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Kevin Durant
“Kyrie needs a better team around him” @KDTrey5's photo on Jake
28 Jul, 09:04 PM UTC


Randall Cobb
I’M COMING HOME! 💚💛 @rcobb18's photo on Tyler
28 Jul, 01:31 PM UTC


Sha’Carri Richardson
I’ll say it again, I am human
28 Jul, 11:51 AM UTC


We're proud of the lifesaving work our volunteers do in the Channel – we make no apology for it. Those we rescue are vulnerable people in danger & distress. Each of them is someone’s father, mother, son or daughter - every life is precious. This is why we launch: @RNLI's photo on Channel
28 Jul, 09:44 AM UTC


เกาหลีโกงกัน เกาหลีแจ้งความ ตำรวจจัดการให้ ที่ไทยโกงกัน ไปแจ้งความ ตำรวจเสือกถามว่าเอาเงินไปซื้อของติ่งทำไม ทำไมไม่ประหยัด
28 Jul, 07:59 AM UTC


28 Jul, 03:10 AM UTC


Grieving is weird. Some days you act like it never happened then there’s days you feel everything
28 Jul, 06:05 AM UTC


ออเจซบัม กุม
มึงกูฝากบอกเอ็กโซด้วยนะว่ากูรักเค้ามาก @thitisein's photo on Abigail
28 Jul, 12:47 PM UTC


คนละเฟบได้มั้ยคับ ขอกำลังใจวาดหน่อยงับ555555 สวยสุดคือขอบกะละมัง 555555 @baibunbts's photo on ariana
28 Jul, 04:00 PM UTC


J V ™
acho fofo quando alguém me manda uma mensagem, depois de ter estado comigo só para dizer que se divertiu e que gostou da minha companhia. essas pequenas atitudes significam muito para mim e ganham me fácil.
28 Jul, 01:19 AM UTC


Ben Shapiro
Simone Biles isn't a cowardly villain for pulling out of the Olympics. She isn't a brave heroine for pulling out of the Olympics. We live in such an insanely polarized society that we can't just let people be people.
28 Jul, 11:30 AM UTC


年 #Arknights @Baek_Hyang01's photo on Desmond
28 Jul, 10:15 AM UTC


George Takei
Overheard: “The irony of antivaxers saying they don’t want to be part of an experiment without realizing they are now the control group."
29 Jul, 12:55 AM UTC


10 cantazos más y aprendo
28 Jul, 05:57 PM UTC


My music has been on love island more times than Hugo has kissed women #LoveIsland
28 Jul, 09:48 PM UTC


É de se impressionar a rapidez com que o Estado manda prender alguém por queimar uma estátua, mas até hoje não conseguiu descobrir quem lançou uma bomba no Instituto Lula, quem atirou contra o ônibus da caravana e quem mandou matar Marielle Franco.
28 Jul, 06:48 PM UTC


Aaron Rodgers didn’t hold back in his first news conference since returning to the Packers. @espn's photo on Rodgers
28 Jul, 06:47 PM UTC


27 Jul, 12:32 PM UTC


Luke Hemmings
I love this video, was such a pleasure to work with fellow Aussie and director Kris Moyes. He worked with my vision for this video and took it way beyond what I thought it could be. Hope you enjoy it ! ❤️ @Luke5SOS's photo on Clarisse
28 Jul, 09:14 PM UTC


Saint Laurent Shawty✨
Gather his ass!!!! @Tosci_Marie's photo on Edouard
28 Jul, 12:44 PM UTC


tô sem palavras pra descrever o sentimento de revolta com essas olimpíadas. skate, surf, judô, esgrima, todos claramente roubados, qual será o próximo esporte?
28 Jul, 04:29 AM UTC


Narendra Modi
On #InternationalTigerDay, greetings to wildlife lovers, especially those who are passionate about tiger conservation. Home to over 70% of the tiger population globally, we reiterate our commitment to ensuring safe habitats for our tigers and nurturing tiger-friendly eco-systems.
29 Jul, 04:08 AM UTC

Joe Hart

Fabrizio Romano
Celtic have opened talks with Tottenham to sign Joe Hart as new goalkeeper. Negotiations ongoing between the two clubs. ⚪️🟢 #CelticFC Aurelio Buta is still the main target as right-back, as reported days ago. Celtic are working to reach an agreement. 🇵🇹
28 Jul, 09:10 AM UTC


reformas que eu faria se tivesse dinheiro
minha meta é ter uma casa assim @reformasbest's photo on Pereira
28 Jul, 10:06 PM UTC

job done

Hugo said “job done” after he kissed a woman. What’s he gonna say after sex? “Mission Complete” 😂😂😂😂 Smh #loveisland
28 Jul, 11:54 PM UTC

Alcohol Free

2 Years Drug and Alcohol free today ! Getting clean is the BEST thing i ever did, and i’ve done a lot of cool shit. Come see me in the play i’ve been working on. @222aghoststory link in bio for tix ! @lilyallen's photo on Alcohol Free
28 Jul, 08:45 AM UTC

Casa Amor

Jason Okundaye
I’m really not happy with the producers for fucking up Teddy and Faye like this. The man has been pining for his partner more than any other guy. He had the hottest girl in Casa Amor stick it on him and is still only focused on his Mrs. Like why? #LoveIsland
28 Jul, 08:50 PM UTC


naps on this couch would be ELITE @Quotedtwits's photo on Salma
28 Jul, 01:14 PM UTC


Happy 21st birthday, Emile! 🥳 @Arsenal's photo on Marvin
28 Jul, 06:37 AM UTC


Fabrizio Romano
Liverpool have NOT made an official bid for Federico Chiesa despite rumours. There’s nothing going on and no chance to sign him this summer. ❌🇮🇹 #LFC Liverpool board knows about Juventus stance. Chiesa is considered ‘untouchable’ - FC Bayern are aware of this decision too.
28 Jul, 02:45 AM UTC

World Heritage

Anand Ranganathan
The USA has 24 World Heritage sites while India, an 8000 year-old civilisation, has 40. With the kind of heritage we possess, we should be having 400 World Heritage sites.
27 Jul, 06:09 PM UTC

Andrew Devine

Liverpool FC
A statement from the family of Andrew Devine:
28 Jul, 07:30 PM UTC


raccoons that ll heal your sadness
@healwithraccoon's photo on Todd
28 Jul, 06:40 PM UTC


Dr Julia Grace Patterson💙
I support the @RNLI rescuing migrants. If you agree, RT.🌟 I’m sick of seeing Nigel Farage and others gaslighting them.
28 Jul, 10:24 AM UTC


United Zone
Andreas only scores screamers 😂🚀 @ManUnitedZone_'s photo on Andreas
28 Jul, 08:22 PM UTC


Kuro Lee 🍁🐱 BRAINROT
What if we kiss in Chijun Forest 🌌 #genshinimpact #原神 #tomokazu
27 Jul, 06:07 PM UTC


saira 💙
avoiding blizzard games for one day isn’t going to hurt you. the way some of y’all are reacting to people suggesting that you play literally anything else today is very telling
28 Jul, 04:48 PM UTC


Jason Okundaye
Sorry but there needs to be a second postcard showing Teddy sleeping outside alone because I will not let this issue go #LoveIsland
28 Jul, 08:58 PM UTC


We said it once, we'll say it again 🗣 #MoreThanAnAthlete @uninterrupted's photo on coleman
28 Jul, 12:47 AM UTC

All Lives Matter

Gary Lineker 💙
Keep up the great work @RNLI because as some of your disparagers repeatedly told us All Lives Matter.
29 Jul, 07:12 AM UTC


all might wannabe!! @reallyveverka's photo on Mary
28 Jul, 12:34 AM UTC


You don’t fail until you quit. Keep going my nig. It’s better days.
28 Jul, 04:11 PM UTC


SB19 Official 🇵🇭
It's a wrap! 💙 Happy-happy #TMDobleDekada, mga ka-TM at JUA’TINISTA! Kinilig ba kayo sa Bonus Episode natin? Grabe talaga ang #SamahangPinaEasy sa #TMMadRushToYourCrush! Sobrang nag-enjoy po kami at sana magkita-kita tayo ulit soon! 👉👈
28 Jul, 07:02 AM UTC

Royal Yacht

Marina Purkiss
If you’re anti-lifeboat but pro royal yacht, you’ve failed at being a decent human
29 Jul, 06:48 AM UTC

Ann Widdecombe

Otto English
Ann Widdecombe once called my mother a communist because Mum held her to account at a hustings for speaking so rudely about refugees. Mum was actually the chair of the local Tory branch so that tells you everything about ridiculous Widdecombe.
27 Jul, 09:39 PM UTC


Gabby Logan
What Timpsons do is brilliant and life changing and helps society a lot more than what is currently being mooted by the man who resides in No10.
27 Jul, 04:18 PM UTC


28 Jul, 08:39 AM UTC


Peter Stefanovic
#KayBurley “it doesn’t matter if the Prime Minister lies?” Government Minister Thérèse Coffey “I’m very proud of my Prime Minister” This was superb from @KayBurley. The House of Cards is finally starting to wobble @PeterStefanovi2's photo on Coffey
28 Jul, 06:28 AM UTC

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