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Tom Hall ☘
Free colorful prosthetics for Kids! 👍 #SundayFunday #Tech #Pride #SundayMorning #Healthcare Tom Hall ☘'s photo on #SundayFunday
24 Jun, 06:25 PM UTC


CHECKERED FLAG: @MartinTruex_Jr leaves no doubt at @RaceSonoma and wins the #TSM350 in dominating fashion! NASCAR's photo on #TSM350
24 Jun, 09:53 PM UTC


matt cummings
here we go!!! #SGDQ2018 matt cummings's photo on #SGDQ2018
24 Jun, 05:32 PM UTC


Oliver Pocher
Man of the Match! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @ToniKroos #GERSWE Oliver Pocher's photo on #GERSWE
25 Jun, 09:57 AM UTC


Carrie is the Media 🇺🇸
The Democrat party, the party of Jim Crow and lynchings just can not help themselves. They are still today chasing people out of restaurants who will not bow to them or their way of thinking. #Restaurants4Sarah #RedHenBigots #SundayMorning Carrie is the Media 🇺🇸's photo on #Restaurants4Sarah
24 Jun, 05:18 PM UTC


24 Jun, 09:53 PM UTC


Selección Colombia
¡Gol de Colombia! ⚽ ⏱: 39’ Anota Yerry Mina de cabeza. 🎯👍🔥 Colombia🇨🇴 1 - Polonia🇵🇱 0 #POLCOL #MiCorazónTricolor #Rusia2018 Selección Colombia's photo on #POLCOL
24 Jun, 06:41 PM UTC


Remember a day or two ago when #PermitPatty called the cops on this girl for selling water to save up for a trip to Disney? Someone found out and decided to buy her 4 tickets! That’s the power of the resistance! Shomeo's photo on #PermitPatty
24 Jun, 09:23 PM UTC


Man On
Sam Allardyce watching England vs Panama in a pub, on his own, with a Big Mac he’s brought in with him, is just outstanding 🍔👏 #ENGPAN Man On's photo on #ENGPAN
24 Jun, 01:11 PM UTC


Eric Curts
Packed house at #iste18 getting ready to learn about "Google Tools for Struggling Students"! If you can't make the session get all the resources at https://t.co/yScFqKyvz2 #edtech #ControlAltAchieve #GSuiteEdu #googleedu Eric Curts's photo on #ISTE18
24 Jun, 03:09 PM UTC


Lady Gaga
#Pride Dance for your life. #equality Lady Gaga's photo on #Pride
24 Jun, 11:24 PM UTC


This is King Kong? YES, it's 🗣 KING KONG! @NICKIMINAJ absolutely KILLED this performance! #BETAwards #BETAwards's photo on #BETAwards
25 Jun, 01:31 AM UTC


tan 🦐
If forever does exist, please let it be you. 💛 @BTS_twt #BlackOutBTS https://t.co/M6o7csoWIy
25 Jun, 05:48 AM UTC


SHINee10thAnniversary - The shining SHINee🌟 빛나는 샤이니 💿“The Story of Light” EP.3 SHINee '네가 남겨둔 말 (OUR PAGE)’ 🔜25일(오늘) 오후6시 공개!! @SHINee #샤이니 #SHINee #SHINeeisBACK #SHINee_TheStoryofLight #SHINee_네가남겨둔말 #SHINee_OURPAGE #네가남겨둔말 #OURPAGE SHINee's photo on #SHINee_OURPAGE
24 Jun, 04:26 PM UTC


Troll Football
Panama goal reminded me of the time in street football when someone says "last goal wins the game". https://t.co/hl9ahpZApK
24 Jun, 01:45 PM UTC

Bobby Brown

Jessie Paege 🏳️‍🌈
24 Jun, 07:56 PM UTC

Vamos Colombia

Radamel Falcao
Podemos hacerlo. Que el aliento de millones de colombianos llegue hasta el estadio. ¡Vamos Colombia! ¡Vamos que se puede! #ConLaFeIntacta #Col Radamel Falcao's photo on Vamos Colombia
24 Jun, 02:23 PM UTC


Meek Mill
#StayWoke ft. @miguel out tonight 👁 !!!
25 Jun, 02:52 AM UTC

Red Hen

Ben Rhodes
The President of the United States is threatening to do away with the rule of law. His press secretary didn't get served at a Red Hen. One of these things matters and the other doesn't.
24 Jun, 05:43 PM UTC

Maxine Waters

Charlie Kirk
Did you know: Maxine Waters doesn't even live in her congressional district Maxine Waters lives in a 7 million dollar home Maxine Waters employs her daughter for $100K year via her campaign Maxine Waters district is one of the poorest in America She is a fraud, and has a low IQ
24 Jun, 11:09 PM UTC

Where Are You

Facts Do Matter
ATTENTION REPORTERS. If you are doing a story on parents who do not know where their separated children are, just ask Senator Lankford. He knows where every single child is. Make him prove he isn't a big fat liar. https://t.co/YiSnHNsv0U
24 Jun, 04:07 PM UTC

World's Ugliest Dog Contest

The Boston Globe
Meet the winner of the 2018 World’s Ugliest Dog contest: Zsa Zsa the English Bulldog. https://t.co/TgHXHB0T6c The Boston Globe's photo on World's Ugliest Dog Contest
24 Jun, 06:10 PM UTC

Stay Woke

Roc Nation
⚡️ “Meek Mill - Stay Woke” by @RocNation https://t.co/36odNVICfA
25 Jun, 03:57 AM UTC

Little House

Luke Rosiak
Former chief of staff of Rep. Yvette Clarke (facing election in Brooklyn Tuesday) was stealing from the office's budget, a top Clarke staffer told House investigators. Clarke did little in response, and never mentioned it publicly. https://t.co/GSV6PboZTz
24 Jun, 06:19 PM UTC

Jimmy Fallon

Roland Scahill
Ignore the Jimmy Fallon tweet- it's Trump's desperate attempt to get people to talk about him tweeting about Jimmy Fallon rather than the lives he is actively destroying...
25 Jun, 12:15 AM UTC


Make the truth go viral. #MondayMotivation #ThePersistence's photo on #MondayMotivation
25 Jun, 12:56 AM UTC

Donald Hall

Kaveh Akbar
Jane Kenyon wrote this poem for her husband Donald Hall when they both believed he was dying of cancer. He ended up surviving her by twenty-three years, writing beautifully of their time together. Today he returns to her, to the work and life they loved— Kaveh Akbar's photo on Donald Hall
24 Jun, 03:44 PM UTC


playboi carson.
If you’re rapping a Nicki verse & your thumb, index & middle finger are not pointed in a gun like motion exhibited in this gif, you’re doing it ALL wrong. https://t.co/hCzRuarhfc
24 Jun, 03:20 PM UTC


【公式】Fate/Grand Order
【カルデア広報局より】 2018年7月11日(水)AM2:00~6:00(予定)にデータベースサーバーのパフォーマンス向上のため臨時メンテナンスを実施いたします。ご利用の皆様にはご迷惑をおかけいたしますことをお詫びいたします。→https://t.co/XninOjS7wR #FGO
25 Jun, 09:04 AM UTC


Roaming Millennial
25 Jun, 01:58 AM UTC

Shaun King

Ernest Owens
REMINDER: Shaun King exploits Black families who endure family trauma for his own self-promotion. Seriously, look him up. #BETAwards
25 Jun, 02:13 AM UTC


Mr. ImSoo 🇱🇷
Nipsey Hussle just slapped someone outside of the BET Awards 😭 Mr. ImSoo 🇱🇷's photo on Nipsey
24 Jun, 10:09 PM UTC

Ryan Coogler

👸🏾L E A👸🏾
Ryan Coogler: “Thank you to Black Twitter for riding for us...” Me: #BETAwards 👸🏾L E A👸🏾's photo on Ryan Coogler
25 Jun, 01:40 AM UTC

Black Panther

2% Milk Marie
Wow, Black Panther won best movie. I’m so surprised. #BETAwards 2% Milk Marie's photo on Black Panther
25 Jun, 01:38 AM UTC


What The F*** Facts
Rapper Snoop Dogg has an IQ level of 147 that is thought to be extremely high and that of a gifted genius.
24 Jun, 11:16 PM UTC


the hood oracle
me everytime H.E.R pops out with them damn sunglasses on to “hide” her identity the hood oracle's photo on H.E.R
25 Jun, 01:28 AM UTC


Kartik Aaryan
Firsts are always special @IIFA #Iifa2018 To many more 🤘🏻 https://t.co/qkT3E7arIT
24 Jun, 02:01 PM UTC

J Cole

J Cole's performance of "Friends" with Daniel Caesar & Wale was #BETAwards Thabiso's photo on J Cole
25 Jun, 03:26 AM UTC

Good Monday

Bob Ong Quotes
It's Monday 🙌 I'm Breathing I'm Alive I'm Blessed I'm Humble I'm Thankful God Is Good God is Great AMEN✔💯🙏
24 Jun, 11:24 PM UTC


Fulfilling her contractual obligations, “Rowdy” @RondaRousey is here at #WWEAnaheim! WWE's photo on #WWEAnaheim
25 Jun, 04:04 AM UTC


Bryce Tache 🇺🇸
We need to be doing more, my friends. More than tweeting. More than calling. More than attending the occasional protest. It’s. Not. Enough. The time for peaceful, mass daily protest is now. Every day. Everywhere. Everyone. It’s time. #SundayMorning
24 Jun, 11:57 AM UTC


Eric Perry
I’m hollering at my favorite Church Mother Yolanda ‘Be blessed’ Adams Stirring it up for the Lord during the Migos! Praise him Eric Perry's photo on Migos
25 Jun, 12:36 AM UTC


Gerald Mantha
#Westworld Don't worry about spoilers. I don't know what I just watched.
25 Jun, 02:32 AM UTC


Congratulations to @Sjava_ATM and @Ambitiouz_Ent for reaping the benefits of the work they’ve put in. These things don’t just fall from the sky. Big milestone this. Respect. 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦 #BETAward2018 Blaklez's photo on #BETAward2018
25 Jun, 04:00 AM UTC

Anita Baker

i’m bouta walk up to anita baker and ask her to unblock me
25 Jun, 01:46 AM UTC

Pledge of Allegiance

Spencer Ackerman
“...a converted Walmart where each morning, they are required to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance, in English, to the country that holds them apart from their parents.” https://t.co/vD1lBzaEYI
25 Jun, 01:33 AM UTC

Be a Man

Lmfaooo yo man gotta be yo best friend https://t.co/4asU4w157l
24 Jun, 05:51 PM UTC


y’all think y’all can get good luck from a tweet ًjustin's photo on Janelle
24 Jun, 05:48 PM UTC

Meek Mill

The Daily Loud
Meek Mill speaks on death of XXXTENTACION The Daily Loud's photo on Meek Mill
24 Jun, 03:03 PM UTC


Maci McKinney
#nakedandafraid was the most amazing (and painful) experience.. even though I didnt complete the challenge. I am proud of myself for trying something completely terrifying and out of my comfort zone. I'm excited to see my partner Justin kick ass.
25 Jun, 01:39 AM UTC


lina @AXc11
eyeballllllls... #目だけでフォロワーさんを惚れさせる lina @AXc11's photo on #目だけでフォロワーさんを惚れさせる
24 Jun, 07:40 PM UTC


Max Verstappen
I wouldn’t mind some rain to spice things up! #unleashthelion #keeppushing #FrenchGP Max Verstappen's photo on Spice
24 Jun, 10:24 AM UTC

Boo'd Up

King B 🤴🏽
When Boo’d Up comes on 😂💯 King B 🤴🏽's photo on Boo'd Up
24 Jun, 02:21 PM UTC


Jennifer Lopez
25 Jun, 01:21 AM UTC


. @JEFFHARDYBRAND will unveil HIS masterpiece on #SDLive when he defends the #USTitle Championship against @ShinsukeN . #WWEFresno WWE's photo on #WWEFresno
25 Jun, 05:03 AM UTC

Jaime Foxx

taylor ryan moore
Donald Glover every time Jaime Foxx mentions his name #BETAwards taylor ryan moore's photo on Jaime Foxx
25 Jun, 01:05 AM UTC


Yani 👑
#BetAwards Jamie Foxx: “ Everybody on your feet for Nicki Minaj” Remy Ma: Yani 👑's photo on Remy
25 Jun, 01:12 AM UTC


Cardi B donates $8k to family of 15-year-old boy who was brutally murdered with a machete incase of mistaken identity. https://t.co/zESXEBwOoM
24 Jun, 09:50 PM UTC


DJ Akademiks
Meek Mill pays respect to xxxtentacion and Jimmy Wopo at the BET Awards. https://t.co/3Yww1qGQEJ
25 Jun, 02:56 AM UTC


Nikki & Brie
All NEW @Total_Bellas tonight only on E! 9/8c Make sure to set your timers, DVR’s and alerts! Brie & I will be live tweeting! 🤗💋👯‍♀️🍷 N #TotalBellas Nikki & Brie's photo on #TotalBellas
24 Jun, 04:53 PM UTC


Did you miss Tulip? She’s back! Watch the RETURN of #Preacher Tonight at 10/9c! PREACHER's photo on #Preacher
24 Jun, 12:00 PM UTC

Black Excellence

Push that nonsense aside and come celebrate Black Excellence tonight at 8/7c with the 2018 #BETAwards hosted by @iamJamieFoxx! ✊🏾 BET's photo on Black Excellence
24 Jun, 12:00 PM UTC


Half of black twitter didn’t even know the BET awards was coming on today 😭 https://t.co/piV9GC0gdN
24 Jun, 02:04 PM UTC


“İnsanlar artık aya, güneşe, lât ve menât putuna tapmıyor ama devlet adamlarına, piyasaya, makinalara, teşkilatlara, teorilere tapıyorlar.” İsmet Özel, Üç Zor Mesele
24 Jun, 06:07 PM UTC

Tiffany Haddish

Priscah. 💋
Y’all gave Tiffany Haddish an award for best actress over Lupita and Angela Basset? #BETAwards Priscah. 💋's photo on Tiffany Haddish
25 Jun, 12:43 AM UTC

Michael B Jordan

"Get up here and say that line" Michael b jordan: AlmostARachel😘's photo on Michael B Jordan
25 Jun, 12:16 AM UTC


Bhadmus Hakeem
Nigerians who made us proud in the month of June: * Wizkid Walks The Runway For Dolce And Gabbana. * Davido Record New Song With DJ Khaled In His Mansion. * Ahmed Musa scored twice to keep us in the World Cup. https://t.co/TmpPyiNlf2
24 Jun, 07:06 AM UTC

Donald Glover

Baby Freeway 🇧🇷🇳🇬
Donald Glover completely ripped that "This Is America" song from another artist?
24 Jun, 05:42 PM UTC


Marco Betancourt
El mundo se detuvo justo en este momento. #LuisMiguelLaSerie Marco Betancourt's photo on #LuisMiguelLaSerie
25 Jun, 03:39 AM UTC

Big Sean

I want that Jhene Aiko and Big Sean type of love 🤧💗💓💕💕💖 TRAVIS 😈🌺☔️'s photo on Big Sean
24 Jun, 07:27 PM UTC

Kevin Hart

the hood oracle
Uzi about an inch taller than Kevin Hart. Love my short king!
25 Jun, 02:15 AM UTC

Rick Ross

J. Lebrón Ayala
Bad Bunny donó 100k a SER. Esa cantidad es 2834847484 veces más de lo que han donado todos los artistas baby boomers apagaos pero que guisan del gobierno en WIPR y quieren decirnos que el trap es malo, porque no es cultura. #LaNuevaReligión
25 Jun, 12:12 AM UTC


버스 👻이거 귀엽다
뮤트 합니다 여자 월드컵도 지상,공중파 방송해주고 여자 월드컵도 광고 해주세요
24 Jun, 07:22 AM UTC


以蔵さん+ぐだ♀ https://t.co/FazExERXmS
24 Jun, 02:01 PM UTC

Pray Tell

Sex Freaks 🔞
Hug your sis, call your grandma, tell your besties you love them, if it’s on your heart say it, do it, live unapologetically, finish the tub of ice cream, txt him 1st, pray about it & above all things forgive— you never ever know when you’ll watch your last sunset
24 Jun, 05:00 AM UTC


Chris Paul
Man we had so much fun playing @FamilyFeudABC! Thank you to @IAmSteveHarvey & team for having us!! Excited for you guys to watch this, it's on tonight at 8|7c! #CelebrityFamilyFeud Chris Paul's photo on #CelebrityFamilyFeud
24 Jun, 03:07 PM UTC

Jason Mitchell

HuffPost BlackVoices
"911 is for emergencies, not your insecurities" - Jason Mitchell on white people calling the cops on black people for simply living life #BETAwards
25 Jun, 01:05 AM UTC


Lmaooooo his ass was like “I’m too old for this shit Bob, leave me alone.” https://t.co/Q7UtbmifJ6
24 Jun, 01:30 PM UTC


Misha Collins
Join me to be on the right side of history and protect human rights. Únete a mí para estar en el lado correcto de la historia y proteger los derechos humanos. #FreeOurFuture #AbolishICE https://t.co/AzYMasnxfp https://t.co/hIrtgYJxuQ
25 Jun, 12:08 AM UTC

Hunter Pence

San Francisco Giants
#WALKOFF!! HUNTER PENCE IS NEXT LEVEL!! Giants win, 3-2! #SFGiants San Francisco Giants's photo on Hunter Pence
24 Jun, 11:08 PM UTC


Don't feed the อูล
"อะไรก็ตามที่ทำให้เรารู้สึก insecure ในความสัมพันธ์เราพร้อมจะตัดออก เราเหนื่อยแล้วกับการ challenge ว่าเขาพูดจริงรึเปล่า" พว - 2018
24 Jun, 05:27 AM UTC

Victory Slap

Travis Jay #CNFAP
@MrImSooFlyy That was a victory slap
24 Jun, 10:36 PM UTC


All Might
Becky and the Can I Speak To To The Managerettes https://t.co/hzppaJxnX7
24 Jun, 04:25 AM UTC

Sunday Night Baseball

Life of a Philly Fan
when the Phillies are on Sunday Night Baseball for the first time in 5 years... Life of a Philly Fan's photo on Sunday Night Baseball
24 Jun, 02:22 PM UTC

Daniel Caesar

dean singing along to best part by daniel caesar ft h.e.r ً's photo on Daniel Caesar
24 Jun, 06:08 PM UTC


L'ÉQUIPE d'Estelle
🚨🎀🎁CADEAU DU JOUR🎁🎀🚨 🇨🇴A l'occasion du match #POLCOL , le maillot de la #Colombie est à gagner ! 🇨🇴 ⚽️ Pour participer ➡️RT+Follow @lequipedestelle Bonne chance à tous ! 🎉🤞🤞 @adidas #EDE @lachainelequipe #WorldCup2018 #WorldCup #Colombia #COL L'ÉQUIPE d'Estelle's photo on #Colombia
24 Jun, 09:06 AM UTC

John Carlson

Elliotte Friedman
John Carlson 8x8 in WASH
24 Jun, 10:21 PM UTC

Chris Sale

Jared Carrabis
Chris Sale already has 10 strikeouts through five innings. The Red Sox have scored zero runs for him. Boston has lost four of the five games that Sale has struck out at least 10 batters this year. Stop the madness.
24 Jun, 06:18 PM UTC


Jared Carrabis
Walk-off home run by Jake Bauers. Rays 7, Yankees 6 in 12 innings. Yankees swept by the Rays in Tampa. Red Sox back in first place. #Rays Jared Carrabis's photo on Rays
24 Jun, 09:31 PM UTC
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