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Larry the Cat
Happy #Caturday Larry the Cat's photo on #Caturday
15 Dec, 10:18 AM UTC


Christian Coleman
4 1/2 years later..I became an Olympian, 5x National Champ, 2x Collegiate record holder, a World Record holder, World champion, a Nike athlete and now finally a college graduate, my greatest accomplishment yet. Thankful for my time at Tennessee, best decision of my life. Blessed! https://t.co/XnT8C1jN5U
14 Dec, 05:31 PM UTC


United Xtra
Paul Pogba wishing Jesse Lingard ‘Happy Birthday’ is the best thing you’ll see today. Jokers 😂😂😂 #mufc United Xtra's photo on Davies
15 Dec, 12:02 PM UTC


i am so glad this 10 year old boy doesn’t need an abortion :’) https://t.co/hPJYBeJ86V
15 Dec, 04:21 AM UTC


Charlie Kirk
This Obamacare ruling is thanks to @realDonaldTrump The Trump tax bill repealed the individual mandate which led to this historic and courageous ruling Obamacare, the worse law since the Great Society Act, is DEAD! A big victory for freedom, liberty, and America!
15 Dec, 03:13 AM UTC


maybe dogs lick us so much because they know there’s bones beneath our skin https://t.co/TbOpfw7tVO
14 Dec, 08:54 PM UTC


Ari Berman
Breaking: Scott Walker signs lame duck GOP legislative coup stripping his Democratic successor of power & making it harder to vote. This is the kind of thing autocrats do A very dark day for democracy in Wisconsin
14 Dec, 06:22 PM UTC

game off

Asha Rangappa
So Mueller still wants to sit down with Trump. My piece with @NormEisen is the gift that keeps on giving -- Mueller was kicking the can down the road until the midterms and is now ready to play ball https://t.co/zNmYaiFElZ
15 Dec, 03:29 AM UTC

Vale Park

me attempting to parallel park with all the cars around me watching https://t.co/xwLVED32q4
14 Dec, 07:05 PM UTC


Aimee Parrish
Welcome to Indiana Basketball...God’s Country! Aimee Parrish's photo on Gallagher
15 Dec, 02:47 AM UTC


Me: I- Mom: stfu and go back to your room Me: https://t.co/2OmMdwUJtZ
14 Dec, 07:15 PM UTC


Tyler, The Creator
one thing i will say. or two. i notice alot of people say " i love this stuff but i couldnt pull it off". yes u can where is ur confidence nigga how u already doubting yourself without trying man throw it on and figure it out if you really like it mannnn
15 Dec, 02:32 AM UTC

Lee Martin

Revista H
¿Cuál es su color favorito, H’ros? 🤤 💃🏻: Elizabeth Zaks 🎶: The Ways - Khalid & Swae Lee Revista H's photo on Lee Martin
15 Dec, 03:00 AM UTC


Here's how Wolves line-up for this afternoon's @premierleague clash against @afcbournemouth. #WOLBOU 📋🐺 Wolves's photo on #WOLBOU
15 Dec, 02:00 PM UTC


애월프린스 (^艸^)🐯
ถอดถอดดดถอดด อิเหี้ยยยย ดงโฮ อิเเหี้ยยยยยยยยยๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆ 애월프린스 (^艸^)🐯's photo on Hart
15 Dec, 09:43 AM UTC


🔵 | Team news is in at the Etihad Stadium! 2️⃣ changes ⚽ @CalvertLewin14 leads the line. 3️⃣ @michaelkeane04, @KurtZouma and Yerry Mina all start. 🤕 @IGanaGueye misses out. COME ON YOU BLUES! #EFCawayday Everton's photo on Etihad
15 Dec, 11:31 AM UTC

Yerry Mina

✍️ | You've seen Yerry Mina bang the 🥁 now win a signed version of that programme! Hit RT to be in with a chance! #EFC Everton's photo on Yerry Mina
14 Dec, 09:30 PM UTC

Final Score

🏀 FINAL SCORE THREAD 🏀 @celtics win their 8th straight, 129-108 over the @ATLHawks! #CUsRise Kyrie Irving: 24 PTS, 5 REB, 5 AST Jayson Tatum: 22 PTS Marcus Morris: 20 PTS, 6 REB Gordon Hayward: 19 PTS, 5 AST https://t.co/jJGQ9seC0n
15 Dec, 02:29 AM UTC


David Axelrod
Five weeks after the @GOP lost the House for trying to abolish the law that prevents insurance companies from denying coverage to people w/pre-existing medical conditions, @realDonaldTrump celebrates its potential demise? Solid start for his re-election campaign!
15 Dec, 02:02 PM UTC

Still 0-0

Livingston FC
Dolly Menga ran about 39 miles before firing beyond Zlamal and Hardie has banged in another. I think it’s 3-0 and I’ve no idea if the Hearts keeper is still on or not.
14 Dec, 09:23 PM UTC

Patrick Bamford

Leeds United
66' GGGGGOOOOAAAALLLLL!!! HE'S BACK!!! PATRICK BAMFORD IS BACK!!! 0-1 | #LEEBOL Leeds United's photo on Patrick Bamford
15 Dec, 04:25 PM UTC


David A. Clarke, Jr.
The @nytimes points out that the judged who presided over this case is a Bush appointee. Wonder if Justice John Roberts will chastise them like he did @realDonaldTrump when Roberts said we don’t have Clinton judges or Obama judges or Bush judges. Yes we do https://t.co/SJvXXQCHBh
15 Dec, 01:14 PM UTC


me to the boy i just made eye contact with for half a second: https://t.co/TAlUwoQxZQ
15 Dec, 01:17 AM UTC

The New One

ONE OK ROCK_official
PARIS!! #ONEOKROCK photo by Jamie Carter ONE OK ROCK on tour in Europe before the release of their NEW ALBUM. Pre-order the NEW ALBUM here. https://t.co/aQK7A3gfjp ONE OK ROCK_official's photo on The New One
15 Dec, 11:16 AM UTC


Saladin Ahmed
Some VERY big news: This March, my beloved sister and colleague @GWillowWilson is passing the Kamala baton to me. Announcing my new book with @MinkyuJungArt...THE MAGNIFICENT MS. MARVEL! https://t.co/wMAQRnweNi
14 Dec, 05:14 PM UTC


Shower Thoughts
Relationships aren’t math. Treating someone nicely half the time does not cancel out treating them poorly the other half.
15 Dec, 03:34 AM UTC


Frederic Moreau
The Europeans "insulted our prime minister," says Peter Bone, who this week voted to ditch her and whose supporters call her a traitor. #bbcaq
14 Dec, 08:14 PM UTC

Jesse Lingard

Mark Goldbridge
Jesse Lingard 26 today but some think he's still a youth prospect with lots of potential
15 Dec, 08:54 AM UTC


Samuel Luckhurst
Yes, it was offside, but that Ederson save was better than Alisson’s in the week. Liverpool finally have a brilliant goalkeeper but never known a save to be so overrated as his vs Napoli.
15 Dec, 12:34 PM UTC

Amber Rudd

Andrew Adonis
‘Brexit is in danger of getting stuck’ (Amber Rudd) It isn’t stuck, it’s finished. And now we need a people’s vote to finish it off
15 Dec, 07:44 AM UTC

Starting XI

Leicester City
Today's starting XI 👊 #CryLei Leicester City's photo on Starting XI
15 Dec, 02:00 PM UTC


Jack Posobiec ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Thank you to all the MAGA base who stood by @GenFlynn every day in all of this when so many abandoned him and saw through the lies and smears of this American hero ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Jack Posobiec ⭐️⭐️⭐️'s photo on Molineux
15 Dec, 06:21 AM UTC


🎅Win A Classic Mini Lego Set in #Day15 of #Kwikmas🎅 RT&F for a chance to #win a classic mini #lego set from @YokohamaTC - perfect to keep the kids entertained this #festive period! #adventcalendar #competition #giveaway #xmas #christmas #yokohama #kwikfit #SaturdayMorning Kwik-Fit's photo on #Day15
15 Dec, 08:54 AM UTC

Match Day

That's Tea on Day 2 of the 2nd Test. Pujara and Kohli steady India innings after a loss of two early wickets. #TeamIndia 70/2, trail Australia 326 by 256 runs https://t.co/kN8fhHfivo #AUSvIND https://t.co/3LiL6Ak0Ob
15 Dec, 07:03 AM UTC

Get £30

Rudy Giuliani
How can Mueller’s gang get away with erasing over 19,000 texts of Trump haters Stroyk and Page? They say it was DOJ policy to destroy evidence? I guess Mueller’s angry Democrats fall under the Hillary exception to obstruction of justice. She erased over 30,000 emails.
15 Dec, 06:00 AM UTC

Rather Be

Nate Silver
This dude almost certainly committed election fraud on a massive scale and the headline probably ought to emphasize that rather than trying to be cute. https://t.co/B5raieNHle
15 Dec, 12:24 PM UTC


Heya folks, We messed up and rolled out the Infinity Blade overpowered / without good counters, especially in the end game. The Infinity Blade has been Vaulted and we are re-evaluating our approach to Mythic items. Thanks for calling us out on this!
14 Dec, 05:54 PM UTC


-tu vois omar ca c'est une perche -gneu Baton -non une perche -papa tenir baton -aller va t'faire foutre https://t.co/D3Dnw3WLlQ
14 Dec, 11:59 PM UTC


Man makes plans and god laughs
15 Dec, 01:05 PM UTC

Nelson River

Imágenes exclusivas del entrenamiento de River en Abu Dhabi... #RiverPlate #AbuDhabi #BuenJueves Zekiel79v2.0's photo on Nelson River
14 Dec, 05:47 PM UTC


Justin Baragona
Reacting to Fox News' statement on Pacific Life pulling its ads from Tucker, @ndrew_lawrence told us that Pacific Life "should take a hard look at Fox’s insistence that the issue isn’t with their hosts vile rhetoric, it’s that people are noticing their vile rhetoric." https://t.co/mEClvVvQ5W
14 Dec, 10:59 PM UTC

Football Focus

Nick Olson
Stefon Diggs currently has 88 catches without a single drop. That is the most catches without a drop in a single season that Pro Football Focus has ever recorded.
14 Dec, 03:19 PM UTC

Man City 1-0 Everton

Fantasy Premier League
Goal - JESUS Assist - SANE Man City 1-0 Everton (22 mins) #FPL #MCIEVE
15 Dec, 12:52 PM UTC


UK House of Commons
100 years ago today, Constance Markievicz became the first woman to be elected to the House of Commons - although she did not take her seat. We've mapped which constituencies have been represented by women since then. #Vote100 UK House of Commons's photo on #Vote100
14 Dec, 02:40 PM UTC


Tom Hall ☘
You always remember your first Manatee kiss! 💋 #FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation Tom Hall ☘'s photo on #FridayMotivation
14 Dec, 04:14 PM UTC


Seb Dance MEP
Let me be crystal clear. I have been clear in my clear demands for clarity. Let us deliver clearly a clear way to that clarity so that we can clear off and clearly define our next clear lines of division to clearly place further obstacles to clearer clarity. #nebulous
14 Dec, 01:57 PM UTC


A very well deserved half century for the Indian Skipper. This is his 20th in Test cricket #AUSvIND BCCI's photo on #AUSvIND
15 Dec, 08:14 AM UTC

Tony Blair

Lee Hurst
Can you imagine the shit we'll have to endure if we go for another EU referendum? Tony Blair, Richard Branson, Gary Lineker... All spouting off until they get the result they want whilst us leavers continue to be called racist on a daily basis. I'm starting to get a tad wound up.
14 Dec, 04:52 PM UTC

Benedict Cumberbatch

“Everyone knows who won. But not everyone knows how.” Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, #BrexitHBO premieres January 19 on #HBO HBO's photo on Benedict Cumberbatch
14 Dec, 06:00 PM UTC


Nigel Farage
Juncker denies calling the Prime Minister nebulous. How would he remember? It was after a good dinner.
14 Dec, 01:26 PM UTC

Gareth Barry

West Bromwich Albion
⚽️ x 🅰️🅰️ Gareth Barry made his professional debut when Harvey Barnes was six months old. Tonight they bossed it together. #WBA West Bromwich Albion's photo on Gareth Barry
14 Dec, 09:40 PM UTC


yea i studied a broad. it was ur fuckin mom lol
14 Dec, 07:00 PM UTC

Graham Norton

Harmonizando até em outra lingua, Little Mix cantam "Wings" em japonês em programa britânico e provam ser o girlgroup do milênio. https://t.co/5mg1nbAZwW BCharts's photo on Graham Norton
14 Dec, 07:56 PM UTC


Liverpool FC
Getting ready for Sunday. 💪👊 #LIVMUN https://t.co/YY9BwWQS2P
14 Dec, 06:35 PM UTC

J Hus

Steve Holden
BREAKING: J Hus has been jailed for 8 months after pleading guilty to possession of a knife.
14 Dec, 02:33 PM UTC


People's Vote UK
WATCH: @CarolineLucas nails it on #BBCQT last night - the problem isn't with the Prime Minister, it's actually that the promised Brexit is impossible to deliver. Please RT so everybody sees this: People's Vote UK's photo on #BBCqt
14 Dec, 11:50 AM UTC


Kuri Huang
Day and Night. You should be lucky enough to see them in the game. #illustration #digitalartwork #onmyoji #陰陽師 Kuri Huang's photo on GAME DAY
14 Dec, 03:35 PM UTC


Met Office
#FreezingRain ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️ ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ Falling snow... ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ -------------------- >0 °C 💧💧💧💧💧 melts in warmer air... 💧💧💧💧💧 -------------------- <0 °C 💧💧💧💧💧 becomes supercooled 💧💧💧💧💧 in freezing air... 🏠🏡🏢🏬🏘️ turns to ice instantly
15 Dec, 08:00 AM UTC

Europa League

Chelsea FC
Group winners and still unbeaten in the Europa League! 💪 We will find out our round of 32 opponents on Monday... Chelsea FC's photo on Europa League
14 Dec, 12:00 PM UTC

Emmeline Pankhurst

Unveiling of sculptor Hazel Reeves' statue of suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst, on this day, December, 2018 – the first female statue in Manchester, UK, not of Queen Victoria (images via Chris Thomond) #womensart https://t.co/NxZmf1qHgO
14 Dec, 03:18 PM UTC


BBC EastEnders
It wouldn’t be Christmas without a bit of drama in Walford. #EastEnders BBC EastEnders's photo on #EastEnders
14 Dec, 08:32 PM UTC


Como assim no fim de #Imagine é a voz da ariana e não um assovio??? To mt impactada rainha do pop
14 Dec, 09:18 AM UTC


It's the final day of our #DorisChristmas #Competition RT and FOLLOW us to be in with a chance of #winning an @Instax Camera package! The winner will be announced TODAY at 4pm so HURRY! #Day14 https://t.co/Mq9JkXavWQ
14 Dec, 09:20 AM UTC


[#2018MAMA in HONG KONG] Thank you from #BTS Congrats! Let us introduce honorable winner of tonight #BTS #MAMA #MAMA10 #LikeMAMA MAMA(엠넷아시안뮤직어워즈)'s photo on #2018MAMA
14 Dec, 05:16 PM UTC


Toby Toymaster
On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me... #FOLLOW #RT and comment to enter! Closes 3pm today. UK and ROI Only. #competition #12DaysofChristmas #tobytoymaster #prizes #win #friyay Toby Toymaster's photo on #Friyay
14 Dec, 08:15 AM UTC

Gary Lineker

Former England goalkeeper Peter Shilton has challenged former international teammate Gary Lineker to a live TV debate on Brexit. Is this a debate you'd like to see? https://t.co/n4PDCHvB50
14 Dec, 06:47 PM UTC


Lee And Jenny
Awhhhh noooooo 😢😢it’s the last episode of #gogglebox tonight of series 12 hope your going to tune in at 9pm @Channel4 happy Friday goggleboxers merry Christmas 🎄😘😘xx https://t.co/cgqaXmI70u
14 Dec, 07:44 AM UTC

Marco Silva

Creo (y el que diga que no, miente) que todos tenemos un tema que pase el tiempo que pase, nos va a doler al hablarlo. Y no se equivoquen, no hablo de ex novios. A todos algo en la vida nos marcó y nos va a marcar para siempre porque son cosas que ni el tiempo cura.
15 Dec, 02:30 AM UTC


14 Dec, 06:05 PM UTC


Ebube The Statesman
Peter Obi starts on a brilliant note for Atikulate FC PASS ACCURACY 100% Distributing facts/figures like MESSI Tackling Lifeless FC's porous Defence on jobs Brilliantly exposing the rising poverty stats Creating beautiful chances with China SME models G.O.A.T! #2019Debate
14 Dec, 06:40 PM UTC

Johnson & Johnson

Robby Starbuck
BET Founder Bob Johnson praises President @realDonaldTrump for his new policy putting $800 Billion back into the 401k’s of minorities in the United States. You never hear about things like this from @MSNBC @CNN or the @washingtonpost. Ask yourself why... Robby Starbuck's photo on Johnson & Johnson
14 Dec, 07:14 AM UTC


Apple Music
.@zaynmalik vibes. 🙏 #IcarusFalls is here. Listen now. https://t.co/8zQHW0wVkL Apple Music's photo on #IcarusFalls
14 Dec, 05:22 AM UTC


The Associated Press
Nancy Wilson, the Grammy-winning "song stylist" and torch singer whose polished pop-jazz vocals made her a million-selling recording artist dies at age 81. https://t.co/KertW2sb9B
14 Dec, 04:56 AM UTC


JJ. Omojuwa
Peter Obi: you can’t leave your shop and be chasing criminals | Osinbajo: If you allow criminals to steal everything, there will be no shop #VPDebate
14 Dec, 07:07 PM UTC

Sondra Locke

The Associated Press
Oscar-nominated actress Sondra Locke dies at 74. https://t.co/PRDilPHjTQ
14 Dec, 03:00 AM UTC

Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games
Red Dead Online Beta update: As a thanks for your ongoing support, we're awarding everyone who played so far a gift of 15 gold bars, and additional RDO$ gifts to those who pre-ordered #RDR2, or purchased the Special or Ultimate Edition. More updates at https://t.co/DWg2RxVRfH Rockstar Games's photo on Red Dead Online
14 Dec, 03:22 PM UTC


BRIT Awards
💥 Absolutely loving #NewMusicFriday this week, especially @zaynmalik, @ArianaGrande, @NICKIMINAJ! Who's your top 3?
14 Dec, 11:47 AM UTC

My Uber

Alex Boniello
My Uber driver just asked if I’m a movie star. I said “no.” And then he said “you should be. You look like a movie star.” Is this a “meet cute?”
14 Dec, 03:32 AM UTC

Boca Juniors

"RENUNCIO A LA PRESIDENCIA DEL CLUB ATLÉTICO BOCA JUNIORS"..lo que todos los hinchas de Boca quisiéramos escuchar de @TanoAngelici hoy a las 15hs.
14 Dec, 02:52 PM UTC


The Close Encounters LTM has switched to Squads. Invite your friends to the party now! Fortnite's photo on Scarlets
14 Dec, 04:47 PM UTC


Grande Tour News
Europe dates are here! #SweetenerWorldTour https://t.co/GqLy8jIx7x
14 Dec, 06:50 PM UTC


US Department of the Interior
Amazing light over the Livingston Range @GlacierNPS in Montana. #FindYourPark US Department of the Interior's photo on Livingston
14 Dec, 01:30 AM UTC


Peter Ramsey
Alright everybody — it’s ON!!! #SpiderVerse in theatres everywhere! So excited for you to meet Miles at last! #MilesMorales #IntoTheSpiderVerse #Excelsior Peter Ramsey's photo on #IntoTheSpiderVerse
14 Dec, 02:31 AM UTC


Parosident Buhari
Now that Osinbajo has seen his mates in debate, he is stammering. It's when he sees a WAEC holder like me he'll spread his short wings and be speaking plenty English. Profraudsor. #2019Debate
14 Dec, 07:28 PM UTC

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney
Sneak peek! Paul and Emma Stone got together to stand up to bullying. Watch a teaser of the upcoming musical short film #WhoCaresIDo premiering on @AppleMusic on Monday... Paul McCartney's photo on Paul McCartney
14 Dec, 09:41 PM UTC

Merry Christmas

Imam Mohammad Tawhidi
Merry Christmas 🎄 Imam Mohammad Tawhidi's photo on Merry Christmas
14 Dec, 02:35 AM UTC
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