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Stop with those body shaming and negative comments as if yoongi would give a fuck. My baby can do anything he wants #YoongiYouArePerfect #YoongiWeLoveYou https://t.co/uVz3bFVI6s
13 Aug, 09:38 AM UTC
We don't need many words to describe how perfect Min Yoongi is. He with his words, he with his nature and behavior, he with his life. He is perfect with himself. #YoongiYouArePerfect @lilmeowSG93's photo on #YoongiYouArePerfect
13 Aug, 10:58 AM UTC
" I’m still not sure about the secret to success But I think I know the secret to failure The secret is to play the fool just like you And keep blabbing your mouth " - Give it to me #YoongiWeLoveYou #YoongiYouArePerfect https://t.co/azXs5Q53xu
13 Aug, 11:28 AM UTC
Winter Bear 🐻💜
Yoongi is one of the most beautiful people on Earth. Insecure bitches can't drag him down by dumb 'opinions'. His goal has always been making good music for people and he's achieving it really well, comforting millions. Y'all can fuck off. #WeLoveYouYoongi #YoongiYouArePerfect https://t.co/ysMZoJSPiR
13 Aug, 09:54 AM UTC
Jungmin Hope
This kind of yoongi is what we are living for. So don't y'all dare say bad things about this cute pumpkin or else I'm gonna slap ur cheeks until your head will be cut off from ur neck. Ksksksks kidding maybe I'll gonna sue you to the police🤣 #YoongiYouArePerfect #WeLoveYouYoongi https://t.co/C753NURYVr
13 Aug, 09:06 AM UTC
alden padilla
honestly fuck everyone who tried to degrade yoongi or people in general just bc they're fat or gaining weight. hating someone bc of their body type is not okay. if it's not your body then it's not yours to comment on. #YoongiWeLoveYou #YoongiYouArePerfect https://t.co/GKtZuBkBK0
13 Aug, 10:59 AM UTC
stop harassing my baby :( my baby deserves all the love and support in the world no matter how much he weighs. he is worthy of love!! YOUR STANDARDS ARE HIGHKEY TRASH BUT MY BABY IS TOO PERFECT 😤🖤 #YoongiYouArePerfect #YoongiWeLoveYou https://t.co/35iWa0nqFy
13 Aug, 09:54 AM UTC
bluemilktae🥛(semi ia 📚)
OUR LITTLE MEOW MEOW MUST BE LOVED AND PROTECTED #YoongiYouArePerfect #YoongiWeLoveYou https://t.co/u1YsBLMWd1
13 Aug, 08:53 AM UTC
finally a good hashtag to trend 🥺#YoongiYouArePerfect https://t.co/HkSrXE09uF
13 Aug, 11:56 AM UTC
Use your eyes properly and look how perfect he is #YoongiYouArePerfect #yoongiweloveyou @nayakm1230's photo on #YoongiYouArePerfect
13 Aug, 08:48 AM UTC
✨ 𝒥𝒾𝓂𝒾𝓃 𝓁𝑜𝓋𝑒𝓈 𝒴𝑜𝑜𝓃𝒾𝑒 ✨
Just a little reminder for all Army out there that this letter from Suga still exists. Please take your time and read it ,u won’t regret it . You will know Yoongi from different angle #YoongiWeLoveYou #YoongiYouArePerfect https://t.co/nlg2NlegMF
13 Aug, 01:01 AM UTC
; BTS WITH LUV ; ✨🌟💜
What a relief that you exist. What a relief that we have you. What a relief that you never once gave up. What a relief that you are part of the seven. You are our relief. #YoongiYouArePerfect @BeThemStars07's photo on #YoongiYouArePerfect
13 Aug, 02:27 PM UTC
sammi 🐾 prelims
how could some of the people call him cold when in fact he is the most babiest member of @BTS_twt? #YoongiWeLoveYou #YoongiYouArePerfect @bangtanblooms's photo on #YoongiYouArePerfect
13 Aug, 10:00 AM UTC
zoe✨ [is sad]
Here's a picture of my babie yoomgie because he is just the cutest most precious babie in the whole world and i love him so much😡💕 #YoongiYouArePerfect #YoongiWeLoveYou https://t.co/9q5YM0pJWr
13 Aug, 10:51 AM UTC
kpop ain't that deep but if anyone ever talks bad about min yoongi i'll make soup out of their kneecaps #YoongiWeLoveYou #YoongiYouArePerfect https://t.co/s9eQpsuTx5
13 Aug, 07:55 AM UTC
don't mind me, i just
like it or not Yoongi's prettier than all of us 🤷‍♀️#YoongiYouArePerfect https://t.co/QUiBVBVC1V
13 Aug, 10:05 AM UTC
[at school]📚 RT PINNED📌
OUR BABY IS PERFECT IN THE WAY HE IS. HE IS BEAUTIFUL IN HIS OWN WAY. HE IS TALENTED IN HIS OWN WAY. HE IS A PRECIOUS AND GOLDEN BOY. so pls don’t measure people with your standards. lol, yoongi can surpass ya’lls standards. #YoongiYouArePerfect #YoongiWeLoveYou https://t.co/qS4J0imqSd
13 Aug, 01:26 PM UTC
yoongi🌈 #슙D
Remember when hoseok said "no one can beat yoongi when it comes to thinking of us" indeed this is the 1234578907th reason why I love yoongi #YoongiYouArePerfect https://t.co/UeEC9K1qEp
13 Aug, 09:29 AM UTC
Just reminder that yoongi is more beautiful than you #YoongiWeLoveYou #YoongiYouArePerfect #WeLoveYouYoongi https://t.co/YJA74xlI5F
13 Aug, 08:50 AM UTC
Elif 🌙♥️☀️🌼
Yoongi es lo más adorable del mundo y ahora aún más. Estoy muy feliz de ver que ha ganado peso y está feliz. Mirad que cachetitos, es la cosita más bonita del mundo. #YoongiWeLoveYou #YoongiYouArePerfect @BTS_twt https://t.co/OTD4UJwvcc
13 Aug, 09:24 AM UTC
Look at his eyes seeing all the ARMYs how sparkly it looks and u have the guts to say he gained weight and looking bad ...u aint a true ARMY then ..if u cant take there every visuals and there happiness u have no rights to stay as an ARMY #YoongiYouArePerfect #WeLoveYouYoongi https://t.co/i0VzUViufn
13 Aug, 09:11 AM UTC
|🌸|`✿ฺ. MANG HOPE✿ฺ´|🌸|
En este perfil se apoyara al YoonGi con sus cachetitos, si no lo haces, orale a la verga🤠💛 #YoongiYouArePerfect https://t.co/GvXh9vXpGu
13 Aug, 12:49 PM UTC
get out of my zone bitch [REST]
pov : armys beating u up cos u fat shaming our sweet baby yoongi #YoongiYouArePerfect #YoongiWeLoveYou https://t.co/ilVK9TdoYz
13 Aug, 02:08 PM UTC
Es martes con M de Min YoonGi eres perfecto con tus hermoso chachetitos todo bellos #YoongiYouArePerfect #yoongiweloveyou https://t.co/Ra43OXUjqT
13 Aug, 11:46 AM UTC
Dream Glow
If somebody dares sayin a word against our baby boy, then he's willin to be extinct.. #YoongiYouArePerfect #YoongiWeLoveYou https://t.co/oTrvyWyXC6
13 Aug, 01:23 PM UTC
stay healthy for ARMY <3 #YoongiYouArePerfect #YoongiWeLoveYou https://t.co/2sbpzbhfmc
13 Aug, 09:04 AM UTC
lil meow meow loves food and bed🌚 #YoongiYouArePerfect #YoongiWeLoveYou https://t.co/rYwgl6SOXa
13 Aug, 08:57 AM UTC
#YoongiWeLoveYou #YoongiYouArePerfect Min Suga es perfecto , y las personas que sigan que no , pues que mal gusto tienen . Son adorables sus mejillas gorditas . 《. #YoongiWeLoveYou 🍑 .》 |:| #YoongiYouArePerfect |:|🌸 https://t.co/4VW7PKUPjX
13 Aug, 12:33 PM UTC
Amamos a nuestro gatito este como esté #YoongiWeLoveYou #YoongiYouArePerfect https://t.co/h9LGCohgRR
13 Aug, 09:36 AM UTC
Min Jisoo Army Forever
Yoongi, es perfecto tal y como se ve, no importa si sube un poco de peso, ademas, creo que eso le podria ayudar un poquito en su salud. ya que en ocasiones si a estado muy delgado, ademas en humano, todos hemos llegado a subir un poquito alguna vez... #YoongiYouArePerfect https://t.co/puE8VUenQ8
13 Aug, 11:26 AM UTC