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この世の終わり....?😱 #ブロスタ @brawlstarsjp's photo on Zinogre
11 Jul, 08:57 AM UTC
Right now there is one monster trending in twitter too 5 and it’s Zinogre (ジンオウガ) lol. You know with a boi so popular that he has to be coming https://t.co/HQ5hy3hl7T
11 Jul, 11:23 AM UTC
黒凧 BlackKite
Japan trends 11-07-2019 18:00 UTC+9 After the new MHWI trailer, Glavenus (#3, Dinovaldo) & Brachydios (#4) obviously made it to the list. But somehow Zinogre (#6) is also trending despite not appearing in the trailer, because it is easily the most requested monster by JP fans https://t.co/gqhSbfQ4EO
11 Jul, 09:04 AM UTC
@SocksyBear You mean stigian zinogre 👀
11 Jul, 10:35 AM UTC
Okano Hachemon
@TwoSixNine @Arekkz ...wait a minute Fulgur Anjanath "Fulgur" Anjanath Fulgur is associated with Bug to make "Fulgur Bug" Fulgur Bugs are an insect formed from the symbiotic relationship with the monster Zinogre This can only mean Zinogre is confirmed for World. https://t.co/wFBz0R8slK
11 Jul, 11:36 AM UTC
@monsterhunter Just ad Zinogre and Gore/Shagaru Magala and this will be PERFECT.
11 Jul, 11:48 AM UTC
Aelita: Queen of Mars
@BannedDino hung out too much with Stygian Zinogre.
11 Jul, 11:21 AM UTC
Senko Zenes
ZInogre is so popular THat it is currently trending in Japan
11 Jul, 11:47 AM UTC
@Jyto_Yukumaza Oooo yeah! I hope my fav, Zinogre makes a appearance, lots of flagship monsters showing up.
11 Jul, 11:00 AM UTC
MHW Iceborne will feature Zinogre, Seregios. Probably.
11 Jul, 10:35 AM UTC
Since it seems that the theory that all of the flagships will be in #MHW is proving true so far.....I'm going to predict we'll see Zinogre next.
11 Jul, 10:31 AM UTC
Senko Zenes
Fun fact Zinogre is the most popular monster in the series
11 Jul, 11:54 AM UTC
Todo lo de Iceborne tiene muy buena pinta pero como no metan a zinogre me enfado
11 Jul, 11:51 AM UTC
Zebrata @iceborne
@TwoSixNine @monsterhunter Zinogre or gore will be next teased!!!!!👊👊🙏🙏🤞🤞
11 Jul, 11:38 AM UTC
Max Potion
Stygian Zinogre was one of my favorite fights in MH3U and also my favorite armor set in that game. I usually use mixed sets but I think I used the full set a lot, if I didn't swap a piece out here and there. I hope we get the howly boys back
11 Jul, 11:30 AM UTC
Also how tf is slimy punchboy getting in before zinogre.......
11 Jul, 11:26 AM UTC
@TwoSixNine @monsterhunter imgine zinogre in the new engine 😰
11 Jul, 11:20 AM UTC
AT1 DPabs35
DAME ESE ZINOGRE PLIS!!! https://t.co/d8UFNjgQTJ
11 Jul, 11:16 AM UTC
@CrennPalex Seregios Zinogre Alatreon , Amatsu et akantor ukanlos dans world 😍😍😍 le rêve
11 Jul, 11:15 AM UTC
🐧 Arpee 🐧
@Nyanracuga And zinogre 👀 And I pray for lagia though idk if they fixed the issues they were having with its skeleton 😭🙏
11 Jul, 11:11 AM UTC
@yourfavloser7 @redding2890 @caremo98 @monsterhunter I was actually talking about Zinogre but Yama Tsukami works too. Yama Tsukami's last main-line game appearance was Freedom Unite, we need to see him in HD!
11 Jul, 11:11 AM UTC
🍮 flan
expecting zinogre or steve to be the next mhw teaser
11 Jul, 10:56 AM UTC
@tds_Chris If they add Zinogre after Brachy im legit gonna lose my shit , and have you seen those fudging subspecies like DAMN that Ebony Odo reked the shit out of the normal one and Glavenous should have had an Turf war with diablos where diablos charges at him and he just cuts the horn of
11 Jul, 10:43 AM UTC
@Shad0wManes Brachidios in next Trailer with zinogre teasing. And in the very last trailer lagiacrus and fatalis
11 Jul, 10:41 AM UTC
@CuttingEdgesMH The new Odogaron subspecies make me think of Stygian Zinogre so I'd love to lol
11 Jul, 10:35 AM UTC
Frost Beast Leo
@DC_Zinogre Same company xD
11 Jul, 10:31 AM UTC
Let oh fuck Glavenus looks amazing! Also Odogaron and Anjanath variants! And Brachydios teased at the end? When the fuck is Zinogre though Capcom?
11 Jul, 12:14 PM UTC
Strawberry Daiquiri
End of the trailer indicates BRACHYDIOS. I'm convinced they're comfortable enough with the new engine and everything that they're bringing all the greatest hits in. Here's hoping for Zamtrios and Zinogre. https://t.co/FJlEVLUnMO
11 Jul, 12:11 PM UTC
Pior que eu lembrei tem uma capa de MH alternativa que tem o Barioth, só tá faltando o Zinogre, Lagiacrus, Seregios e GORE MAGALA
11 Jul, 12:09 PM UTC
Fox Cobalt
11 Jul, 12:04 PM UTC
Fox Cobalt
11 Jul, 12:00 PM UTC
Robert Neal
@Freak_On_Alicia @SocksyBear I'm still holding out for Zinogre
11 Jul, 11:57 AM UTC
give me zinogre and gore magala you cowards
11 Jul, 11:54 AM UTC
Iceborne about to be real lit they bringing back the bomb boy and I swear they are going to bring back Zinogre
11 Jul, 11:54 AM UTC
@monsterhunter So far it looks like every monster in here is getting to Iceborne!! Zinogre please!! https://t.co/OUsPA4GMLE
11 Jul, 11:52 AM UTC
And this is also strengthening the theory that every flagship is returning. Ahh, gore, seregios, and zinogre are all so cool, I don't know who I need to see more.
11 Jul, 11:52 AM UTC
🍞 Derek Cox 🍞
@monsterhunter STOP TEASING MONSTERS THAT AREN’T ZINOGRE!! I HAVE SO MANY CONFLICTING EMOTIONS!! I’m literally on the verge of tears 🥳😭😖🤪
11 Jul, 11:51 AM UTC
Marx da Simplistic | SPARE COOCHIE, BEA
@SinamonLance Guessing that after they reveal Brachy in Iceborne Zinogre will be teased
11 Jul, 11:50 AM UTC
@IsJustBEAR @Lupzzy_ Que hermoso te ves Glavenus 😍😍😍 y fucking Brachydios viene a undirtelo ayyyy. Falta Zinogre y Rajang mas naaaa !
11 Jul, 11:49 AM UTC
Reiji Hashida
Assistam o developer diary. Eu só digo uma coisa... Zinogre tá vindo. https://t.co/vMPaQCJHMZ
11 Jul, 11:46 AM UTC
@nergy_re I think it's how it should be, just because people like Zinogre for example it doesn't mean it should be able to stand off against something like Jho or Rajang
11 Jul, 11:46 AM UTC
@Arekkz Yes Brachydios! Now i can only pray for Zinogre to come to world and my list is complete :D
11 Jul, 11:45 AM UTC
@Arekkz hey saw the new MHW trailer super excited. I have started to notice that CAPCOM is releasing the monster from their teaser poster. Only ones missing are Zinogre, Seregios, Lagiacrus, Gore Magala, Valstrax, and Fatalis. https://t.co/aMhh75y9xP
11 Jul, 11:42 AM UTC
Tony @( ̄- ̄)@
@Jeo320 @monsterhunter Zinogre please!
11 Jul, 11:42 AM UTC
A bathhouse, more turf wars, new subspecies AND the Brachydios! I guess the last fan favorite which is still missing is the Zinogre
11 Jul, 11:40 AM UTC
seems like zinogre is comin too omg i cant wait until december
11 Jul, 11:35 AM UTC
Bring back Zinogre pls Capcom luv u https://t.co/DW4nw4PABP
11 Jul, 11:33 AM UTC
Manuel Santana
Zinogre será el apex de los altiplanos coralinos (Suposición)
11 Jul, 11:32 AM UTC
or gimme a blast Zinogre. please :) i wouldnt mind ~
11 Jul, 11:32 AM UTC
🎮 Sebas-Tronius 🎮
Supongo que podemos afirmar que tendremos al bonito Zinogre entre las bestias del Iceborn, no? Por ahora todos los monstruos del cartel 15 aniversario
11 Jul, 11:31 AM UTC
Brachydios di tease!! Harus lanjut ke Zinogre!!
11 Jul, 11:30 AM UTC
ah.. my friend sent me the link and tagged me.. i would assume it was Zinogre.. i was so happy cause i was bz but couldnt see it at that moment.. but it was 💣💣💣 . i guess that means the chance still quite high for Zino!
11 Jul, 11:25 AM UTC
Ryan Smith Jr.
It looks like we also got a tease for Brachydios as well, which I know a lot of people were asking for, but I want my sexy Zinogre back.
11 Jul, 11:24 AM UTC
phafie @ 124/300 ragret but now with 🌈🌈
zinogre 4 world bls
11 Jul, 11:24 AM UTC
𝔑𝔞𝔶𝔞𝔫 ℜ𝔞𝔪𝔞𝔠𝔥𝔞𝔫𝔡𝔯𝔞𝔫🌯
@aevanko I'm in no way surprised. They'd be dumb not to include Zinogre.
11 Jul, 11:24 AM UTC
11 Jul, 11:22 AM UTC
11 Jul, 11:21 AM UTC
Redmond Stache
@aevanko "Had to be"? Is this a typo, or do I need to get somehow more hype than I already am? Also, let's be fair, Zinogre is trending WITH Brachy.
11 Jul, 11:20 AM UTC
Zebrata @iceborne
@aevanko But please bring us zinogre!!
11 Jul, 11:20 AM UTC
@_zinogre @hukkatunoyuyuta 鍵垢やからゆゆうたなんで召喚されたか分からなくて草
11 Jul, 11:20 AM UTC
11 Jul, 11:20 AM UTC
@aevanko Looks like RIP Zinogre and Stygian Zinogre, but I hope I'm wrong
11 Jul, 11:16 AM UTC
Alcremie, Dollar Dollar Bill Y'All
Also I guess the Fulgur Anjanath makes it likely Zinogre is on the docket.
11 Jul, 11:14 AM UTC
@Oceaniz96 I really would love to see Zinogre though.
11 Jul, 11:09 AM UTC
Yo quiero a mi Jinouga(Zinogre) y a mi Fatalis
11 Jul, 11:06 AM UTC
【チャンネル紹介】 有名海外クランやクラチャンZWÖLFなどでもトッププレイヤーのガチャピン。 組み上げられたプランはまるで芸術作品のよう… 更新頻度は少めだが是非チャンネル登録を! https://t.co/UJKUljjg49
11 Jul, 11:06 AM UTC
What if they actually implemented all the fan fave monsters including in the 20th anni poster?! i’m gonna be shitting my pants for Fatalis and zinogre
11 Jul, 11:01 AM UTC
@ParadiseCentrl new thunder no zinogre Fs
11 Jul, 11:00 AM UTC
🍮 flan
my fav in mh stories was stygian zinogre but i can definitely settle for stygian odogaron
11 Jul, 10:59 AM UTC
@_zinogre 流石 分かってるじゃないか 最初からそう言えばいいものを…
11 Jul, 10:55 AM UTC
Where's Zinogre??
11 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC
AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! BRACHY IS BACK! ODOGARON HAS A NEW SUBSPECIES! GLAVENUS IS IN! Iceborne is going all out and I’m here for it. but... where👏is👏Zinogre👏 https://t.co/eN0oQEOn8C
11 Jul, 10:44 AM UTC
OishiiZilla Creations
@monsterhunter Wooooohooo Brachydios !, im almost ceying omg. Just need legiacrus and zinogre and ill be in paradise ;)
11 Jul, 10:42 AM UTC
@BlackMetalFang1 @aevanko Well the Behemoth already shares a similar body structure to Zinogre along with some attacks. So id say it possible that we'll see Zinogre soonish
11 Jul, 10:39 AM UTC
@seiryuuden But Sei... Zinogre husband and his waifu bubble dragon chan when?
11 Jul, 10:38 AM UTC
C ᴜ ᴛ ᴛ ɪ ɴ ɢ E ᴅ ɢ ᴇ s
@Adenine_MH Hell yeah dude haha. Also 'fulgur Anjanath' - I mean come on, that's gotta be a hint. Stygian Zinogre in the hoarfrost would be absolutely beautiful. He's always looked amazing in the ice maps!
11 Jul, 10:37 AM UTC
Oh boy Brachydios confirmed for MHW all it needs is Zinogre and Gore/Shagaru and it will be perfect
11 Jul, 10:36 AM UTC
The Greatest Jaggi
Fulgurbug Anjanath and Stygian Odogaron. RIP Zinogre
11 Jul, 10:34 AM UTC
Khal Brando
@aevanko Just realized it's a fulgur anjanath. That means that we may likely see fulgur bugs in the game, stay with me guys, what monster uses fulgur bugs to energize itself? Zinogre is coming my bois.
11 Jul, 10:33 AM UTC
je les vois pas rajouter le Zinogre, le Lagiacrus c'est mort apparemment, peut-être le Seregios ? Le Gore et le Valstrax je pense pas non plus...
11 Jul, 10:33 AM UTC
11 Jul, 10:32 AM UTC
GaoGaiGo Away
@Venhiru @TwoSixNine @aevanko Isnt Zinogre already confirmed?
11 Jul, 10:30 AM UTC
Teguh Rinaldi
so the only thing left is fatalis , lagiacrus, gore magala, zinogre, and seregios
11 Jul, 10:27 AM UTC
Reza Firmansyah
So basically the monsters from the 15th anniv art are being confirmed one by one, the only one left are Zinogre and Fatalis....this roster is gonna be crazy af! https://t.co/tsqPlCvYRk
11 Jul, 10:26 AM UTC