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Men in Blazers
US desperate for a goal and NO ONE is doing the basics AKA smashing the ball at Zardes' face in the area. WTF.
08 Jul, 03:01 AM UTC
Men in Blazers
This game screams of a late Gyasi Zardes winner, against run of play, ball deflecting off his face, onto his knee then rebounding in off his ball bag. Just how the play was drawn up 🇺🇸
08 Jul, 02:35 AM UTC
Tata: I'll move Pizarro to the right to expose Ream and Bradley. I'll advance the press and deny McKennie the ball. Gregg: I'll sub in Roldan at RW, then Zardes, then Lovitz.
08 Jul, 03:14 AM UTC
Jerry Hinnen
 @JerryHinnen team started Tim Ream at left back. Its only sub at striker was Gyasi Zardes. It asked Michael Bradley to cover an area the size of Orange County. And it still made the final and out-XG'd Mexico. Honestly: things are OK, y'all
08 Jul, 03:14 AM UTC
Eric Terwilliger
@USMNT The sad truth is until we blow up the USSF our men’s national team will never be good. When the federation and the MLS are indistinguishable we get a year long search for a coach we get Gregg Berhalter... when we get Berhalter we get Bradley, Zardes etc.
08 Jul, 03:07 AM UTC
Jamere Price
Save us from Altidore and Zardes 🙏
08 Jul, 03:42 AM UTC
Rob Usry
Zardes never again. Let the Pomykal era begin. Get rid of all the average ass MLS guys and give the kids a chance.
08 Jul, 03:16 AM UTC
Jordan Price
@USMNT Berhalter either doesn’t understand that MLS players like Zardes and Roldan are overmatched at the international level as opposed to players like Sargent and Boyd, or he’s willfully obtuse and just being an MLS apologist Congrats to Mexico though. Well deserved. The better team
08 Jul, 03:09 AM UTC
Caleb Kritchevsky
When the U.S. team is still starting Micheal Bradley and has 17 shitty MLS players on the roster, and then we go down 1-0 to Mexico and Berhalter puts in Zardes and a 27-year-old MLS left back #fireberhalter
08 Jul, 03:31 AM UTC
@USMNT Give Zardes a lifetime ban from playing on this team.
08 Jul, 02:48 AM UTC
Jamie Hill
Roldan/Zardes/Lovitz is a really lame trio to sub on in a game like this, but look at the bench. Just not much attacking talent there. Not sure what's up with Boyd (injury?). Beyond him, I wouldn't trust Mihailovic on this stage yet. Then there's Lewis. That's it for attackers.
08 Jul, 03:18 AM UTC
Joga Bonito
Roldan? Zardes? Lovitz? Inexplicable and costly subs by Berhalter. When #USMNT started losing control of the game (thanks to smart adjustments by Tata Martino), the subs made it worse. Lost all attacking threat and succumbed to #Mexico's intense pressure. #MEXvUSA #GoldCupFinal
08 Jul, 03:23 AM UTC
Josh Sargent watching Zardes and Altidore like
08 Jul, 03:28 AM UTC
Cutter Whitley
I never want to see Michael Bradley Jozy Altidore Gyasi Zardes Greg Berhalter have anything to do with the #USMNT ever again
08 Jul, 03:06 AM UTC
Jorge Figueroa
Zardes is what people who say that the US team would be good if all the athletes played soccer instead of other sports
08 Jul, 02:52 AM UTC
Roldan. Zardes. Lovitz. #BerhalterOut
08 Jul, 02:57 AM UTC
Daniel Daily
I’m so glad Gregg Berhalter decided that wasting Josh Sargeant’s summer was worth it. Watching Altidore and Zardes miss sitters all tournament has been fantastic.
08 Jul, 03:02 AM UTC
It’s one thing to lose. It’s another thing to lose after horrible subbing decisions. GREGG has been awful with his subs all tourney. I thought after this miss he realized that he overvalued Zardes. Subbing him on this game gave Mexico hope. Fuck me
08 Jul, 03:14 AM UTC
Jay Hernandez
We needed McKennie to put his stamp on the game he didnt, Bradley needs to step aside, Berhalter needs to realize Roldan, Zardes, Trapp, Lovitz just dont cut it
08 Jul, 03:23 AM UTC
George Estrada
@USMNT We have to continue to build the team around Pulisic and Mckinnie. Keep a couple of the guys around: Miazga, Long, Arriola, Cannon, Boyd, Zimmerman Get rid of: Bradley, Altidore, Zardes We need to bring in: Alexis Mendez and Efraín Álvarez, they are the future #USMNT
08 Jul, 03:49 AM UTC
Christian 🆑
Mood when I see Zardes come on the pitch
08 Jul, 03:34 AM UTC
@USMNT Y’all subbed on Zardes in a final, please stop tweeting
08 Jul, 05:57 AM UTC
@Anthony_A24 I know people @ Pima who can finish better than zardes and altidore
08 Jul, 03:15 AM UTC
Nick Mancaruso
@TaylorTwellman Wow @TaylorTwellman... what beautiful foreshadowing for events of our fearless leader getting out coached by Tata! Subs in the second half Zardes, Roldon, Levitz if that’s how I spell his name! GB is a genius tactical genius
08 Jul, 06:33 AM UTC
USMNT Gold Cup players with 20+ caps: Gonzalez 50 Ream 29 Bradley 145 Pulisic 25 Altidore 110 Arriola 22 Morris 27 Zardes 44 This was an audition for most guys. That middle generation between Bradley and Pulisic is empty.
08 Jul, 03:50 AM UTC
@USMNT Proud of the team but the berhalter clan has to go....sub in a left back for a left back at the end? Was Boyd in the restroom? It didnt fugure in to your melon that maybe bringing in another attacker might help?? Bradley was passing to Mexico maybe a sub. Zardes? Really?Nuff said
08 Jul, 06:22 AM UTC
@USMNT Ratings (6 avg) Steffen-6 Cannon-6.5 Miazga-5.5 Long-4 Ream-6 Bradley-6 Mckennie-4 Pulisic-7 (MotM) Morris-3 Altidore-5 Arriola-5 Roldan-6.5 Zardes-5 Lovitz-N/A
08 Jul, 08:07 AM UTC
Vijay Prithvi🔥
tyus Jona Boyd NCAA BB Tom Steyer Zardes DREAM COMEBACK Soldier Field
08 Jul, 07:20 AM UTC
Charlie Arevalo
@Jasoninho10 @Gabe_Montoya13 I told some Mexican guys at the bar I was at when Zardes came in, it was over and their game. 13 min later Jona scores
08 Jul, 07:02 AM UTC
Brandon Kimbrell
@MLS We had 0 center midfield presence the whole game. Mckinnie was non existent. I’m not sure if Cannon was playing mid or wide right but he also didn’t do anything. Dump Zardes, Altidore, and Bradley then get better replacements. Shouldn’t be hard.
08 Jul, 06:27 AM UTC
Alex Campbell
Sparknotes: - Roldan: better posses the ball - Zardes: fresh legs (Jozy said afterword he felt good) - Lovitz: push fullbacks higher and tuck wingers inside #USMNT
08 Jul, 06:20 AM UTC
Trey Mongrue
...God love Gyasi Zardes and his work-rate, but under no circumstance should he ever be our second-choice striker in a tournament. #USMNT
08 Jul, 06:18 AM UTC
Goose Oberstar
I mean come on, There's gotta be better Strikers in American soccer than Jozy Altidore and Gyasi Zardes... #USMNT
08 Jul, 06:17 AM UTC
Luis A. Manrique
The #USMNT lost the game when #Berhalter subbed #Altidore for #Zardes. No guts, no glory! Armchair Analyst: Clinical Mexico put USMNT to the sword #MLS
08 Jul, 06:17 AM UTC
Topher Nugent
@FOXSoccer @stuholden Time to move on from Zardes & Jozy. They do not know what to do in the clutch. And I don't think most people are stoked with Berhalter. The team lacks clear direction & continuity, and much of that comes from the coach. I have no idea what he's trying to accomplish tactically..
08 Jul, 05:57 AM UTC
Pablo Jamés
@FOXSoccer @stuholden Stu just lost the rest of the 10% credibility he ever had.... Berhatler is a mess. Wasted tournament on MLS hacks who have topped out instead of European worthy stars in the making like Sargent, Whea and Robinson.... Zardes, Arriola, Roldan, Morris etc. Tata vs. Behalter 😂😂😂
08 Jul, 05:57 AM UTC
Aadison Lujan
@1youngstretch Stupid ass statement, Jozy is way fucking better then Zardes and it ain’t even close
08 Jul, 08:18 AM UTC
The Maestro
@EliotLeadem zardes is a playmaker i don’t wanna heat it
08 Jul, 08:09 AM UTC
Sriman power ®️⚡️
DREAM COMEBACK Michael Bradley #reach Jona Zardes Boyd Tata Brandon Clarke
08 Jul, 08:06 AM UTC
Tata #LoudlySaidExcuseMe Zardes Yadi #Euphoria Pizarro Cameron Boyce #mondaythoughts
08 Jul, 07:58 AM UTC
Mike McGuire ⭐
@rash_podcast @_jameshill Lolololololol Wood has been worse than Zardes for 2 years now and De La Torre has barely any 1st team minutes. And Lichaj? JFC cmon
08 Jul, 07:58 AM UTC
Uptown Vandal
@ChaseEverage @MRMIYAGI2127 @USMNT Altidore looks like a 250lb eggplant now, Zardes was born a donkey, and Bradley is spent. Time for them to be shown the door.
08 Jul, 07:41 AM UTC
Sadness killed the Superman
@Marco_Samson @BarstoolsTweets Should have carded Bradley or Altidore. Or ran to the bench and carded Zardes.
08 Jul, 07:37 AM UTC
& finally: if USMNT are serious about wanting to win again, they'd better field a team w/o Bradley; haven't seen someone so lost since ... Bradley! Toss Altidore (who pulled a Wondo), Zardes too, & remaining under-performers. If Boyd was ok to go, Berhalter pulled a Bruce Arena.
08 Jul, 07:28 AM UTC
Mila So
Zardes is the past,present, and future of this shit show 😤
08 Jul, 07:17 AM UTC
JD Redwine
@IrvinCamachoAR Over Zardes. Zardes shouldn't be on this team.
08 Jul, 07:12 AM UTC
@thereal1_ai @USMNT 😣 same old, same old with this team. Bradley and Zardes have no business on this team. The second half was horrid. They had Mexico against the ropes, it’s frustrating.
08 Jul, 07:06 AM UTC
Scott Piotrowski
@weareLAFCLIVE I back this man and Christian Ramirez more than Gyasi Zardes
08 Jul, 07:03 AM UTC
@1youngstretch Cause the US had Gyasi Zardes on the bench 😂😂😂
08 Jul, 07:02 AM UTC
@dtoates88 ...& then having our 2nd striker be Zardes & not someone better. Also I feel Gregg fucked this one up by not starting Boyd over Morris & then doubly fucked it up by not bringing him in as a sub. Roldan's never done shit for the USMNT & for the life of me I dont get the Lovitz sub
08 Jul, 06:54 AM UTC
@FOXSoccer You cannot tell me Zardes and Altidore are the best strikers in the US. We will always be a second class team if we only play MLS level players. It’s a joke.
08 Jul, 06:54 AM UTC
Caden Sandovál
Outside the shitty longballs to horrid sub Zardes, that was super ugly. Atrocious subs taking out Altidore even tho he bottled his hold up play and workrate phenomenal, then taking out Morris for a CDM @ RW? Shit House excuse of a coach 🤦🏼‍♂️
08 Jul, 06:53 AM UTC
@TaylorTwellman When are we ever going to move on from Bradley and Josey? Zardes ain’t the answer either. These MLS guys are not working at this level.
08 Jul, 06:50 AM UTC
Jacob Kornhauser
@NPNowZenner @WIBWTyler I would classify Christian Pulisic as a reliable goal scorer. In a small sample size, Weston McKennie has also proven to be a finisher in the offensive third. Need more defensive depth. Zardes needs to be starting over Altidore IMO. They’ll also get Tyler Adams going forward.
08 Jul, 06:42 AM UTC
Wild that Zardes is even getting called up. Absolutely insane.
08 Jul, 06:40 AM UTC
chad kerr
@TaylorTwellman Jozy & Zardes never again. Let the Pomykal & Sargent era begin. Get rid of all the average ass MLS guys and give the kids a chance.
08 Jul, 06:37 AM UTC
🇺🇸Stevinho ⚜️ Sonolência🇧🇷
@kkfla737 Haha, 3G got outcoached at halftime bruh. It’s not even close. He countered with Zardes, Roldan, and Lovitz. Tata has him in his back pocket. What a dumb comment
08 Jul, 06:33 AM UTC
@MatiasCarbone7 Zardes changed the game when he came on😫
08 Jul, 06:26 AM UTC
@lilsaucey7 The US has been needing to get rid of Bradley. Zardes has had better moments but doesn’t produce consistently enough, hence LA getting rid of him.
08 Jul, 06:24 AM UTC
@1youngstretch It's really mind boggling that there is no CF in the entire US that's better than Jozy and Zardes.
08 Jul, 06:21 AM UTC
Isra Torres
Nomino el gol de Zardes, como el mejor de esta copa oro
08 Jul, 06:21 AM UTC
Gabriel Hendrickson
@MrVanillaman9 @ClayTravis Roldan maybe? He came in around the 60 minute mark. Lovitz came in closer to the end. And Zardes came in around the 50th minute. None of them were effective at all
08 Jul, 06:20 AM UTC
Dayne Kajewski
Notice how I didn’t say Bradley or Zardes.
08 Jul, 06:14 AM UTC
Josh Jones
@Izrosas @1youngstretch I was completely watching the same game, he stood up for Christian, and had some good plays where he made mexico think about him a lot, played a lot better then Zardes
08 Jul, 06:12 AM UTC
Rituraj Mishra
Sargent Dos Santos #CopaOro Viva Mexico #GetWellSoonJimin Tata Zardes #Euphoria
08 Jul, 06:11 AM UTC
@_JorgenotGeorge Zardes shouldn’t have a professional contract🤦🏽‍♂️
08 Jul, 06:10 AM UTC
@17charger Zardes needs to be off the call up list forever too.
08 Jul, 06:09 AM UTC
Eliot Leadem
We literally have two 19 year old strikers playing in Bundesliga & Ligue 1 yet Berhalter gives playing time to washed up MLS Gyasi Zardes
08 Jul, 06:08 AM UTC
Christian Esquivel
@USMNT I am not proud of our pathetic coaching, u take out Morris for Roldan a DM. Who the hell is Lovitz? Unbelievable subs...Zardes as a 9, GTFO @USMNT_Gregg @BerhalterGregg
08 Jul, 06:01 AM UTC