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YouTube India
At No. 2 we've got 2.0! @rajinikanth has done it again 👌 → https://t.co/Xm8nOBkjKy #YouTubeRewind #2Point0Teaser YouTube India's photo on #YouTubeRewind
08 Dec, 10:44 AM UTC
YouTube India
Is there anything @rajinikanth can't do? Nope. #KaalaTeaser's at No. 5 😎 Relive the magic → https://t.co/aZQdqcGnje #YouTubeRewind YouTube India's photo on #YouTubeRewind
08 Dec, 08:59 AM UTC
1 บท.นั่งเจ็ทไป🇹🇼+คลิปรวมbyโฮป+จุนทวีต 2 กุกมาเฟ่+เซลฟี่2วันติด+บท.บอมเล่น📹 3 TEARแกรมมี่ชิงแพคเกจแห่งปี 4 GDAเปิดVote 5 ธ.จะต่อสัญญาKBxBTSรุ่ง 6 WIOMรีมิกส์ 7 พมนัล100MSpotify 8 #YouTubeRewind 9 ชนะโพลTIME 10 วงสตรีมท่อ🌍มากสุด2018 11 🚫คอลแลปEdแต่อาจทำเพลงให้ #เล่าข่าวบังทัน
07 Dec, 03:59 PM UTC
Stephanie Patrick
Thanks, @verge for summing up so fairly and eloquently the underlying problem with #YouTubeRewind 2018, which has nothing to do with the incredible, talented creators in the video itself. https://t.co/hYVkZEw0bA Stephanie Patrick's photo on #YouTubeRewind
08 Dec, 03:51 AM UTC
Amit Bhawani
#FortNiteRewind oops #YouTubeRewind 2018 went live. Your thoughts?
08 Dec, 06:46 AM UTC
YouTube India
When #Zero made it to the Top 10! There's no stopping @iamsrk 😎 → https://t.co/w1OZbqnes7 #YouTubeRewind YouTube India's photo on #YouTubeRewind
08 Dec, 06:21 AM UTC
Buccellati Enters The Scene
The #YouTubeRewind we needed Buccellati Enters The Scene's photo on #YouTubeRewind
07 Dec, 09:21 PM UTC
#YouTubeRewind yt: creates a rewind completely irrelevant to the year of 2018 yt: amazing, the best work we've done yet everyone: hates it youtube: kat's photo on #YouTubeRewind
08 Dec, 06:07 AM UTC
Rajinikanth Fans Deutschland 🇩🇪
Top Trends 2018 auf YouTube (Indien): #2Point0 Hindi Teaser #Kaala Tamil Teaser Er wird für immer der einzig wahre Superstar bleiben! #YouTubeRewind Rajinikanth Fans Deutschland 🇩🇪's photo on #YouTubeRewind
08 Dec, 11:01 AM UTC
YouTube India
Drumroll 🥁 This. Is. It. #SanjuTeaser is No. 1 in the Top Trending Videos of 2018 ✨ → https://t.co/QyGOk8WEWP #YouTubeRewind YouTube India's photo on #YouTubeRewind
08 Dec, 11:35 AM UTC
Mahendra Soni
#Top10 videos of 2018 from @SVFMusic as per watch time on @SVFsocial youtube channel. The video could be from any year but most watched (in mnts). Send me your replies with #SVFSong that you want on the countdown. P.S. Data is from @YouTubeIndia, not me :D #YouTubeRewind
08 Dec, 12:39 PM UTC
Mahendra Soni
At #10 We have #Aashona from #Borbaad @ArinArindom @iamrajchoco @bonysengupta @SenRittika https://t.co/GEJeCaSsm2 Watched 12,346,694 minutes #SVFSong #YouTubeRewind
08 Dec, 12:43 PM UTC
Mr._fearless🚩 #OmWdrive creator
Watch thr only best part in #YouTubeRewind 👇😁😂 https://t.co/b7I1o7mgaL #youtuberewind2018 #YouTube #youtuberewind #YouTubeDOWN #OmWdrive #pewdiepie #pewdiepievstseries
08 Dec, 12:59 PM UTC
Shubham Mahadik
Just look the number of dislike 😂 #YouTubeRewind #YouTube Shubham Mahadik's photo on #YouTubeRewind
08 Dec, 10:31 AM UTC
Daniela ✖
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/Upz6diwHY3 YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind | #YouTubeRewind
08 Dec, 01:44 PM UTC
Seb* (Seb*Langen Offiziell) - aka SanDreCGN aka...
So langsam fängt bei mir der #Jahresrückblick an; ich hab erst jetzt erfahren was die Dummheit mit der #KikiChallenge ist! Es gibt viel dummes auf #Youtube2018... Müsste das nicht auch in einen #YouTubeRewind ;) ? Habt ihr den schon gesehen bzw die challenge mitbekommen? Meinung?
08 Dec, 01:43 PM UTC
Julen Vileya López
📃 La paz en Siria exige que se condene internacionalmente la ideología de la Hermandad Musulman, Voltairenet 🔈 SCC Alicia Machado #OrgulloBarroco #YouTubeRewind Margarita Cabello https://t.co/IljJFhrgRN
08 Dec, 01:42 PM UTC
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/7JAhahOeWc "YouTube Rewind 2018" #YouTubeRewind REACTION!!!
08 Dec, 01:42 PM UTC
Yunus Kara
Bir @YouTube videosu beğendim: https://t.co/YSikdIf8fO YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind | #YouTubeRewind
08 Dec, 01:41 PM UTC
The #YouTubeRewind was fucking horrible
08 Dec, 01:40 PM UTC
Metroplex Boomin
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/yW8QWw6mEY YouTubers React to YouTube Rewind 2018 #YouTubeRewind
08 Dec, 01:40 PM UTC
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/jQp0TLjnba YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind | #YouTubeRewind
08 Dec, 01:40 PM UTC
Syed Muhammad Talal
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/kWNWTInsrn YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind | #YouTubeRewind
08 Dec, 01:38 PM UTC
Anna ★°˙●♡
I kinda want my favorite youtubers to get together and do a new #YouTubeRewind cause the actual one is #TRASH
08 Dec, 01:37 PM UTC
Guys #youtuberewind is a company thing now, they couldn’t careless if they didn’t include your favorite YouTuber As long as they get views and their money back, it’s just a big “idk man it be like that” to us. YouTube is no longer a community, it’s a company, and rewind proved it
08 Dec, 01:37 PM UTC
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/od3K7BghaY YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind | #YouTubeRewind
08 Dec, 01:37 PM UTC

See top twitter trends from Mexico.

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