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Man U

erica orden
The Brooklyn U.S. Attorney's office has charged a New York man with threatening to murder and assault two U.S. senators in retaliation for their support for the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The senators aren't identified by name in the complaint.
19 Oct, 04:46 PM UTC


Steven Shepard
Alaska Gov. Bill Walker (I) is dropping out of his reelection race (#AKGOV) and endorsing former Sen. Mark Begich (D) over Republican Mike Dunleavy. Walker: "In the time remaining, it has become clear we cannot win a three-way race." https://t.co/c3fdjmokvs
19 Oct, 10:54 PM UTC


Liverpool FC
#HUDLIV team news 👇 Three changes; Shaqiri, Lallana and Sturridge replace Mane, Wijnaldum and Firmino... https://t.co/Spe6UCymUN
20 Oct, 03:29 PM UTC


One Perfect Shot
BABY DRIVER (2017) DP: Bill Pope Director: Edgar Wright Buy or Rent via Amazon: https://t.co/MdI4T49Ww3 One Perfect Shot's photo on Wright
19 Oct, 09:20 PM UTC


Georgia O'Connor
Does anyone else smile at dogs that walk past them or am I just a weirdo
19 Oct, 08:06 PM UTC


Manchester City
BACK TO IT! 🔵 City v Burnley Premier League Etihad Stadium 15:00 UK #cityvbfc #mancity Manchester City's photo on Etihad
20 Oct, 06:00 AM UTC


Shanta Edinson™ 🇨🇲🇺🇸
Kroos 🇩🇪 Yarmolenko 🇺🇦 Lewandowski 🇵🇱 Iniesta 🇪🇸 Alexis Sanchez 🇨🇱 Neymar 🇧🇷 Messi 🇦🇷 Bale 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Alaba 🇦🇹 Pjanic 🇧🇦 Partey 🇬🇭 Eriksen 🇩🇰 Wow si on prend la première lettre du meilleur joueur de chaque pays ça donne le nom du meilleur joueur du monde 😮
19 Oct, 07:04 PM UTC

David Luiz

Chelsea FC
After a scramble in the Utd box, with David Luiz's header bouncing off the post, Barkley was on hand to smash it in! Relief for the Blues! 2-2 #CHEMUN
20 Oct, 01:26 PM UTC


| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| I was the nicest one and you won't even remember. |___________| \ (•◡•) / \ / --- | |
19 Oct, 04:17 PM UTC


Donald J. Trump
This was outside of the massive totally full hangar tonight in Mesa, Arizona! https://t.co/0pWiwCq4MH #MAGA🇺🇸 Donald J. Trump's photo on Moore
20 Oct, 03:13 AM UTC


Kyle Griffin
Employees at Sinclair Broadcast Group, the largest owner of television stations in the U.S., say that the company orders them to air biased political segments, and that it feeds interviewers questions intended to favor Republicans, NYer reports. https://t.co/D5lCMzceeO
20 Oct, 03:00 PM UTC


Lauren Jauregui
My favorite thing to see in the mentions is conversations between y’all helping each other through life✨😍💕😭 if makes me feel like a PROUD MOM
20 Oct, 08:31 AM UTC


B/R Football
Sergio Aguero (149) passes Frank Lampard and Alan Shearer for most Premier League goals for a single club. Only Wayne Rooney and Thierry Henry are ahead of him now 🔥 B/R Football's photo on Aguero
20 Oct, 02:23 PM UTC


#川崎フロンターレ !!逆転勝利!!フロサポの皆もアツく温かく!!等々力競技城で聞くAvante!!ホント最KOOスギた !! 素晴らしい試合をありがとう!!ターレの乗り心地も超ナイス~ーー!! #中村憲剛 #斎藤学 #djkoo #ターレ https://t.co/Tv1oK6efoo
20 Oct, 01:20 PM UTC


Manchester United
So close to victory after a stunning second-half comeback, but it wasn't to be. #MUFC #CHEMUN Manchester United's photo on SECOND HALF
20 Oct, 01:39 PM UTC


Mark Ogden
Sanchez hasn't done much at United, but he deserves a chance through the middle ahead of Lukaku, whose work-rate is half the size of his shorts...
20 Oct, 12:09 PM UTC


Jon Heguier
Graciela Camaño denunció a Laura Alonso. Frase para encuadrar dentro del escrito sobre la Oficina Anticorrupción: "Ha transformado esa área en una trinchera dedicada a perseguir funcionarios de la gestión anterior y encubrir funcionarios de la actual gestión"
19 Oct, 04:00 PM UTC


Chelsea FC
RUDIGER!!! CHELSEA 1-0 MAN UTD! [20'] #CHEMUN Chelsea FC's photo on Rudiger
20 Oct, 11:51 AM UTC


Premier League
Wolves’ haul of 15 points from 8 #PL matches is the best start by a promoted club since Hull in 2008/09 (17 points from 8 games) #WOLWAT Premier League's photo on #WOLWAT
20 Oct, 05:10 AM UTC


Carlos Bolsonaro
Defendem quem mata jornalista, quem destrói patrimônio público e privado, um de seus ex-membros tentou assassinar Bolsonaro e posam de borboletas na floresta. Tem que ingerir muito “chá” para acreditar nos líderes desta facção. Tenho pena dos pais que choram todo dia no chuveiro! https://t.co/Slsg1xqoIu
20 Oct, 09:19 AM UTC

Still 0-0

They are here! The very spooky #BT21Halloween Collection! 👻 Too scary but still cute! 😍🎃 ​ Amazon📍https://t.co/XHgtbxjWlY NYC📍 https://t.co/68OK6mCPzg ​ #LINEFRIENDS #TIMESSQUARE #BT21 #Halloween #Amazon LINE FRIENDS STORE's photo on Still 0-0
19 Oct, 07:08 PM UTC

Ryan Sessegnon

2000 - Ryan Sessegnon is the first player born in or after the year 2000 to score a @premierleague goal. Disco. #CARFUL
20 Oct, 02:38 PM UTC


#RedVelvet @RVsmtown kick off #REDMAREinSG with ‘Russian Roulette’! What other songs are you hoping they will perform tonight? Toggle's photo on KICK OFF
20 Oct, 10:17 AM UTC


worldwideBTS 🌎
October 23. #RM2IsComing #mono! 🎶 worldwideBTS 🌎's photo on #mono
20 Oct, 03:15 PM UTC


Manchester United
#MUAcademy U23s: HT - United 1 Sunderland 0. The Reds lead, courtesy of Tahith Chong's excellent early low finish, but are down to 10 men after George Tanner's 26th-minute red card. Manchester United's photo on RED CARD
19 Oct, 06:50 PM UTC

Ross Barkley

Premier League
GOAL Chelsea 2-2 Man Utd (90+6 mins) What a match! Ross Barkley is on hand to finish after the ball breaks free in the box #PL #CHEMUN
20 Oct, 01:25 PM UTC


Chelsea FC
Team news on the way! Here's a look inside the Chelsea changing room... 👀 #CHEMUN Chelsea FC's photo on TEAM NEWS
20 Oct, 10:26 AM UTC


Paddy Power
Paul Pogba loses his man for the goal. Graeme Souness is sprinting down the King's Road with his shirt over his head shouting: 'I TOLD YOU HE WAS SH*T, I F*CKING TOLD YOU.' #CHEMUN
20 Oct, 11:52 AM UTC


Jair Bolsonaro 1️⃣7️⃣
José Nêumane Pinto fala sobre tentativa do PT de inviabilizar a candidatura de Bolsonaro. Jair Bolsonaro 1️⃣7️⃣'s photo on Jose
20 Oct, 10:18 AM UTC


⚠️最も残虐な悪、誕生。⚠️ 『 #ヴェノム 』11/2(金)公開 🎁ICカードケースやキーチェーンなど、オリジナルグッズが当たる! 応募は@UNITED_CINEMASをフォロー&RT! https://t.co/tdT0XLkZeE #Venom #マーベル #トム・ハーディ #中村獅童 #諏訪部順一 #中川翔子 @VenomMovieJP ユナイテッド・シネマ公式's photo on United
20 Oct, 02:00 AM UTC


Rio Ferdinand
Tony Martial.... 🙌🏽⚽️ @ManUtd
20 Oct, 12:43 PM UTC


Chelsea FC
Full-time: Chelsea 2-2 Man Utd. Barkley's late equaliser secures a point for the Blues, and we remain unbeaten this season. #CHEMUN Chelsea FC's photo on Chelsea
20 Oct, 01:28 PM UTC


David Lammy
Today thousands will gather for #PeoplesVoteMarch. Do not let them tell you it goes against democracy to ask for more democracy. Do not let them tell you the choice is between no deal and a bad deal. Do not let them tell you it is not possible to stop Brexit. We can do it. David Lammy's photo on #PeoplesVoteMarch
20 Oct, 07:42 AM UTC


Premier League
Only Man City (174) and Chelsea (142) have had more shots than Southampton in the #PL this season (116) #BOUSOU Premier League's photo on #BOUSOU
20 Oct, 01:22 AM UTC


Brian Fallon
John Roberts said we didnt need the full Voting Rights Act anymore because racist attempts to disenfranchise voters in the South were a thing of the past. https://t.co/Vtc7pUJqnF
20 Oct, 12:00 AM UTC

Graeme Souness

Jordan Clarke
Jamie Redknapp, legend. Someone finally standing up to Graeme Souness on live TV.
20 Oct, 11:18 AM UTC

Marco Ianni

Tancredi Palmeri
The guy who went to wind up Manchester United bench was Marco Ianni, Maurizio Sarri’s second assistant #CHEMUN Tancredi Palmeri's photo on Marco Ianni
20 Oct, 01:31 PM UTC

Starting XI

Manchester United
🖐️ minutes to go until we reveal today's #MUFC starting XI! 🔵 #CHEMUN 🔴 Manchester United's photo on Starting XI
20 Oct, 10:25 AM UTC


“I implore all American Hispanics to vote Republican in the midterm elections. Republicans are fighting our fights – for a stronger military, increased economic growth, religious freedom & job creation.” -John Sanchez VOTE ➡️ https://t.co/lQYB8jZfOp https://t.co/jn5L901k3B
19 Oct, 11:30 PM UTC


Yo creo que es buen momento de echar a Lopetegui y poner en su lugar a un niño de León de 8 años.
20 Oct, 12:15 PM UTC


Shams Charania
Sources on @TheAthleticNBA @WatchStadium: Spurs‘ Dejounte Murray had successful surgery today to repair torn ACL in his right knee.
19 Oct, 07:44 PM UTC

Stamford Bridge

Manchester United
The points are shared at Stamford Bridge after a dramatic ending to the game. #MUFC #CHEMUN Manchester United's photo on Stamford Bridge
20 Oct, 01:26 PM UTC


Boxing training. #funny #animals #cat #caturday #catlovers https://t.co/sox0PrThQa LOLBOOK's photo on #Caturday
20 Oct, 06:42 AM UTC

match day

Adam Schefter
Jets’ OT Kelvin Beachum named Week 6 NFLPA Community MVP for leading World Food Day Match Challenge that generated $71,590 for five food banks to combat domestic food insecurity. Beachum personally donated $46,000 for 337,892 meals to those in need. Adam Schefter's photo on match day
19 Oct, 03:08 PM UTC


Paddy Power
Pogba blaming Lindelof is textbook Sunday League corner tactics. If you know it's your fault, immediately point the finger at someone else to shift the blame. Unfortunately for Pogba the game is live on Sky and there's about 57 replays.
20 Oct, 12:02 PM UTC


When you walk into class and see the new seating arrangement. https://t.co/s3rJ4C6z0n
19 Oct, 11:56 PM UTC

Steve Bannon

Harlan Z. Hill
Just me or is @Rosie O’Donnell starting to look exactly like Steve Bannon? 😂 Harlan Z. Hill's photo on Steve Bannon
19 Oct, 02:25 PM UTC


Leeds United
20 Oct, 11:48 AM UTC


David Astramskas
My two favorite Charles Barkley on 'Inside The NBA' moments. 1: San Antonio women/Churros 2: Phoenix Suns Arena rant David Astramskas's photo on Barkley
19 Oct, 01:26 PM UTC


Richard Corbett
Have you noticed, #Brexit fans have given up claiming that it’ll be easy, good for the economy, save money, enable better tradedeals, etc? The only justification they still give is that it’s the will of the people. In which case, best to check that it still is! #PeopesVote
20 Oct, 08:44 AM UTC


B/R Football
Sarri-ball already looks a success at Chelsea, but the best is yet to come 🔵 | @stighefootball https://t.co/KJIIYedOvh B/R Football's photo on Sarri
19 Oct, 12:59 PM UTC

Green Park

\フォロー&RTで秒速応募/ 『 #香味ペースト 』と非売品オリジナルグッズが当たる! さらに応募いただいた方に たった180秒でできる 「 #秒速タコのアヒージョ 」レシピをお届け‼️ 1.@AJINOMOTOPARK をフォロー 2.この投稿をRT🔁  手軽にできる一品ですよ🎵  https://t.co/kM8QwwpjMY 味の素パーク's photo on Green Park
20 Oct, 01:00 AM UTC

Luke Cage

BREAKING: One week after Netflix axed Iron Fist, the streaming network has also cancelled Luke Cage https://t.co/YvrW7edJAB IGN's photo on Luke Cage
20 Oct, 02:31 AM UTC


angel jimin 🎃; jimtober
ice skaters are shaking angel jimin 🎃; jimtober's photo on Kandy
19 Oct, 09:33 PM UTC

Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp going on I'm a Celebrity? "I haven't had a trial that tough since I had to explain why my dog had 200k stashed away in the Cayman Islands." GeorgeWeahsCousin's photo on Harry Redknapp
19 Oct, 09:41 PM UTC

Chelsea v Man Utd

Chelsea FC
The Chelsea v Man Utd goalscorers quiz... think you know your stuff? 🤔 https://t.co/fZ9afNuxQ3
19 Oct, 02:21 PM UTC


Chelsea FC
Sarri adds that Rudiger and Kovacic have been doing better in the last couple of days and he thinks they will be able to play tomorrow. #CHEMUN
19 Oct, 12:19 PM UTC


Chelsea FC
Sarri says he's not thinking about transfers at the moment and that Morata has been playing better in recent games and is training very well. That is all here but there will be more from Sarri, including words on Hazard and Christensen, on https://t.co/OFDrFXj77c soon. #CHEMUN
19 Oct, 12:31 PM UTC


Chelsea FC
It's matchday! 🔵🔴 COME ON CHELSEA! 💪 #CHEMUN Chelsea FC's photo on #CHEMUN
20 Oct, 06:38 AM UTC


Ron Asher
Umm... If "hand fighting" led to Khashoggi's "accidental" death, where was the ambulance? Paramedics? Coroner? His finance was waiting outside. Why wasn't she notified of his "accident"? More to the point, where the fuck is the body!?! #KhashoggiMurder #CoverUp #MBS #Complicit
20 Oct, 12:13 AM UTC


Kensington Palace
Congratulations to all the medalists in the @InvictusSydney Jaguar Land Rover Driving Challenge! 🏅 #IG2018 #GameOnDownUnder #RoyalVisitAustralia Kensington Palace's photo on #IG2018
20 Oct, 05:33 AM UTC

suzanne moore

Carole Cadwalladr
Respect to @suzanne_moore. Who makes a lot of good points. I just wish I could better convey how corrupted this vote was. How the govt is trying to cover up its own complicity. How Facebook is enabling it. (& vice versa) How badly the whole thing is broken https://t.co/cpeqxx5HYd
19 Oct, 10:06 PM UTC


Dee Madigan
No matter what happens today in Wentworth, climate change and the treatment of kids on Nauru are back on the political agenda. Massive kudos to @drkerrynphelps for that. #WenthworthVotes
19 Oct, 11:01 PM UTC


James Gilmour
it's 2018. George Osborne runs a major newspaper. Nick Clegg owns all your data. Ed Balls is a national television celebrity. David Cameron owns a shed
19 Oct, 12:15 PM UTC


Boy George
1.8 billion to send a rocket to Mercury and millions of people are starving and homeless?
20 Oct, 07:27 AM UTC


Red Door Gin
#WIN a bottle of #RedDoorGin! To celebrate #Internationalginandtonicday we're giving away a bottle of our beautiful small-batch Highland #gin. Simply RT + F to enter the #prizedraw. UK 18+ END 21.10.2018 Full T's & C's: https://t.co/G2TjF6t5Wh #giveaway #competition #prize Red Door Gin's photo on #Internationalginandtonicday
19 Oct, 02:46 PM UTC


Ezgjan Alioski
Ready for tomorrow!💪🏼 #leedsunited #gameday #MOT Ezgjan Alioski's photo on #GameDay
19 Oct, 07:16 PM UTC

Invictus Games

Andrew Wilkie MP
Beyond disgraceful that the PM likened the Liberal Party challenge after the Wentworth byelection to the Australian Defence Force veterans in the Invictus Games. A deeply shameful comparison. AW #auspol #politas
20 Oct, 09:33 AM UTC


Game Day 😤 NEW YORK KNICKS's photo on GAME DAY
19 Oct, 02:41 PM UTC

Plymouth Herald

Mnrrnt and 207 others
I’ve always loved the Plymouth Herald Mnrrnt and 207 others's photo on Plymouth Herald
19 Oct, 11:04 AM UTC


Sky Sports Football
ADAM REACH AGAIN! The one-man Goal of the Season contest continues for the Wednesday winger. #SWFC 1-2 #Boro Watch on Sky Sports Football now or follow here: https://t.co/k0sW6SB32j Sky Sports Football's photo on #SWFC
19 Oct, 08:27 PM UTC

Anjem Choudary

Kevin Maguire
Deport Anjem Choudary over which border - Greenwich to Bexley? He was born in Welling, London, went to school in Woolwich, etc. The hate preacher is our dangerous problem, alas https://t.co/yMO8xiXevk
19 Oct, 11:35 AM UTC

Scottish Cup

RANGERS fans! We have a pair of tickets to give away for the Scottish League Cup semi-final against Aberdeen at Hampden Park on Sunday 28th October! For your chance to win, just RT & follow. Good luck! @RangersFC 32Red's photo on Scottish Cup
19 Oct, 10:16 AM UTC


Lee And Jenny
Sorry you lovely Goggleboxers 😥we will be back next week 🍷🥂🎂 do not believe any news you hear or read we are hear to stay as long as you will have us 🤪me and Jenny love our Gogglebox family and you our lovely Goggleboxers 😘enjoy the show #Gogglebox https://t.co/uIwaqbFuaK
19 Oct, 08:14 PM UTC

Chelsea vs Manchester United

United Xtra
Manchester United travelling squad vs Chelsea: De Gea, Romero, Grant Darmian, Shaw, Smalling, Lindelof, Rojo, Young, Bailly Pogba, Fred, Andreas, Matic, Mata, Herrera Rashford, Lukaku, Martial #mufc [MEN] https://t.co/GvzCsjlNs4
19 Oct, 02:56 PM UTC


'Bad Boy' Tama Tonga
I smile when people talk nonsense about #BulletClub leaders. There are frontman...and the Club controls the frontman. Don’t ever get that twisted. We all know what happened the last time someone called themselves “Leader” 'Bad Boy' Tama Tonga's photo on Tonga
19 Oct, 01:07 PM UTC


Michael Dobbs says: We went into Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria; we said we were going to sort that out - But at the end of the day we ended up making things worse! Yep I agree, and we should have listened to Jeremy Corbyn who was opposed to all of those wars. #BBCqt C0RBYNAT0R's photo on #bbcqt
19 Oct, 09:28 AM UTC


Melissa Neumann
I’m voting blue Nov. 6 because I believe in a free press and because I honor the memory of #JamalKashoggi. This is my #FBRParty #FollowBackResistance Please do any of the following: 1 Like 2 Retweet 3 Follow 4 Reply 5. Copy this tweet to your own. #BlueTsunami2018
19 Oct, 04:26 PM UTC

Julian Assange

Sky News
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange sues Ecuador for 'violating his rights' https://t.co/4hrv5xaRg1
19 Oct, 02:11 PM UTC

Chris Pine

Nicola Sturgeon
Wonderful Scottish premiere tonight of @OutlawKing, the story of Robert the Bruce. A brilliant production and great showcase for Scottish film talent. Congrats to cast and crew & a special well done to Chris Pine on a stunning performance as Bruce (and a great Scottish accent!)
19 Oct, 09:33 PM UTC


Monty's Dog Nigel 🐾
And that's a wrap everybody. It's been a pleasure. Your company has been a joy, your interaction a necessity. I couldn't have done it without you. Be good to each other. 🐾 #GardenersWorld
19 Oct, 09:01 PM UTC

Jermaine Pennant

Jonny Sharples
Just updated Jermaine Pennant's Wikipedia page. Jonny Sharples's photo on Jermaine Pennant
19 Oct, 09:49 AM UTC

Jeremy Kyle

The Sportsman
🤭 Jermaine Pennant... - 23rd May 2007: Playing in a Champions League final against AC Milan - 19th October 2018: On Jeremy Kyle with his wife https://t.co/zeNpKwKK57
19 Oct, 08:38 AM UTC


BBC Breaking News
Twenty men found guilty of being part of grooming gang that raped and abused girls as young as 11 in Huddersfield https://t.co/98KkRwbzaO
19 Oct, 01:52 PM UTC


Liverpool FC
Ready for #PL matchday 9⃣. 👊 #MyLFCMatchdayImage Liverpool FC's photo on Matchday
19 Oct, 05:38 PM UTC


Patriot Drew 🇺🇸🏁🍻
👀WATCH🎥🔥🔥🔥 🚨Invasion Caravan Now Tearing Down Fences 2 Cross Into Mexico. It’s Almost As If There Needs To Be a Wall Or Something.🤷🏼‍♂️ #BuildTheWall #JobsNotMobs #SaturdayMorning Patriot Drew 🇺🇸🏁🍻's photo on #SaturdayMorning
19 Oct, 09:28 PM UTC

Joe Hart

Manchester City
We have dedicated a goalkeeper training pitch at the CFA to Club legend Joe Hart in recognition of his 12-year association with the Club 💙 #mancity Manchester City's photo on Joe Hart
19 Oct, 03:04 PM UTC


First Minister
FM @NicolaSturgeon meeting cast & crew of #outlawking including #chrispine #aarontaylorjohnson The film is based on the life of Robert the Bruce, was filmed across 45 Scottish locations and supported by @CreativeScots funding https://t.co/HJEWPJtUje
19 Oct, 07:08 PM UTC


Official Charts
There are LOTS of new singles out today! Luckily we have a list of all of the #NewMusicFriday releases, incl. the new @ZaynMalik track Fingers https://t.co/4CJUrafAn1 Official Charts's photo on #newmusicfriday
19 Oct, 07:30 AM UTC


Liverpool FC
#PL football is back this weekend! 🙌😁 #FridayFeeling #HUDLIV Liverpool FC's photo on #FridayFeeling
19 Oct, 07:31 AM UTC
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