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Rachel Clarke
BREAKING. Dr Hadiza #BawaGarba has won her appeal against @thegmc. Heart goes out to Jack Adcock's family - but immense relief @thegmc has failed to scapegoat one junior doctor for appalling system-wide failings. Their apologies now urgently needed. https://t.co/MLwWOeMuoh
13 Aug, 02:14 PM UTC


"That is the most important thing, that you are here and you hear what happened." Robert Rinder discovers his Grandfather's horrific experience of the Holocaust #WDYTYA BBC One's photo on #WDYTYA
13 Aug, 03:43 PM UTC


Dental Directory
Happy #nationalproseccoday! Who fancies trying to win a bottle of pink fizz? There's 10 bottles up for grabs from us - @THE_DD_UK. Just RT for a chance to #win. Ends midnight 14/08/18 - UK only #Freebie #dentaldirectory #giveaway #competition Dental Directory's photo on #NationalProseccoDay
13 Aug, 09:37 AM UTC


Rosanna Scotto
We are about 2 weeks ago from our #Kpop special with @GOT7Official @OfficialMonstaX @SJofficial @lesliegrace #monbebe #Aghase is that #MondayMotivation for you? Rosanna Scotto's photo on #MondayMotivation
13 Aug, 03:06 PM UTC


Hamza Ali Abbasi
#IndependenceDay2018 Happy Birthday my beloved! Naye Pakistan mein Jashn e Azadi Mubarikkkkkk. PAKISTAN Hamesha ZINDABAD! 💚🇵🇰
13 Aug, 08:47 PM UTC


George Galloway
The mask has fallen the mailed child killing fist is ungloved. The Friends of Israël can step aside, their ventriloquist has taken the stage. It’s #Netanyahu v #Corbyn and @UKLabour It is a naked attack on British politics by a crooked killer and foreign PM. I #StandUp4Corbyn
13 Aug, 06:54 PM UTC


Sky Sports News
BREAKING: Tottenham announce Premier League home matches against Liverpool on September 15 and Cardiff on October 6 will be switched to Wembley. #SSN Sky Sports News's photo on Wembley
13 Aug, 06:59 PM UTC


Daily Mirror
British woman, 81, claims Benidorm holiday was ruined by too many Spanish people https://t.co/lVnKvTJffW Daily Mirror's photo on Benidorm
13 Aug, 09:42 AM UTC

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney. Qué tipo. Panenka's photo on Wayne Rooney
13 Aug, 09:21 AM UTC

Aretha Franklin

wikipedia brown ✨
Thinking this morning of the legend herself, Aretha Franklin the mighty, the incomparable, and wishing her peace in body and mind. https://t.co/PWzaNRKAMC
13 Aug, 12:57 PM UTC

Israeli PM

Jeremy Corbyn
Israeli PM @Netanyahu's claims about my actions and words are false. What deserves unequivocal condemnation is the killing of over 160 Palestinian protesters in Gaza by Israeli forces since March, including dozens of children. https://t.co/H5nXqi3pnU
13 Aug, 06:39 PM UTC

Ian Wright

City Watch
Ian Wright on Raheem Sterling: "When you look at the wave of criticism that he takes, there is a certain amount of racism towards it - what else can it be? They are picking on him because of the the background he has come from and they want to keep him down, drag him back down." City Watch's photo on Ian Wright
13 Aug, 07:55 PM UTC


I ain’t scared 🖤i made it this for on my own NBA YOUNGBOY's photo on Sorrell
14 Aug, 04:09 AM UTC

Mohamed Salah

BBC Sport
Mohamed Salah has been referred to the police by Liverpool after he was apparently filmed using a mobile phone while driving https://t.co/gxW6wvvOo3 BBC Sport's photo on Mohamed Salah
13 Aug, 08:55 PM UTC

David de Gea

BBC Sport
Manchester United are confident David de Gea will sign a new long-term contract with the club 👉 https://t.co/uIuyKuKOGd #MUFC BBC Sport's photo on David de Gea
13 Aug, 09:46 PM UTC


Nadeem Ahmed
According to Al Jazeera World , Israeli Gov put £1,000,000 bounty for Labour insiders to undermine Jeremy Corbyn. If allegations are true, this is a threat to our democracy. Labour needs to investigate this and find the MP’s involved and take them to account. #WeStandWithCorbyn
13 Aug, 08:46 PM UTC

Joe Sugg

BBC Strictly✨
He's swapping the Sugg life for the #Strictly life, and YouTube for dancing shoes... Welcome Joe Sugg to our 2018 line-up! 🕺 @Joe_Sugg https://t.co/7bXboRbkVZ BBC Strictly✨'s photo on Joe Sugg
14 Aug, 07:19 AM UTC


Feel Good Contacts
Get the kettle on, #AfternoonTeaWeek starts today! ☕️🍪 To celebrate, we're giving away this gorgeous hamper from @Cornish_Hampers ❤️🌹 To win, simply follow us, follow @Cornish_Hampers , then RT & LIKE this post.😍🥐 (Contest ends Thursday 16th 11:59 GMT) Feel Good Contacts's photo on #AfternoonTeaWeek
13 Aug, 08:24 AM UTC

Jack Whitehall

Mark Wallace
Imagine being angry at the discovery that acting involves actors pretending to be people they aren’t. https://t.co/JaRObC2Lve
13 Aug, 10:54 AM UTC


Syed Talat Hussain
I am speechless. Reminder: Everything that has happened (including the elections, new parliament, accountability etc) hinged on Panama JIT. And now we are told this. https://t.co/rFWs2wBcWe
13 Aug, 11:22 AM UTC


Arsenal FC
One final look back at #ARSMCI... • Why our pressing was effective at times and ineffective at others • How Matteo Guendouzi performed on his debut • The impact Laca made from the bench • A detailed look at Petr Cech's display It's all discussed here 👇
13 Aug, 10:45 PM UTC

James Wilson

Manchester United
Wishing James Wilson the best of luck for his loan spell with Scottish Premiership side Aberdeen. More details: https://t.co/bq5w8Xx81e Manchester United's photo on James Wilson
13 Aug, 08:06 AM UTC

Tiger Woods

First Take
Do sports need Tiger Woods? @stephenasmith thinks so. First Take's photo on Tiger Woods
13 Aug, 03:34 PM UTC


BBC Strictly✨
It's time for our very first celeb reveal of 2018! Welcome to #Strictly, Katie Piper 👋✨ @KatiePiper_ https://t.co/Z7nFu32YcR BBC Strictly✨'s photo on #Strictly
13 Aug, 07:19 AM UTC

Naby Keita

UEFA Champions League
New Liverpool No8 Naby Keïta 🔴 #UCL UEFA Champions League's photo on Naby Keita
13 Aug, 09:17 AM UTC


Robert Irwin
There’s nothing in this world more awe-inspiring than being out on the African Savannah, watching 6 tonnes of sheer power, intelligence and grace approaching you... I hope these creatures can roam our earth forever. #WorldElephantDay Robert Irwin's photo on #WorldElephantDay
13 Aug, 09:27 AM UTC

Xande Silva

West Ham United
GOAL! A hat-trick for Xande Silva! He strikes again, finding the corner from a narrow angle to get his third of the game. What a start to the second half! #TOTWHU 1-3 (49') West Ham United's photo on Xande Silva
13 Aug, 07:04 PM UTC


Santa Claus
#TheseLyricsChangedMyLife 1d: and we were like na na na and then we were like yeah yeah yeah Santa Claus's photo on #TheseLyricsChangedMyLife
13 Aug, 09:00 PM UTC

Seatwave and Get Me

BBC News (UK)
Ticketmaster to close resale sites Seatwave and Get Me In https://t.co/6Eqx8YllDA
13 Aug, 07:08 AM UTC


Looking at some stats for all of you who demand instant success and think Emery is a miracle worker. Liverpool finished 8th in Klopp’s 1st season Utd finished 6th in Mourinho’s 1st season Spurs finished 5th in Pochettino‘s 1st season Man City finished 3rd in Peps 1st season
13 Aug, 01:51 PM UTC


Natasha Rothwell
So, here's the thing: A show with this many nuanced black women makes me feel like the untold stories of our people are not only necessary but begging to be told and... I volunteer as tribute. #INSECUREHBO
13 Aug, 05:56 AM UTC

Mo Salah

Nicky Allt
Mo Salah - that lad is so influential on a football field that he helped convert two non-believers yesterday. #MoSalah Nicky Allt's photo on Mo Salah
13 Aug, 11:14 AM UTC

Jeremy Corbyn

PM of Israel
The laying of a wreath by Jeremy Corbyn on the graves of the terrorist who perpetrated the Munich massacre and his comparison of Israel to the Nazis deserves unequivocal condemnation from everyone – left, right and everything in between.
13 Aug, 04:12 PM UTC


Katherine McNamara
Thank you, Angels! Tonight was magical and largely because of you! I’m still processing! By the angel, we have the most amazing fandom! 💋✨🙌 #TeenChoiceAwards @TeenChoiceFOX Katherine McNamara's photo on #TeenChoiceAwards
13 Aug, 03:52 AM UTC


⚡️ A thunderbolt start to the #PL campaign. Re-watch our #LIVWHU best bits or the full match on @LFCTV GO 👉 https://t.co/DAxFjeVQu3 Sign up now for a free month of @LFCTV GO: https://t.co/c6BZIqOIsI https://t.co/35fyP1Wruq
13 Aug, 08:37 AM UTC


Adam Best
Sacha Baron Cohen convinced professional gun nut Dan Roberts to bite his fake genitalia in a training exercise to avoid being beheaded. Roberts did not hold back. The “NRA” on the back of his hat is a nice touch. #WhoIsAmerica Adam Best's photo on #WhoIsAmerica
13 Aug, 02:54 AM UTC


The White House
The Department of Housing and Urban Development works to address homelessness in all its forms. Last week, @SecretaryCarson wrote about "giant steps" in Miami-Dade County and nationwide to eradicate homelessness among America's veterans. https://t.co/ytphr889hv
13 Aug, 05:19 PM UTC


Aseefa B Zardari
Happy Independence Day 💚🇵🇰 #PakistanZindabad Aseefa B Zardari's photo on #PakistanZindabad
13 Aug, 07:47 PM UTC

Stormy Daniels

Paul Joseph Watson
Remember when they said Stormy Daniels would bring down Trump? Now she's gonna be in a crappy UK reality TV show that no one watches anymore. https://t.co/whoxX9tvbB
13 Aug, 07:08 PM UTC


Dharma Productions
Remembering the first female superstar of Bollywood, #Sridevi. Her unparalleled beauty & talent is missed, but she lives on - legends always do❤ Dharma Productions's photo on Bollywood
13 Aug, 04:29 AM UTC


Matthew Dowd
A humble suggestion to democratic primary voters: if you want somebody tough, strong, and a clear thinker who hasn’t held elective office I would suggest Sally Yates over avennati.
13 Aug, 01:42 AM UTC

Sam Smith

Calvin Harris
CALVIN HARRIS // SAM SMITH // very excited about this one !!! @samsmithworld coming Friday Calvin Harris's photo on Sam Smith
13 Aug, 06:05 PM UTC


Tottenham Hotspur
Urgent stadium update - https://t.co/dXV7D0bQGi #SpursNewStadium Tottenham Hotspur's photo on #SpursNewStadium
13 Aug, 06:46 PM UTC

John Minton

Mark Gatiss
Hope you can catch my documentary on the wonderful John Minton on @BBCFOUR tonight at 9pm https://t.co/9qgGA6bvTw
13 Aug, 07:48 AM UTC

George Ezra

george E Z R A
13 Aug, 12:54 PM UTC

Steve Smith

Preet Bharara
Don't miss my conversation from last week's Stay Tuned with former GOP strategist @SteveSchmidtSES about the evolution of the Republican party, the impetus behind his decision to leave, and why he's speaking out now. Listen now on @cafedotcom: https://t.co/2f6m4KpWsv Preet Bharara's photo on Steve Smith
13 Aug, 11:56 AM UTC

Danny John-Jules

BBC Strictly✨
⚡️ “Danny John-Jules is next to join #Strictly 2018! 🎉” https://t.co/0QxMazSDdt
13 Aug, 06:51 PM UTC


Hayley Kiyoko
Today is dedicated to all of the times I couldn’t cut straight with scissors. #lefthandedday
13 Aug, 12:59 PM UTC


DJ Fresh (Big Dawg)
Just 12 more hours before another #FreshBreakfast session!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 MOOD: DJ Fresh (Big Dawg)'s photo on Stevenage
13 Aug, 02:14 PM UTC


CJ (Lana) Perry
My heart is so sad to hear about Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart passing. My thoughts & prayers are with @NatbyNature TJ & their family. Jim brought Joy & laughter in every room he walked into. Will miss you so much. #RIPAnvil https://t.co/Gjmi7d3sT0
13 Aug, 08:38 PM UTC


Celtic Football Club
Hail Hail the Celts are here... 🇬🇷 Glorious weather in Athens ahead of the Bhoys’ #UCL training session at the Olympic Stadium tonight. #AEKCEL https://t.co/KDx3aaAHNH
13 Aug, 12:49 PM UTC


Katie Piper
Thank you for all your lovely messages. I’m super excited but very nervous about being a contestant on this years @bbcstrictly it’s going to be a challenge but everyone who knows me knows I love a challenge so here goes... a new chapter in my life! #strictly2018 #bbcbreakfast Katie Piper's photo on #Strictly2018
13 Aug, 07:56 AM UTC

Benjamin Netanyahu

Chris Williamson MP #JC9, yes 9
Benjamin Netanyahu leads a brutal rightwing apartheid regime. He has no moral authority whatsoever to criticise anyone, let alone a man of peace. Remember Nelson Mandela gave his unequivocal support to the Palestinians' struggle as this video clearly shows https://t.co/1OmR9tnZVr
13 Aug, 05:45 PM UTC


Labour Press Team
The Munich widows are being misled. Jeremy did not honour those responsible for the Munich killings. He and other Parliamentarians went to the Palestinian cemetery in Tunisia to remember the victims of the 1985 Israeli bombing of the PLO headquarters, many of whom were civilians https://t.co/crRoKoFAYL
12 Aug, 10:10 PM UTC


Happy #LeftHandersDay! Who is your favourite left-handed cricketer? ICC's photo on #LeftHandersDay
13 Aug, 11:30 AM UTC


Barstool Sports
We are all Tiger fans right now #PGAChamp Barstool Sports's photo on #PGAChamp
12 Aug, 07:12 PM UTC


Daily Facts🎭
Today is #InternationalLefthandersDay! #13AugustHistory RETWEET If You are #LeftHanders 🔃 LIKE If You are Proud👍 #LeftHandersDay #LeftHandersDay2018 "I may be left handed, but I am always right." "Left handers don't just write differently, we also think differently." Daily Facts🎭's photo on #LeftHandersDay2018
13 Aug, 05:20 AM UTC


The best Chelsea team in the Premier League era.. Cech Ivanovic Carvalho Terry Cole Makelele Lampard Kante Robben Drogba Hazard Do you agree? 🤔
13 Aug, 06:11 AM UTC

Oliver Norwood

Sheffield United
⚔️📝 DONE DEAL | Midfielder Oliver Norwood signs from @OfficialBHAFC, initially on loan with deal to be made permanent in January 🔴⚪️⚫️⚔️ #twitterblades #ForgedinSteel #sufc Sheffield United's photo on Oliver Norwood
13 Aug, 12:00 PM UTC

West Ham

Naby Keita vs West Ham (H) Harry's photo on West Ham
12 Aug, 07:21 PM UTC

Jim McCafferty

Sky Sports News
Former Celtic football youth coach Jim McCafferty sentenced to three years and nine months in prison after pleading guilty in May to eight counts of sexual assault. #SSN
13 Aug, 11:21 AM UTC


This should be our team v Chelsea. I like Ramsey’s pressing from CM and feel like Torreira needs to play to offer protection. Guendouzi is better at receiving the ball deep and taking it past players than Xhaka. Lacazette’s hold up play is needed. Leno is better with the ball. TheArseView's photo on Guendouzi
12 Aug, 05:39 PM UTC

Raheem Sterling

Premier League
Raheem Sterling has now scored 50 #PL goals, with the opener against Arsenal only his third from outside the box Premier League's photo on Raheem Sterling
12 Aug, 08:18 PM UTC


Gary Neville: “It took Pep Guardiola, the greatest coach in the world with the biggest budget, 3 transfer windows. Emery will need 3 or 4 windows because the recruitment has been so bad here over the last 4 years.” #afc #mcfc
12 Aug, 05:36 PM UTC

Man City

Squawka Football
Among all Arsenal players vs. Man City, Matteo Guendouzi recorded: • Most touches (72) • Most passes attempted (47) • Most fouls won (3) Promising Premier League debut from the 19-year-old. 🇫🇷 Squawka Football's photo on Man City
12 Aug, 05:08 PM UTC


Arsenal FC
It's #TimeForTorreira 🇺🇾 🔛 @LTorreira34 ↩️ Xhaka 🔴 0-2 🔵 (70) #ARSMCI Arsenal FC's photo on Xhaka
12 Aug, 04:30 PM UTC

the government

Jeremy Corbyn
Under this Tory Government homelessness has doubled and 130,000 children are without a home. A target of ending rough sleeping by 2027, with no new money, is meaningless to the people on the streets now. Labour will end rough sleeping in our first term. https://t.co/cdpOhCLtrJ
13 Aug, 10:22 AM UTC


RaymondJames Stadium
Only 2 more days until @taylorswift13’s #reputationStadiumTour at Raymond James Stadium!! Don't miss out. Purchase your tickets today! https://t.co/gvvKFH6Xa6 RaymondJames Stadium's photo on Ticketmaster
12 Aug, 09:31 PM UTC


Jason Sobel
Wanna get really depressed? There are 242 days until the next major starts.
12 Aug, 10:49 PM UTC


Jake Flores
1 straight year of "antifa only makes them stronger" and here are your results. Jake Flores's photo on STRAIGHT
12 Aug, 07:47 PM UTC

Sky Views

Lewis Goodall
Boris Johnson would never get away with what he's said about burkas if he had an Essex accent. Burkagate reminds us you can say whatever you like in Britain, be rude or even prejudiced and be respected for it, so long as you're posh and powerful. My piece. https://t.co/kcr33dAIGq
13 Aug, 06:17 AM UTC


World of Warcraft
Alliance, the continent of Kul Tiras awaits - but where to first? Stop the GIF and let us know which zone you’ll be starting in. #BattleforAzeroth #FortheAlliance World of Warcraft's photo on #ForTheAlliance
12 Aug, 04:00 PM UTC

Ryder Cup

Jay Coffin
We all know Tiger’s gonna be on the Ryder Cup team, but how’s Furyk gonna act like he’s not sure if he’ll pick him for the next three weeks?
12 Aug, 10:40 PM UTC

National Assembly

Historic visuals as PM Elect @ImranKhanPTI stands in National Assembly to respect the national anthem along with his entire team, many of them first time MNA’s here. The foundations of Naya Pakistan in front of our very own eyes. #PrimeMinisterImranKhan https://t.co/jmlEYoU1zk
13 Aug, 05:23 AM UTC

Jamie Shackleton

Leeds United
✍️ | #LUFC midfielder Jamie Shackleton has today put pen to paper on a new contract with the club
13 Aug, 09:00 AM UTC


SugarTits 🐻🎀🤬
Omg... 😂 people have complained that Ruby Rose isn’t JEWISH or GAY ENOUGH to play Batwoman.... don’t you just love oppression points in identity politics 🤣 https://t.co/mgtSEUgjlR
12 Aug, 11:21 AM UTC


Here’s to an amazing wingman. Always there in spirit, we must take this moment to thank the amazing effort and struggle of @JahangirKTareen who played as a frontline soldier for Imran Khans struggle. Naya Pakistan is thankful! #PrimeMinisterImranKhan PTI's photo on #PrimeMinisterImranKhan
13 Aug, 06:45 AM UTC

Michael Gove

The New European
Seats to switch from Leave to Remain include those belonging to Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, and Labour's John McDonnell. https://t.co/hvjtyhHZOm
12 Aug, 02:15 PM UTC


Seema Chandwani #JC9
#SocialistSunday I'm on 13,800 followers @lukeakehurst is on 14,000 followers. I am a lefty. He is not I voted Corbyn. He did not I got great eyebrows. He does not Help me #BeatAkehurst
12 Aug, 10:26 AM UTC


B/R Football
Meanwhile, at the Emirates... https://t.co/GaypP6WJPZ
12 Aug, 04:25 PM UTC

Bernardo Silva

Premier League
GOAL Arsenal 0-2 Man City (64 mins) Bernardo Silva hammers home superbly from Benjamin Mendy's pull back #ARSMCI
12 Aug, 04:24 PM UTC


Premier League
HALF-TIME @LFC two to the good at Anfield while we await our first goal at St Mary's #LIVWHU #SOUBUR Premier League's photo on #SOUBUR
12 Aug, 01:20 PM UTC

Lionel Messi

Football Tweet
If Lionel Messi was a dog. 😂🐶 Football Tweet's photo on Lionel Messi
12 Aug, 09:43 AM UTC
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