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[LIVE CLIPS] 선우🦊의 궁금증 연구소🤔!! (희승 편🦌) 라면즈&맵즈 리더 희승, 여기서 다 밝혀드립니다! 📋 ( #엔하이픈 #ENHYPEN
16 Oct, 03:00 AM UTC


When you have to read the same page over and over 'cause you keep zoning out @ReIatetwts's photo on Blues
15 Oct, 02:09 AM UTC


No sign better than a Libra
Turned 35 today!!! @jamesmichaelb16's photo on Giovanni
16 Oct, 03:42 PM UTC


No entra "porque no le sale de la polla" y porque no le hemos invitado, dato importante. Tómese una tila, por Dios.
15 Oct, 01:54 PM UTC


お帰りなさいニャー、ご主人様~❤️ #原神 @hachifukuDZ's photo on McGregor
16 Oct, 08:19 AM UTC


Robert W Malone, MD
More Censorship/Cancel Culture. The authors were not notified of this "Temporary Removal" action. I have never seen anything like this, ever, in my entire scientific career. @RWMaloneMD's photo on Turnbull
15 Oct, 10:38 PM UTC


NOOOO IM SO SOFT SEOKJIN PLAYING WITH DOG 😭 bts in the soop season 2 @seokjinmylabsss's photo on Morph
15 Oct, 12:11 PM UTC


Mufti Menk
Almighty. There’s so much going on in the world around us. We beg You to help everyone who’s going through pain & hardship in life. Many feel broken. May You grant ease, remove all obstacles & guide us all out of difficulty. Make us completely dependent on You and You alone.
15 Oct, 03:31 AM UTC


“Emotional incest” between parents & children is definitely one of those topics that’d break the TL into two.
15 Oct, 08:18 PM UTC


HL Daily
🎥| Harry taking care of a plant for #StandUpToCancer! You can donate to @SU2C here: @UpdateHLD's photo on #StandUpToCancer
15 Oct, 06:44 PM UTC


mohamad safa
Overheard: “Until you do 30 minutes+ of CPR in a plastic gown, N95, surgical mask, two pairs of gloves and a face shield, you should probably stop complaining about wearing some fabric on your face to the grocery store”.
15 Oct, 04:49 PM UTC


Romelu Lukaku has gone six games without scoring for Chelsea ❌❌❌❌❌❌ @goal's photo on Lukaku
16 Oct, 06:19 PM UTC


山本 槙
15 Oct, 12:53 PM UTC

Bob Ross

Friday Night
Friday at last... @YakuzaFriday's photo on Bob Ross
15 Oct, 01:33 PM UTC


MisterChip (Alexis)
68 partidos oficiales con el Dortmund. 70 goles. Poco más que añadir. @2010MisterChip's photo on Anton
16 Oct, 03:31 PM UTC


Lou Ratchett
How detectives be in the interrogation room @LouRatchett's photo on Roberts
15 Oct, 04:11 PM UTC


Sir Alex Ferguson on the Ballon d'Or: "Cristiano deserves it. This year he's broken record after record." #mulive [marca]
15 Oct, 07:15 PM UTC


Andrew R
Person 1: The glass is 1/2 full Person 2: The glass is 1/2 empty Excel: The glass is the 1st of February
16 Oct, 01:17 PM UTC

Matt Hancock

Politics For All
🚨🚨 | BREAKING: Matt Hancock has lost his job at the United Nations just a few days after getting it
16 Oct, 10:00 AM UTC


Last time I was in WV was on a CSN tour, we had been warned not to drink the water in our hotel due to a recent toxic spill. I forgot and took a sip and ended up in urgent care but sure leave Climate Change funding out of the bill to please the Energy Committee Chair Joe Manchin.
16 Oct, 03:02 PM UTC


Barstool Sports
Greg Schiano just disappeared into another dimension @barstoolsports's photo on Greg
16 Oct, 04:16 PM UTC


Nengi Rebecca Hampson 👑
Bloom with Grace😍❤️ @nengiofficial's photo on Danielson
15 Oct, 04:36 PM UTC


new socks just came in to kick off the weekend. i’ve never felt a vibe quite like this @CaucasianJames's photo on KICK OFF
15 Oct, 10:01 PM UTC


live today at 3:30pm PST! Gang Beasts with karl, ranboo, quackity, hasan, fuslie, sykkuno, tubbo! :D pre-stream has started!
16 Oct, 07:54 PM UTC


佐藤 流司
お世話になっております。 本日役者を初めて10年らしいです。 とても濃密な時間だったので、まだこんなもんかと感じた次第です。 10年、皆様には大変お世話になりました。 もう10年、お付き合いくださいませ。 昨日親知らずぶち抜いたので右頬に10年の思いが詰まっており、自撮りが無理です。申し
16 Oct, 08:34 AM UTC


maior fakenews desse ano foi achar que eu ia ficar gostosa
15 Oct, 04:06 PM UTC


سالم الدوسري
الحمدلله هلالنا الى نصف النهائي 💙🙏 الف مبروك جمهورنا الغالي وان شاءالله القادم افضل 😍 وما نستغني عن دعمكم ووقفتكم معنا في الايام القادمه زي ما عودتونا دايماً 💙💙 #الهلال_بيرسبوليس @salem_d29's photo on Ronaldo
16 Oct, 08:00 PM UTC


It’s crazy that Birdman was stealing all that money from BG & Turk just to buy PT Cruiser limos. Sick.
15 Oct, 01:41 PM UTC

Harry Styles

brooke 📷
Harry Styles (@Harry_Styles) Love On Tour - Pittsburgh #LoveOnTourPittsburgh @brookephotoedit's photo on Harry Styles
15 Oct, 03:48 AM UTC

John Lewis

Marc E. Elias
Perhaps this will be the weekend that a reporter finally asks Adam Kinzinger why he opposes the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.🙏
15 Oct, 11:20 PM UTC


Pep's got jokes 😅 @ESPNFC's photo on Mahrez
15 Oct, 09:30 PM UTC


Crazy part about being an over thinker is you be right the whole time😂
15 Oct, 08:42 PM UTC


Pablo Giralt
Previa del Mundial 2010. Lionel Messi y David Villa estaban en la presentación de sus nuevos botines hasta que llegó una pregunta inesperada: "¿Cómo ven a la Selección de Dinamarca?" 🤔 Atención a la respuesta de Leo. Momento imperdible. @giraltpablo's photo on Villa
15 Oct, 09:25 PM UTC


BBC Strictly ✨
Smooth like Butter! #BTS couldn't have said it better Rhys and Nancy 🍿 #Strictly @RhysStephenson1 @Nancy_xuxi @bbcstrictly's photo on #Strictly
16 Oct, 07:09 PM UTC


IN THE SOOP Official
#In_the_SOOP BTS ver. Season 2 속 멤버들이 착용한 상품👕 (2/2) 실내외에서 편하게 입기 좋은 의류 상품들은 #인더숲팝업 에서 구매할 수 있습니다. 일부 상품은 재고가 소량 남아 있으니 서둘러 주세요! 📅 2021.10.31까지 📍 THE HYUNDAI SEOUL #인더숲 #In_the_SOOP_POPUP #BTS
16 Oct, 07:00 AM UTC


In 2015 David Amess was awarded a knighthood for political and public service. How did the newly-knighted Sir David celebrate? He got dressed up and released this brilliant photo @christiancalgie's photo on Southend
15 Oct, 02:29 PM UTC

Black Adam

The first look at ‘BLACK ADAM’ has been released. #DCFanDome @DiscussingFilm's photo on Black Adam
16 Oct, 05:12 PM UTC


Atlético 😷
NOTA DE REPÚDIO O Clube Atlético Mineiro manifesta repúdio às seguidas declarações de dirigentes e lideranças do Flamengo, como a feita hoje, pelo vice-presidente geral e jurídico Rodrigo Dunshee, em sua conta no Twitter.
15 Oct, 07:15 PM UTC


Delta airlines have announced they are ditching the vaccine mandates for employees. Looks like they saw the Southwest pilot strike and backed down... The people have the power.
16 Oct, 05:31 PM UTC


侑ちゃんrkgk @sankuro396's photo on Johannes
16 Oct, 02:03 PM UTC


Manchester United
💬 "We need to get to April-May with everyone firing — last season we were a little bit too tired," Ole says. "It’s nice to have him [@Cristiano] on the pitch because he’ll always come up with the goods, and the more we have him on the pitch, the better." 💪 #MUFC | #LEIMUN @ManUtd's photo on #LEIMUN
15 Oct, 12:40 PM UTC


Gatilho 🔞
O rolê que eu do valor @picsgatilho's photo on Jota
15 Oct, 10:04 PM UTC

Tony Hart

BBC Archive
#OnThisDay 1925: Doyen of drawing, Prince of painting, connoisseur of crafting, master of making and veritable virtuoso of the visual arts - Tony Hart was born. Here he is drawing with pastels. @BBCArchive's photo on Tony Hart
15 Oct, 06:00 PM UTC

Four Lads Had A Dream

Rangers Football Club
🎶 Four lads had a dream 🎶 From 1872... We are proud of our past, and excited for the next chapter. The dream of the four lads is still going strong. Their legacy is our future. 💙 @RangersFC's photo on Four Lads Had A Dream
15 Oct, 10:39 AM UTC

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