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J.R. Reynolds
CPS watching each episode of #YoungAndPregnant like https://t.co/eReQF3rdPP
13 Nov, 02:56 AM UTC
Teen Mom
It's the moment of truth. 🔍 Be there for a can't-miss new Teen Mom: #YoungAndPregnant at 9/8c on @MTV! @TeenMom's photo on #YoungAndPregnant
12 Nov, 03:00 PM UTC
Keeyduh 👑
"I'm shocked that a guy I had sex with is my kid's dad." #YoungAndPregnant
13 Nov, 02:26 AM UTC
CPS are you watching this episode?? Because y’all need to step in #YoungAndPregnant
13 Nov, 02:54 AM UTC
Teen Mom
"What's gonna happen from here?" 👀 Do NOT miss @_brianna_loveee's big news on tonight's Teen Mom: #YoungAndPregnant! @TeenMom's photo on #YoungAndPregnant
12 Nov, 08:00 PM UTC
Kierra Dangerfield 👩🏾‍💻
Stephan irritates my entire soul. He takes no responsibility for his actions. And sorry ass mama enables him too. #YoungAndPregnant
13 Nov, 02:32 AM UTC
brianna’s mom is lowkey happy as hell they found someone to get child support from. #youngandpregnant
13 Nov, 02:42 AM UTC
Teen Mom
Where do we go from here? Teen Mom: #YoungAndPregnant continues next Tuesday on @MTV. @TeenMom's photo on #YoungAndPregnant
13 Nov, 03:00 AM UTC
Mama Llama
Is Stephan really Izaiah's dad? That child does not look like a celery stalk. #YoungAndPregnant
13 Nov, 02:16 AM UTC
Teen Mom
The joys of motherhood. 😂 #YoungAndPregnant @TeenMom's photo on #YoungAndPregnant
13 Nov, 02:30 AM UTC
Teen Mom
Will @Kayla_Sessler give Stephan another chance? 🤞 #YoungAndPregnant @TeenMom's photo on #YoungAndPregnant
13 Nov, 02:50 AM UTC
rachel and her whole family smell like meth and scratch off tickets. #youngandpregnant
13 Nov, 02:50 AM UTC
Andrea 🧁
That was really douchey of Bar. The kid should always come first. Who cares if you’re trying to eat? #YoungAndPregnant
13 Nov, 02:47 AM UTC
Darcey’s Stellar Dance Moves
#YoungAndPregnant Number one, Stephan, you were abusive so it isn’t safe and number two, and repeat this one a few times loudly, IT ISNT KAYLA’S RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP YOU AND YOUR CHILD CONNECTED. Get this clown off the show.
13 Nov, 03:06 AM UTC
Fuck a history once I feel like I am doing all the work & my mental/physical health is disturb you gotta go! #YoungAndPregnant https://t.co/iiS9bKuPnf
13 Nov, 02:37 AM UTC
I don’t blame Ashley for leaving Bar. She’s sitting up working, in school and striving for more for Holly and Bar wants to be a bum clearly #YoungAndPregnant
13 Nov, 04:45 AM UTC
[Ninja eL] ♐
Everybody tells stephan the same shit, his friends, and everything. Yet he still thinks it’s not him. Lol. You’re the problem bro just man up. #YoungAndPregnant
13 Nov, 05:00 AM UTC
June June Hannah
Of course Kayla added a pitbull puppy to the mix. I mean why not. #YoungAndPregnant
13 Nov, 05:25 AM UTC
June June Hannah
This Rachel storyline is just wild to me. #YoungAndPregnant
13 Nov, 05:20 AM UTC
brianna blows me cause she wanted her son to have a father & now that she found him she’s all jealous & acting weird.. like girl #YoungAndPregnant https://t.co/JE5EUWInZ0
13 Nov, 05:15 AM UTC
Why tf is is almost 1 AM and I’m wide awake watching #youngandpregnant 🤦🏽‍♀️😂
13 Nov, 05:47 AM UTC
The Latifah
Bar done put his hands on -- or tried to put his hands on -- ashley, her sister and her mama...and she took him back. it's def time for him to get his shit together or atleast TRY, young man #YoungAndPregnant https://t.co/dItGhoGwGF
13 Nov, 05:38 AM UTC
IG: @TatiTwoCents
I swear I was talking about this in my Two Cents today! On @Star941FM the quote I read was “Raising a man your daughter won’t need to recover from” #RaisingMen #YoungAndPregnant
13 Nov, 05:26 AM UTC
__JaY. D__👑💗
Rachel’s mama need to wash her hands with Malorie and let her figure out on her own who is going to watch her daughter. #YoungAndPregnant
13 Nov, 05:16 AM UTC
__JaY. D__👑💗
Malorie really Talking to her mama like that 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😩😩 #YoungAndPregnant
13 Nov, 05:16 AM UTC
me WAIT NO GRAY #YoungAndPregnant https://t.co/UCb6TV5AcC
13 Nov, 05:03 AM UTC
nel d-5 till superm
me & @cryoobie after playing roblox #YoungAndPregnant
13 Nov, 05:01 AM UTC
__JaY. D__👑💗
I gotta feeling from by the end of the season, Jacob gone be ghost ✌🏾 #YoungAndPregnant
13 Nov, 04:53 AM UTC
This dog on the bed sith a newborn. Woo chile #YoungAndPregnant
13 Nov, 06:07 AM UTC

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