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Zaha plays football like you told him to suck his mum
05 Aug, 07:41 PM UTC
Hale End Forever
If you think White struggled against Zaha, football probably isn’t the sport for you
05 Aug, 09:17 PM UTC
Aminu Nurudeen
Sir @doyinokupe, the average northerner has a radio set. Can the Labour Party run radio broadcasts in BBC Hausa and other northern radio stations that can reach as many of our northern audience as possible? Martinelli Bayern Fesfus Keyamo Zaha Mr Macaroni Mane Reno Omokri Seun https://t.co/wgcqqY0DFV
05 Aug, 07:42 PM UTC
Evan Cooper
New season, same amount of diving from Zaha. 🐟
05 Aug, 07:47 PM UTC
Zaha everytime he tried to get into the box https://t.co/Q9JrAAhuOa
05 Aug, 09:18 PM UTC
⚠️ | QUICK STAT Ben White made 8 tackles against Crystal Palace tonight — it's the most tackles an Arsenal player has made in a Premier League match in over three years, ever since Lucas Torreira made 9 on 19 Jan 2019 v Chelsea. Held his own marking Wilfried Zaha. 💪 #CRYARS @SofaScoreINT's photo on Zaha
05 Aug, 09:18 PM UTC
Fantasy Premier League
🦅 Wilfried Zaha (£7.0m) finished 21/22 producing four attacking returns in his last five matches 👏 His 14 goals over the season was his best total across his nine #PL campaigns 🔝 #FPL #CRYARS @OfficialFPL's photo on Zaha
05 Aug, 06:44 PM UTC
evan 》
To weigh in on the Ben White debate, I thought he was really good. Zaha is as tricky as they come in the Prem, he'll run at you every time. To walk away and say I only remember Ben being beaten once or twice is really impressive. Top player and we need to appreciate that more. https://t.co/jeQkQn8BmF
06 Aug, 11:19 AM UTC
Quícksílver #KroenkeOut
While Saliba is getting all the plaudits and rightfully so, but how good was Ben White at RB containing Zaha. Also nice of @adidasfootball to include pockets in this year's kits. 👍 https://t.co/ilcMOi1awq
05 Aug, 09:24 PM UTC
Zaha quand il perd un ballon et qu’il essaye de le récupère derrière ça me fait tellement rire tu sent qu’il a juste envie d’enculer le mec
05 Aug, 07:47 PM UTC
Given that he’s not a natural RB, I think Ben White actually did quite well against Zaha. Encouraging
06 Aug, 05:54 AM UTC
Zaha no care man as far say highlights for him Twitter comps set, he’s good.
05 Aug, 08:47 PM UTC
Indonesian Gooners
Pemain yang ngga begitu banyak dibicarakan, Ben White membuat 8 tekel sukses melawan Crystal Palace, paling banyak oleh pemain Arsenal dalam 1 pertandingan tandang PL sejak musim 2016/17. (@Squawka) Pulang2 kaget lihat Zaha ada di kantungnya. https://t.co/del72PB9Ts
06 Aug, 12:22 PM UTC
The Tactical Times
Zaha has been the main outlet for Palace and as is often the case he receives the ball really well in really good areas. But then he doesn't know where to go or what to do with it. As is often the case.
05 Aug, 07:54 PM UTC
This Account is Saliba's Official Fanboy
Aksi favorit dari Saliba semalem. Ben White udah kena kartu, jadi kurang greng buat press. Sekali tekuk Zaha lewatin White, ketemunya Tugu Kujang. 🧱🚧 https://t.co/MAT9nstHas
06 Aug, 12:19 AM UTC
FPL Olympian
🦅 CRY 0-2 ARS ⭕️ ⭕️ ARS playing back 3 in possession ⭕️ Jesus threatening despite no G/A ⭕️ Martinelli goal. Dangerous & central. BC missed. Shared corner duties ⭕️ Saka slightly wider & deeper. Scored deflected goal 🦅 Zaha lively. 1 BCC 🦅 Eze #10. BC missed. On corners https://t.co/ixX2LnCg1u
06 Aug, 07:31 AM UTC
Fauzi Tanuwijaya
HARGA MINYAK GORENG CURAH RP14 RIBU PER LITER DI JAWA, BALI, SUMATRA DAN KALIMANTAN Eunhyuk #EXOLoveTurn8 #BadDecisions #FOREVER1 Pengabdi Setan 2 Rest In Peace Palace Zaha Tasya Saliba Zinchenko hanbin Sora #Nieuws_idn yoona Makima Erdogan https://t.co/f4TdHNua8X
06 Aug, 01:37 AM UTC
Devita Davison
Zaha Hadid, the greatest female architect in the world, the Queen of the curb, never married & never had children. Upon her death, her estate - worth $132.8 million - went to establish the Zaha Hadid Foundation, a museum & award Arab women architectural education scholarships. ❤️ https://t.co/acWiGgmnrm
06 Aug, 03:19 PM UTC
فكر في كثرة نسل السمك قليلا، فإنك ترى في جوف السمكة الواحدة من البيض مالا يحصى عدده، والسبب في ذلك أن يتسع لما يتغذى به من أصناف الحيوانات فإنّ أكثرها تأكل السمك حتى السباع أيضا، فلما كانت السباع تأكل السمك والطير يأكل السمك والناس يأكلون السمك والسمك يأكل السمك https://t.co/YShx2bA0Qz
06 Aug, 03:37 PM UTC
@afcstuff No he didn’t? 😂 Our first choice RB is out and Cédric would never had dealth with Zaha the way White did. But agendas have to agend! Speak about your beloved £80m fridge or bloody Wan Bissaka that cost you the £50m that you mock us for paying for White
06 Aug, 09:41 AM UTC
و في البحر ذوات لا طعام لها إلا السمك فالتدبير فيه أن يكون على ماهو عليه من الكثرة من التأملات العجيبة للفيلسوف الجاحظ رحمه الله فلو كانت السمكة تضع بيضة واحدة فقط لاندثرت الحياة على الأرض، إنه تدبير العزيز الحكيم الذي أحسن كل شيء خلقه، ولكن التطوريين قد طمست بصيرتهم عن هذا.
06 Aug, 03:37 PM UTC
La Glas Crochets
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06 Aug, 03:46 PM UTC
FutureCentro - Players Of The Future
Arsenal's pressing slept for a good 3 or 4 seconds there when Zaha had the ball but more so, Ben White should have anticipated that through ball. https://t.co/NzgQf3FcZ2
06 Aug, 02:17 PM UTC
The Card Dealer
Starts at RWB with Sterling also there - fingers crossed this goes as smoothly as White v Zaha! 🤞🏼 https://t.co/g436O3BYXi
06 Aug, 03:41 PM UTC
Midnight Rascal
@apfarrington @BillBayley268 @HLTCO Yeah we sat deeper in the second half to try to contain Zaha. Saka had to dropoff from his usual pressing assignments to help out and you got control of possession. Odegaard inside the box was our only big chance in the 2nd but very few big chances for either side in the game tbf
06 Aug, 03:49 PM UTC
The Dragon King 👑 #ArtetaIn
@DavidEr74768544 @footyinsider247 I understand Gakpo £35m + Tielemans £25m = £60m... Plz explain how Paqueta + Zaha will together cost a total of £60m???
06 Aug, 03:42 PM UTC
Charlie P. Freeman
@pixel_savant Same shit when zaha is on the pitch. Plus na derby. Villa case is just ridiculous. For the team they have how they play makes very little sense
06 Aug, 03:58 PM UTC
@Yawnteta Really good job, he’s turned an ageing and defensive minded team that was reliant on Zaha into a solid and younger squad. They play good football with a largely mid table squad, I didn’t think he had it in him when he took the job ngl
06 Aug, 03:58 PM UTC
@tom_lennylad @theiconic15 😂😂😂struggled at what point. Zaha was shouting at his teammates and ref nearly the entire games#
06 Aug, 03:51 PM UTC
Harry P
Doesn't know when to release the ball. Zaha does this almost every week and that's why he's still at Palace. https://t.co/HVA5VP6ODR
06 Aug, 03:49 PM UTC