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Thiago Alcantara
🔴 #YNWA @Thiago6's photo on #YNWA
16 Oct, 07:49 PM UTC
James Milner
Final preparations done, ready for derby day 🔴 #YNWA https://t.co/yU1LeeqPQY
16 Oct, 02:18 PM UTC
Djimi Traore
Good luck @LFC for merseyside derby #EVELIV #YNWA
17 Oct, 07:10 AM UTC
 I am that I am  🇬🇭🤴🏻💯
🤴🏻𝐉 𝐀 𝐘 𝐒 𝐓 𝐄 𝐑 𝐋 𝐈 𝐍 𝐆🤴🏻 #YNWA ❤️ #LiverpoolFC https://t.co/zkgGD4YkyS
17 Oct, 09:49 AM UTC
Mmusi Maimane
That was the ugliest game of football I have watched. Shocking decision by VAR, and appalling tackles by @Everton. We deserved the win. @LFC #YNWA
17 Oct, 01:28 PM UTC
Mr Asabere ❤🇬🇭
Bagged a point after such a tough match despite all the robberies..but we move❤ #YNWA
17 Oct, 01:40 PM UTC
EstoEsAnfield ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (19🏆)
Felicidades a Steven Gerrard y @RangersFC que se han llevado el clásico en Escocia. Rangers es líder de la liga. 14 partidos 12 victorias 11 sin recibir gol 37 goles marcados Clasificados para la Europa League. #YNWA https://t.co/wBpSDAGT3x
17 Oct, 01:44 PM UTC
Here's to the next 10 years unbeaten. Cheers #YNWA https://t.co/lGpeCmxpba
17 Oct, 01:45 PM UTC
LFC Dagger
If United can get a penalty after the full time whistle, why can't we be awarded a win after the match for that ridiculous offside decision at the end? #LFC #YNWA
17 Oct, 01:51 PM UTC
LFC Dagger
Lucky lucky Everton. We were miles better than them today. Ridiculous decisions from beginning to end. Pickford not sent off after an assault on VVD and how the hell is Mane given offside for our winner? The officials shouldn't be allowed to spoil a game of football. #LFC #YNWA
17 Oct, 01:46 PM UTC
Je ne veux plus jamais entendre Livarpool le premier qui le dit sa grosse daronne la pute m. #EVELIV #YNWA https://t.co/GtB6ajUsbs
17 Oct, 01:33 PM UTC
Gutted about the result. Yes decisions can be discussed later. But for me, the way the lads played, that is the reaction every Liverpool fan wanted. Fight, passion and willingness to chase. Proud of these lads. #YNWA
17 Oct, 01:58 PM UTC
🟥リバプール🟥 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿プレミアリーグ🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 5億円以上の借金を抱えて…。元リバプール戦士が「イスタンブールの奇跡」の優勝メダルをネット販売 👉https://t.co/2MZdXyNmyv #LFC #YNWA #UCL https://t.co/WmXTOzZROS
17 Oct, 09:05 AM UTC
VAR is a complete and utter farce, there is zero defending of it after that game, Pickford should of been of for his reckless and dangerous tackle on VVD, and giving Mané as offside for Hendo’s goal is the most ridiculous decision I have ever seen by VAR... disgrace! #LFC #YNWA
17 Oct, 01:50 PM UTC
Somos Liverpool 1️⃣9️⃣🏆
📊Mesmo com o empate o Liverpool completou 10 anos sem perder um #MerseysideDerby, são 23 clássicos sem derrotas! #Liverpool #LFC #YNWA #MerseysideDerby #PremierLeagueNaESPN https://t.co/ClmDwAOVbS
17 Oct, 01:57 PM UTC
Tom Lister
Can someone explain to me how Mane was offside for that goal?? Some shocking decisions in that game!!?? 🤯 Hope Virg and Thiago aren’t too badly hurt. 😢 #LIVEVE #ynwa
17 Oct, 01:55 PM UTC
Ryan Crouch
• Fabinho booked for toe-poking James. • Mane booked when both players had their leg high. • Richarlison sent off - may have badly injured him. • Pickford was not punished on Van Dijk - may have badly injured him. • Mane’s offside goal. Not our day was it 😒 #YNWA #LFC https://t.co/wwrTcJrPYm
17 Oct, 01:54 PM UTC
Emmanuel Gyamfi
Seriously??? If players are given cards a match has ended, why was Pickford not give a Red after the whistle? #shameVAR #EVELIV #YNWA
17 Oct, 01:54 PM UTC
เสมอๆ ❤️ #YNWA #liverpool https://t.co/f8xzyO3WuN
17 Oct, 01:54 PM UTC
Not the result we want but it was a wonderful game all superb team work. In football all you can see so many goal Machine players but you can never see so many pass machine players if you want to see pass machine watch liverpool match and look the number 6 @Thiago6 . #LFC #YNWA https://t.co/W7DoMQAYBe
17 Oct, 01:58 PM UTC
This is daylight robbery. pickford should have been sent off even if a penalty was not given. No way you can tell me that doesn't affect the outcome of the game. Adrian in goal is trash tho #EVELIV #ynwa
17 Oct, 01:55 PM UTC
Jassi Sidhu
Just a tweet to celebrate the sheer brilliance of this man 100 goals for us The levels hes set since he came are sheer madness Blessed to have watched him in a red shirt #LFC #YNWA #salah @Jassisidhu's photo on #YNWA
17 Oct, 01:57 PM UTC
Stephen Blackford
Tis the truth that cannot be said: #VAR killed football. Sterile, robotic, PlayStation football decided by television. And the ONLY reason, ONLY reason VAR is there is for "correct" events for the utter shitbag cunts of the betting industry. The game is dead #EVELIV #LFC #YNWA
17 Oct, 01:56 PM UTC
@richarlison97 This aged well BTW Enjoy your red card and remember since 1995 🤣🤣🤣 Up the #PremierLeague CHAMP19NS #YNWA ❣️ #MerseysideDerby
17 Oct, 01:44 PM UTC
#Klopp on @VirgilvDijk 'It doesn't look good, but we have to wait' Get well soon Virgil (PLEASE) #YNWA
17 Oct, 01:58 PM UTC
We were 💯the better team today! Totally robbed and every decision that could go against us, did! Pickford shouldnt have been on the pitch & defo not offside Much better performance from the team 👏 shame the same couldnt be said about the ref and VAR 😡 Proud to be a red #YNWA
17 Oct, 01:57 PM UTC
ديربي جميل كالعادة و اداء رائع من تياغو في خط الوسط مع عودة الكابيتانو هيندرسون اللي قدم مباراة ممتازة، مبروك فخر العرب محمد صلاح دخوله عالم ال ١٠٠ هدف في تاريخ نادي ليفربول ، عودة شخصية الفريق مهمة رغم التحكيم و الاخطاء المتكررة ضد ليفربول #YNWA https://t.co/fR2eAwfK2A
17 Oct, 01:57 PM UTC
I’m really glad that my family are mixed with blue and red! It gives you a much kinder perspective over derby day. Apart from VAR... it was a proper contest which is a change from the usual dull shite over the last decade! #YNWA
17 Oct, 01:57 PM UTC

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