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Zerlina Maxwell
I had an abortion when I was 18 years old. I’m not sure if I’ve ever talked about it on here but I’m not ashamed so I’m sharing today because if #youknowme then you know someone who has had an abortion.
16 May, 03:22 PM UTC
Pearl Jam
@ACLU @PPFA @NARAL #YouKnowUs #YouKnowMe #AbortionIsAWomansRight Pearl Jam's photo on #youknowme
16 May, 09:55 PM UTC
Cecile Richards
I had an abortion. It was the right decision for me, and it wasn't a hard one. My husband and I were working more than full time and had three kids already. I was fortunate that, at the time, accessing abortion in TX was not the nightmare it is now. #YouKnowMe
16 May, 03:01 PM UTC
Denise Nystrom
Let me point out that Alabama and Missouri have passed these bills stating it is to preserve ALL life. Yet, both states still have and use the death penalty. Alabama has an execution scheduled for today. It's not about life. It's about control and religion. #YouKnowMe
16 May, 01:20 PM UTC
Amber Tamblyn
In 2012, I had an abortion. It was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make. I still think about it to this day. But these truths do not make me regret my decision. It was the right choice for me, at that time in my life. I have not a single doubt about this. #YouKnowMe
16 May, 04:02 PM UTC
Nadia Bolz-Weber (SHAMELESS af)
I had just turned 24. I was trying to stay sober, living on $200 a week and was so incapable of taking care of myself that I hadn't seen a dentist in 6 years. It was a deeply sad experience AND a decision I never once regretted. 1 in 4. #youknowme
16 May, 12:39 PM UTC
Angela Barlow
#youknowme Where are are the MEN? Many make this choice with their partners. Many men pay for abortions, some force women to get them, and some men make thoughtful decisions about family planning. Why is this a “women’s” issue? Be courageous, MEN, and tell your stories too!
16 May, 02:14 PM UTC
#YouKnowMe is problematic because much of the United States is still socially segregated. The truth is you don’t know the disabled, the poor, the black, the nonbinary, the queer, the immigrant. The fact is you don’t know me, or need to, to respect my autonomy & choices.
16 May, 11:13 PM UTC
Tess Fowler
#YouKnowMe I've told my story before. I was 29 and my husband and I made the decision together. We both came from terrible abusive families. The kindest thing we could do was end it before it began. Our families couldn't harm a child that never existed.
16 May, 07:55 PM UTC
Katlyn Carlson
#youknowme. Finding out I was pregnant 13 years ago was the most horrifying, surreal experience of my life. I was with a serious boyfriend at the time. I was on birth control. I WAS ON BIRTH CONTROL. I was furious, confused, and devastated to find out it had failed. 1/
16 May, 05:10 PM UTC
Camryn Grimes
Bravery breeds bravery. Keep it going and don’t stop. I certainly won’t. #YouKnowMe #FuckThisShit https://t.co/rzmhxWHHdS
17 May, 04:14 AM UTC
Jackie Speier
#YouKnowMe. I had an abortion. It was the best choice for my health & my family. While it was an immensely hard decision, I don't regret it. Thank you, @BusyPhilipps for starting this hashtag & for all women who are sharing. I'm one of you & I'm w/ you. https://t.co/Gor4M9NF5Q
17 May, 01:01 AM UTC
the debaucherous dweeb
I haven’t ever been in a position to need an abortion (thank god) but I have had men remove the condom/ejaculate inside me without my consent. Not everyone is so lucky, so if you’re iffy on abortion rights... go scroll through the #youknowme hashtag. Listen to the people affected
17 May, 03:07 AM UTC
Mark Masek
More than 100 years ago, my great-grandmother bled to death after an illegal, back alley abortion. It changed our family forever. I will do whatever I can to prevent that from happening to another family. #YouKnowMe
17 May, 05:16 AM UTC
Really moved reading the testimonies on #youknowme & sending solidarity to our US sisters. If you'd like to take action closer to home, we're fighting the extreme #abortion ban that remains in force, just across the water, in Northern Ireland. #NowForNI 👉https://t.co/BUKlebp3kU bpas's photo on #youknowme
16 May, 01:46 PM UTC
CBS News
Actress Busy Philipps took to social media to encourage women to speak out about their abortions using the hashtag #youknowme https://t.co/K8uTCJlEZW CBS News's photo on #youknowme
17 May, 11:24 AM UTC
Tiffany Stevenson
US is using hashtag #youknowme for women who have had an abortion . Because you know one . Be great for us to have one for the women of NI . Suggestions ⁦@LdnIrishARC⁩ A moment that changed me: having an abortion, aged 17 | Abortion | The Guardian https://t.co/0Sf3eqU077
17 May, 10:46 AM UTC
Mónica Roa
#YouKnowMe es la campaña que lanzan en EEUU para defender el derecho al aborto. Y sí, todos amamos a alguien que ha tenido un aborto. https://t.co/W5Ul54KP7e
17 May, 09:30 AM UTC
Jaiina Kuroce 📖
La règle est pourtant simple : si tu n'as pas d'utérus, tu ne décides pas pour ceux qui en ont un #youknowme
16 May, 05:38 PM UTC
Lisa Borders
#YouKnowMe My Mom went to college in the 1940s with a girl who died from a botched abortion. They tried to tell the girls in her dorm that she'd popped a pimple and an infection had gone to her brain! Everyone knew what had happened. As a result Mom raised me to be #ProChoice.
16 May, 08:23 PM UTC
#youknowus #youknowme is powerful, but women should never have to retell their trauma just to be heard by others. you are not a murderer, and are entitled to making a choice for your own body.
17 May, 03:24 AM UTC
Humanistisch Verbond
Ook in Nederland dappere vrouwen die zich uitspreken over #mijnabortus. We verzamelen al een tijdje hun verhalen. Ontdoe abortus van schuld en schaamte https://t.co/lPk80AtJau #youknowme https://t.co/ByIyfdroCS
17 May, 09:41 AM UTC
Maryam Guiahi
My second pregnancy was planned. What wasn't, was finding out I have leukemia. My #abortion was the best health care decision for me. As an abortion provider, I am honored to support the 1 in 4 who seek abortion care. #YouKnowMe #abortionprovider #patientautonomy
17 May, 02:15 AM UTC
Lori Majewski
I wrote this story about my pregnancy & abortion. @Yahoo Shine published it “by anonymous.” After reading confessional tweets by @ZerlinaMaxwell & many others, I thought it was important to own it: https://t.co/1xKy801V8M #AbortionIsAWomansRight #YouKnowMe #YouKnowUs
17 May, 11:37 AM UTC
NEW ON SBG: #YouKnowMe (But you shouldn't need to) https://t.co/mTzow9ZTNQ
17 May, 11:38 AM UTC
Reflux Gaming #FLUX
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17 May, 10:34 AM UTC
#YouKnowMe : la riposte des femmes contre l’interdiction de l’IVG en Alabama https://t.co/02eopnyHVJ ELLE's photo on #youknowme
17 May, 11:37 AM UTC
Lauren Fuentes
We all have our stories & our reasons. I wont share mine, but its our body. Our choice. #YouKnowMe
17 May, 11:45 AM UTC
mary alice carter
Today, I am taking a break from twitter to be present with my kid at a field trip. Because some people who have abortions also have kids. Sometimes before. Sometimes after. We are not separate people, just the same person at different times in our lives. #YouKnowMe.
17 May, 11:45 AM UTC
Mathias Klang
#YouKnowMe Is Hashtag Activism at Its Most Galvanizing | WIRED https://t.co/jcJVcEwUYO
17 May, 11:44 AM UTC
#Timesup #banViagra #WomenRightsAreHumanRights #youknowme #RoeVWade #NOmanownsmybody #WORM #vote itsmelissareising's photo on #youknowme
17 May, 11:44 AM UTC
humberto maia
#YouKnowMe Is Hashtag Activism at Its Most Galvanizing https://t.co/XTAJfjq1hO
17 May, 11:44 AM UTC
#youknowme Thanks for all of the support! But keep in mind I’m one of the lucky ones! I had endless support and I had love from not only my partner but my family & friends.. my insurance even covered it! Even so, it took a toll on my mental health. Three years later I still get
17 May, 11:44 AM UTC
Cheddar Chaz
These are the men who banned abortions. The law which has NO EXCEPTIONS for unwanted pregnancies that are a result of rape. #YouKnowMe Cheddar Chaz's photo on #youknowme
17 May, 11:43 AM UTC
Roxana Khazai
#AbortionIsAWomansRight #MyBodyMyChoice #YouKnowMe https://t.co/UkUVzSDkeA
17 May, 11:43 AM UTC
Ms. Mary Mac
Thank you @jameelajamil! #ShoutYourAbortion #YouKnowMe https://t.co/sxgd9kxrol
17 May, 11:43 AM UTC
CeCe Garrett
So my sweet mama lives with us. I’ve cared for her since her massive stroke. She read my thread. She’s hella rad. Respects pronouns, loves people, hates 45. But, I still held my breath while she read. She cried. We cried. And she wants me to send love to each of you #YouKnowMe
17 May, 11:43 AM UTC
I am the 1 in 4. And I rarely talk about it. My partner & I, after 2 children, made the right decision. I had access to a clinic 100km away. It was never an easy decision. It is still a secret from some people I love. #youknowme
17 May, 11:42 AM UTC
CD Digital
#YouKnowMe Is Hashtag Activism at Its Most Galvanizing https://t.co/pjl9hppQDP #cddigital #cddigitalorg CD Digital's photo on #youknowme
17 May, 11:41 AM UTC
Top Secret
Thousands of Women Have Shared Abortion Stories With #YouKnowMe. She Was First. https://t.co/XltNHvaLGt
17 May, 11:40 AM UTC
Peggy Arico
17 May, 11:40 AM UTC
#YouKnowMe Is Hashtag Activism at Its Most Galvanizing https://t.co/YkgibsGecY oddepia's photo on #youknowme
17 May, 11:39 AM UTC
Zarah Khan
#AlabamaAbortionBill #YouKnowMe #ProLifeMyAss Zarah Khan's photo on #youknowme
17 May, 11:38 AM UTC
#YouKnowMe : la riposte des femmes contre l’interdiction de l’IVG en Alabama https://t.co/dKzDoCCxA7
17 May, 11:38 AM UTC
Proud to be #ProLIFE #YouKnowMe #silentnomore
17 May, 11:38 AM UTC
Sarah Ann Iball
#YouKnowMe my body, my life, my choice, your body, your life, your choice!!! Simple as that!!
17 May, 11:38 AM UTC
#YouKnowMe : la riposte des femmes contre l’interdiction de l’IVG en Alabama https://t.co/WErtdB5Ays
17 May, 11:37 AM UTC
#YouKnowMe : la riposte des femmes contre l’interdiction de l’IVG en Alabama https://t.co/HPbrwf5mY7
17 May, 11:37 AM UTC
Meena Bhatiya
#WiredTweets #YouKnowMe Is Hashtag Activism at Its Most Galvanizing https://t.co/au6EPUsV1h via @circleboom
17 May, 11:36 AM UTC