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Houston Astros
No, that wasn't thunder. That was Yordan. @astros's photo on Yordan
11 Aug, 02:36 AM UTC
A 114.6 MPH rocket from Yordan! 💪 @MLB's photo on Yordan
11 Aug, 02:37 AM UTC
MLB Home Run
Yordan Alvarez - Houston Astros (31) Solo
11 Aug, 02:35 AM UTC
Jared Carrabis
Yordan Alvarez is a baseball destroying machine. @Jared_Carrabis's photo on Yordan
11 Aug, 02:36 AM UTC
Apollo Media
BOOM!! 💥 YORDAN CRUSHES A HOMER TO TIE IT UP!! https://t.co/ZipV12ueZs
11 Aug, 02:36 AM UTC
Mark Berman
If you blink you’ll miss this rocket hit by Yordan Álvarez. @MarkBermanFox26's photo on Yordan
11 Aug, 02:39 AM UTC
Michael Schwab
Three years ago today. Three Yordan homers in Baltimore. @michaelschwab13's photo on Yordan
11 Aug, 03:03 AM UTC
Michael Schwab
Yordan doesn't care that this ball had a family @michaelschwab13's photo on Yordan
11 Aug, 02:37 AM UTC
MLB HR Videos
Yordan Alvarez - Houston Astros (31) https://t.co/Q1vlZkmdSf
11 Aug, 02:36 AM UTC
Chandler Rome
Yordan Alvarez is 5 for his past 38 with 11 strikeouts.
11 Aug, 01:08 AM UTC
Apollo Media
In the Air Tonight: 2022 Yordan Remix https://t.co/yksEbM25fk
11 Aug, 02:59 AM UTC
Astros de Houston
¡Qué lindo ese swing! 🤩 ¡El BAMBINAZO #31 de la temporada de Yordan Alvarez! 💥 #EnOtroNivel @LosAstros's photo on Yordan
11 Aug, 02:43 AM UTC
Chandler Rome
Yuli Gurriel, Yordan Alvarez and Alex Bregman are due up for the Astros in the ninth. Joe Espada's bench is down to just Jake Meyers
11 Aug, 03:06 AM UTC
Joke 🃏
The discord went from a great day to an amazing one with that Yordan bomb REVERSE JINX 😅😅😅😅😅
11 Aug, 02:50 AM UTC
Mark Berman
Yordan Alvarez says the way he’s been playing the couple days he wasn’t able to promise the kids at his camp he would hit a home run for them. @MarkBermanFox26's photo on Yordan
11 Aug, 04:30 AM UTC
Brian Ruberti
Not quite high end cards for sale, part 3: Yordan edition. Both are /50. $125 shipped each. Take both for $225. @MDRANSOM1 @ILOVECOLLECTIN1 @Hobby_Connect @sports_sell https://t.co/Tc1V2BdKs9 https://t.co/jA9jhBW6fj
11 Aug, 04:45 AM UTC
Cole’s Consulting & Cards
$3 2020 Topps Gallery Heritage Yordan Alvarez Rookie Auto (not hand signed) Rules: • Comment take to claim • *Read pinned tweet for shipping* • Feel free to make an offer @MDRANSOM1 @ILOVECOLLECTIN1 @CardboardEchoes @hobbyretweet_ https://t.co/tQDkec9IgM
11 Aug, 02:52 AM UTC
Bulgarian Cycling Federation
Yordan Petrov is 1 point away from wearing the best climber jersey and Yordan Andreev, Nikolay Genov and Martin Papanov are in 4th, 7th and 10th place in the general classification!
11 Aug, 03:59 AM UTC
Brian Ruberti
Siri, McMahon, and Gray are still available. Yordan and Koward are sold. New pricing. Take any of the remaining three for $6 shipped, or $13 shipped for all three. @MDRANSOM1 @ILOVECOLLECTIN1 @sports_sell @Hobby_Connect https://t.co/c49LS242AB
11 Aug, 03:54 AM UTC
Omar O. Durán ⚾⚽🏀🏈🏇🚴‍♀️🇻🇪
Yordan Álvarez jonrón 31 !!
11 Aug, 02:47 AM UTC
Didn’t get Riley, but at least we got to see Yordan hit https://t.co/3RTQbcW4rZ
11 Aug, 04:25 AM UTC
@NineStrikesOut “Yordan Vibes” 👀
11 Aug, 04:46 AM UTC
@MLBRandomStats Can you imagine how many IBB’s one of truly elite hitters in baseball would have if they were on the LA Angels. Judge and Yordan would probably have 40+ with Luis Rengifo as lineup protection instead of Bregman or Giancarlo
11 Aug, 04:24 AM UTC
Ok let me post tomorrow’s lineup: Altuve 2B, Bregman 3B, Yordan DH, Mancini LF, Tucker RF, Diaz SS, Gurriel 1B, McCormick CF, Vasquez C.
11 Aug, 04:04 AM UTC
Ryan Dubois
@Gconomics101 @Jonatha97128075 @michaelschwab13 only problem it seems like Brantley might be done for the year, altuve might seem he’s fell off but to be fair pitchers have probably pitched around him to get to yuli and yordan is either just slumping or he isn’t 100% right now
11 Aug, 05:40 AM UTC
Alex F
Just back from Minute Maid. Rangers beat Astros via the small-ball, and hammered them in extras. Verlander good but certainly not wonderful. Yordan Alvarez still as good as usual. Fun to see that the Astros aren’t playing like world beaters either.
11 Aug, 05:39 AM UTC
MLB Score Predictor
Actual Outcome: Rangers 8, Astros 4 (10) (Final) HR: Yordan Álvarez, Kyle Tucker Bregman 1-4
11 Aug, 05:39 AM UTC
Tweeter formerly known as Lani 🕊🕊
Judge>>>>>>> Yordan.
11 Aug, 05:30 AM UTC