due è Mr. Bean...
22 Jul, 09:23 AM UTC
Martino 🇮🇹
@matteorenzi Il parco di Yellowstone mi risulta in Wyoming
22 Jul, 05:17 AM UTC
cristina lombardi
@Il_Vitruviano @fausto_cag La stampa parla genericamente di “Montana, nel Parco di Yellowstone, dove è stato invitato per una conferenza con leader politici e big della Silicon Valley”. Facendo ricerca veloce, da fonte indiretta, potrebbe (condizionale d’obbligo) 👉
22 Jul, 08:26 AM UTC
Cinco Noticias
🍏 Un géiser entra en erupción Estados Unidos y escupe basura acumulada desde hace casi 90 años...
22 Jul, 10:20 AM UTC
Just right of center
@kevinhughes348 I bet if a mountain lion or other animal living in Yellowstone attacked you’d be grateful though. Also, we stopped caring what European countries said 7/4/1776
22 Jul, 11:09 AM UTC
@ChLiberator @MrMireaux A był taki jeden z sekty Kupertino który pisał, że nie warto robić fotek w Yellowstone, bo wszystko już jest w tapetach MacOSa.
22 Jul, 10:48 AM UTC
Veritatis Investigator V⃞∞☯︎☮︎▸▸
The United States Geological Survey Has Just Discovered The Yellowstone ... via @YouTube
22 Jul, 11:22 AM UTC
Statisti che straparlano da #yellowstone ne abbiamo?
22 Jul, 11:14 AM UTC
Buckles and Bulls
The Ultimate Yellowstone National Park Travel Guide @Thrillist
22 Jul, 11:14 AM UTC
Rich Fish
@nj1015 @jeffedelstein @BillSpadea America First! Cancel and book something in the USA such as a trip to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone.
22 Jul, 11:04 AM UTC
YellowStone Super Volcano leaking..? Well this would cool down the planet if it were to erupt...
22 Jul, 03:29 AM UTC
Tango Foxtrot
@kevinhughes348 Not a revolver. And there's some pretty dangerous critters in Yellowstone. You might want to be close to an armed person.
22 Jul, 10:40 AM UTC
Health Care Data Wonk
@kevinhughes348 You should have sat down and struck up a conversation with him. I’m sure you would have found him to be quite friendly and pleasant. And you would have been the safest visitor at Yellowstone.
22 Jul, 10:22 AM UTC
MaurizioPettenuzzo #7 #99 #5 #16
Yoghi e Bubu con i quali discutere di futuro? Stai li,magari ti trovano. Comunque Yellowstone è un vulcano che può esplodere in qualsiasi momento,stai li sereno.🖐️
22 Jul, 11:30 AM UTC
Brian Zygo
The Ultimate Yellowstone National Park Travel Guide @Thrillist
22 Jul, 11:27 AM UTC
Franchise Sales
Prevent a disaster in traffic with your boat & trailer> It's easy to do! RT @Liv_Yellowstone
22 Jul, 11:25 AM UTC
The Mad Creator
@kevinhughes348 You do know there are wild animals at yellowstone, right? While most leave us alone, there are instsnces where you need to defend yourself and your family.
22 Jul, 11:24 AM UTC
@kevinhughes348 How was Yellowstone? Tranquil, peaceful sedate? Now you know why you dolt. Here’s a free tip, ask your gov to try letting the bobbies do that too!
22 Jul, 11:23 AM UTC
Tracy Archon
@michaeljknowles Dude is at Yellowstone. Most likely its protection from a wild animal from attacking him, wolves, bears, sjws for example.
22 Jul, 11:22 AM UTC
Brett Blumenthal
Bring the outdoors in with this beautiful National Parks artwork. Perfect decor for the animal and nature lover in your life. From our national parks series, Brett has paired these Yellowstone majestic animals…
22 Jul, 11:17 AM UTC
OG Eshie J
I really want to go to Yellowstone national park.
22 Jul, 11:13 AM UTC
@Sling why are you missing episode 3 (season 2) of @Yellowstone !?!?!? 😭 #Yellowstone
22 Jul, 11:12 AM UTC
Kylie Byrd
Right. Come to the most heavily armed state and complain about a dude who's literally just sitting there. You're in Wyoming. At Yellowstone. Don't be daft Kevin. Also if you're gonna complain about the firearm he's wearing (harmlessly), at least know what it is. #ignorance
22 Jul, 11:08 AM UTC
Achems Stubble
@kevinhughes348 That bear or wolf isn’t coming for a hug in Yellowstone
22 Jul, 11:08 AM UTC
Grandpa Ronnie
@matteorenzi Yellowstone è in Wyoming. Ma va bene lo stesso.
22 Jul, 11:08 AM UTC
The United States Geological Survey Has Just Discovered The Yellowstone ... via @YouTube
22 Jul, 11:05 AM UTC
Gnost Rexa
@kevinhughes348 Well that looks like the most effective #guncontrol there is. A responsible owner. A properly stowed firearm. If only we had more people like him. And to the other point. Wildlife attacks happen at Yellowstone. A firearm may be the difference between a child cut or dead.
22 Jul, 11:04 AM UTC
@VujaBoskov Quando si somiglia a Bubu e non ci si trova, vuol dire che problema di personalità sdoppiata è grave @matteorenzi, oppure che a #yellowstone no ci sono specchi
22 Jul, 11:03 AM UTC
Celebrity Lovers
Kelly Reilly Attends the Yellowstone TV Show Season Premiere in LA
22 Jul, 11:02 AM UTC
Massimo luebete
@matteorenzi Le svelo un segreto. Comunicare che si cazzeggia a Yellowstone può generare invidia o astio, specialmente in quelli che, anche a causa sua, non possono nemmeno fare un weekend fuori porta. Al contrario altri scrivono da posti come Cervia, meno romantici ma più vicini alle persone
22 Jul, 11:02 AM UTC
Dr. Marlene Tromp
@LisaChavez Green River. I spent my summers camping all over the west, swimming at Flaming Gorge, and marveling at the Tetons and Yellowstone.
22 Jul, 11:01 AM UTC
Tactical Preppie
@NotReallyABear2 You'd think that he'd be more frightened by the fact he's at ground zero for the Yellowstone Caldera that will someday wipe out half of North America. Now THAT'S a high-capacity weapon.
22 Jul, 10:51 AM UTC
Cecco Peppe
@matteorenzi E certo, e mica se cercano in Italia le idee dove spunti su cose da fare ce ne stanno a vagonate, le cerchiamo a Yellowstone. Ma ci faccia il piacere!
22 Jul, 10:50 AM UTC
Non sapevo che per creare idee per il futuro si dovesse andare a Yellowstone. Io in genere ascolti gli imprenditori, i dipendenti, cerco di intuire le loro esigenze, ascolto le famiglie insomma faccio quello che dovresti fare tu
22 Jul, 10:47 AM UTC
iaiona SiR ||*|| 🎗 EFTA
@nomagradares Lo del meteorit res perquè tenen defenses per aniquilar-los. La única esperança és el super volcà de Yellowstone que porta 20.000 anys de retard en petar.
22 Jul, 10:43 AM UTC
@kevinhughes348 Revolver... LAWD. I am tired of people who know nothing about firearms lecturing about them... revolvers have a cylinder that REVOLVE.. Imagine that. Please, enjoy Yellowstone and then leave.
22 Jul, 10:41 AM UTC
@kevinhughes348 First off that’s not a revolver. Secondly - you’re at Yellowstone where there are wolves and bears and owning a concealed weapon is legal. Thirdly - that is guncontrol. It’s visible. It’s strapped. It’s legal.
22 Jul, 10:37 AM UTC
Peter Welsh
@kevinhughes348 As of 2016, an estimated 690 grizzly bears live in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Black bears are common. Gray wolves All contained on top of the caldera of a super volcano. Yet you want to whine about guns, you piss weak Brummy nonce.
22 Jul, 10:34 AM UTC
Andy Gorfman
Science Friction: The Apocalypse Part 3: A supervolcanic winter. This episode mentions that the Yellowstone Caldera is a supervolcano that could devastate humans. If it erupts, our planet can't sustain our current population.
22 Jul, 10:32 AM UTC
Azzurra Hub
Comunque la pensiate #yellowstone è uno dei luoghi più affascinanti del pianeta. Scoprilo nel nostro video. #Wyoming #Montana #Idaho #naturelovers #NatureLife #landscapelovers #nature
22 Jul, 10:27 AM UTC
Wayne Stokely
Cody, Wyoming was a blast. Thanks to Yellowstone Beerfest for having us even though United Airlines almost made us miss it. #unitedsucks #unitedairlinesblow
22 Jul, 10:20 AM UTC
Michael Saunders
ICYMI Yellowstone National Park�s Projects to be funded by Yellowstone Park Foundation #Civic #Engagement
22 Jul, 10:19 AM UTC
@capeandcowell @kevinhughes348 first off, that is s semiautomatic pistol not a revolver. Second, Federal law allows people who can legally possess firearms under applicable federal, state, and local laws, to legally possess firearms in Yellowstone.
22 Jul, 10:18 AM UTC